The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


This is an invoice from Thomas Bradbury, a London mercer, who was sheriff in 1498 and mayor in 1509. On 7th April, 1481, he was one of the sureties for the payment of £758 19s. o½d. due to the orphan children of John Fenne (see vol. i, p. xxx). He died in January, 1510, and was buried at St. Stephen, Coleman Street (Stow, Survey, i, 284; ii, 180). Bradbury had been an apprentice of Richard Ryche, the father of Elizabeth Stonor's first husband (Ryche's Will ap. P.C.C., 4 Godyn). From A.C., xlvi, 239.


After due ffourme I recommaunde me unto your ladyship: lyke it you to wytte that I have R[eceived] a letter fro you by Master Makeney, and accordyng to your letter I send you: þat is— Page  91, vol. 2

vj elles holland at ij s. an ell, Summa xij. s.
Itm. ij elles holland at ij s. viij d., Summa, v. s. iiij. d.
Itm. xij elles holland at xvj d. Summa, xvj. s.
Itm. xxxviij yerdes grene sarcenet at v s. the yerd. Summa, ix. li. x. s.
Itm. j. p. greene bokame to lyne it with, pris, vj s. viij d.
Totalis, xj. li. x. s.

Madame, the sarcenet is verry ffyne. I thynke most profytable and most worshipfull for you, and shall [last]*. ["Last" omitted in MS.] you your lyff and your chyldes after you, wher as harlatry of xl. d. or xliiij. d. a yerd wold nat indure too sesons with you: Therfor for a lytill more cost, me thinketh most wysdom to take of þe best. In certen I have bought the most part of þe sarcenet, for I had nat I-now to perfourme yt. I wynne never a peny in þat &c. I shall see your ladyship hastly by Goddes grace, who pre|serve you to his plesour &c. Wret at London the xv daye of Octobr., Ao lxxix.

Be your servaunt, Thomas Bradbury.

To my right worshipful Dame Elizabeth Stonore be this delivered.