The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.
Page  85, vol. 2


The year is fixed by the reference to Lestan as farmer of Horton; Lestan was farmer in 1478 (see No. 233), and had lost that position in October, 1480 (see No. 276). Sutton Hone is between Horton Kirby and Dartford. Appelton will be the owner of Grandisons Manor at Wilmington, which is close by. From A.C., xlvi, 194.

My ryght synguler good Master, after dew recommendacion, like it you to wete that all your servauntes and tenauntes in thes parties fare well, and I recommaunde thaym to your mastership, and so do we all to my lady your wif. The cause of my writyng to your mastership is this: it is so that I have the gift of the presentacion of the Vicarage of Sutton bysydes your maner, and for that feith and service that your chaunterie prest of Horton, Syr William, beres to your mastership, y have geven hym the benefice, so it be your plesyr. Syr, ther ys a frere prechour off thabbey of Dertford, is name is frere Hugh Fabri, whiche y have allway aught my verry good will and favour onto, and so does Appelton, Martyn, and all the gentelmen in oure parties. I certifye your mastership he is a good prest, and a clene, ther is non better to my understandyng unfaynyd. Syr, if it wold plese your mastership to write a letter to the master of Cobham that it were your plesyr, he shold succede syr William in your Chaunterie, it wold be to the grete comfort of all the gentelmen in thes parties; and over that ye shall have the dayly praier of a good prest, ther was never non suche ther syns I knew Kent. By my trowth undoutyd my lord bysshop wold have geven hym a benefice, but he woll non have. I pray your mastership to tendre this mater the rather at this my pore instance. I thank your mastership for my buk. I dar incombre you no longer. I pray Jhesu send you all youre goodly hertes desire. Writen at your Horton this xxv day of Septembr with the fest of your


Syr, Lestan, your fermer, understode that y wrote to your mastership, cam onto me and desirid me to remembr yow for hym: if it plese you, it is thus, he is suffisaunt within your distres, he woll content your mastership at Martynmas xx. li., if ye geve hym laysyr, he shall now pay your mastership well and suffisauntly, and if ye be hasty uppon hym he Page  86, vol. 2 must sel his graynys at mischef, and in concluson undon. He is sore ferd of your Steward: he hath promisid me he will content your master|ship this same yere xl. li. Plese it yow to send me oon litel word here.

To my master Syr Willm. Stonor, knyght for the kynges body.