The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.
Page  96, vol. 2


This list is written on two sheets of paper stitched together. The names of the places are written in another hand on the left-hand margin, and the names of the constables have been added on the right; the numbers of the men (whose names appear in the original) include the constables. From Chancery Misc., 37, iv, 39.

The certificacion to Sir William Stonor, knyȝte, by þe constables of þe di. hundred of Ewelme of men þat make harnes and be abul to do þe kyng servys, and also of such as be abul to do þe kyng servys and not abull to make harnes.

Ewelme. Thomas Staunton. const. Ric. Slythurst, a harnes and abull to do þe kyng servis with his bowe. Thomas Staunton, John Holme, hole harnes and both abull to do þe knyg servis with bill. John Tanner an harnes, and abull to do the kyng servis with a bill. John Pallyng an harnes and not abull to wer it. Roger Smith, no harnes, neþerles an abull man and a gode archar.

Benston. Constable? 3 men, 2 with harnes, 2 abull with a bill.

Berwike. John Wildgose, constable. 4 men, 2 "abull with his bowe," 1 with a bill, 1 "with an staffe".

Britwell Priry. Thomas Stoke, constable. 3 men, 2 with harnes.

Bryghwell. William Adam, constable. 7 men, 4 with harnes, 1 with an axe and no harnes.

Cuxham. Robert Hall, constable (has an harnes and not abull) 6 men, 3 with harnes.

Netylbede. Harry Wolryge, constable. 7 men, 6 with harnes, 2 "a good archer".

Huntyrcombend. John Lymborner, constable, 9 men, 6 with harnes (2 not abull), 2 good archers.

Chalegove. Richerd Hunt, constable, 3 archers and an abull man with a staffe.

Newnton. John Kyng, constable, harnes for a man, and Thomas Childe "an abull man with a staffe".

Holcumbe. William Grene, constable, harnes for a man, and Thomas Grene "an abull man with a bill". Page  97, vol. 2

Warborowghe. William Dalberd, constable, 12 men, 4 with harness, 3 archers, 2 able with a staff.

Hasley Magna. Thomas Cule, constable, 8 men, 4 with harness, 2 archers.

Hasley Parva. John Percyvale, constable, 4 men, 2 with harnes.

Lachford. John Nycoll, 3 men, 2 with harnes, 1 archer.

Ricott. John Kyng, constable, 3 men, 2 with harnes, 1 archer.

Draycote. Richard Howse, constable, 3 men, 2 with harnes.