The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.
Page  72, vol. 2


A small paper book of forty leaves formerly in a parchment cover, much damaged by damp. Only twenty-five leaves have any writing on them; and these are not continuous. It was apparently kept by Christopher Holand; all the entries belong to 1478-79. Some typical entries are given. From Ch. Misc., 37, vii.

f. 1. Elysabeth Stonore.

Item, payd to a man for cleft wode iij days and a halfe day, v. d.

It., payed on sant Caterenys day for iij axys, prese a pes ix. d., ij. s. iij. d.

f. 2. It., payd to Serle for iij wekys wages, xviij. d. It., payd to Gardener the iiij day of Decembe for vij day makyng of candell, ij. s. iiij. d. It., payd the same day for a dosen of candell weke, iij. s. It., payd to the smythe of Henley for a loke for the porche cha[m]ber, vj. d. It., payd for a cope for the caponys on candelmas yenne, vj. d. It., for the expences at Henley for Herry Dener wen þat my lade wasse wet my mastres her moder, xij. d.

f. 3. It., payd the xj day of Maye to Welleam Somor ffor the careage of a peyepe of wenne layede at Henley, xx. d.

f. 7. Beyt rememberet þat Christoffor Holland, Serffaunde to my master Syr Welleam Stonnor, Rec. of Rechart Leston*. [See No. 247.] the ffermor of Hourton, v. li. It., Rec. of the melner of Hourton, vj. li. xv. s.

f. 16. The expence in whet fro the fferst day of August the xviij yerre of the Renne of Kyng Ewade the iiijth on the ix. day of November the same yerre, xxvj quarters. It., spend in malte fro sayd fferst day on the ix day of November xxxiij quarters. It., spend in beyffe doureng the same tyme, vij.

f. 18. The expences and proviseon of the hosse holde off Stonner ffro the ferst day off August the xviij yerre of the Renne of Kyng E. the iiijth as foloys. fferst payd the iiij day off August for egges, iij d. It., for boutter the same day, ij d. Fryday: It., payd the weke foloyng for egges and boutter, vj. d. It., for mostarde and apont ij. d. It., for wet for formete, ij. d.

f. 19. It., payd the fryday the xxij day off October for salt ffysche and Page  73, vol. 2 salt samon, and gonger and frysche ij. s. It., payd the fryday after oure derecacon day for a quarter off ffresche samon, xij d. Md. that my lady, dame Elizabeth Stonor and Christofer Holland have rekened and accompted for thexpens of the houshold fro the ferst day of August unto the ix day of November Ao E. iiijti xviijo. And the said Christofer is contented and payed of the same unto the said ix day of Novembr.

Elysabeth Stonore.

f. 22. The expences for crestemuds. Ferst bout the Thourys day afor crestemuds xviij gesse, vj. s. ix. d. It., the same day a dosen caponys iiij. s. iij. d. It., the same day vj dosen larkys, xij. d. It., ij dosen settes, and gret berdys, xij. d. It., vj plofferys, vj. d. It., vj. wodde|kokys xv. d. It., payd to Couffentre on the more for iiij gesse and ij caponys, ij. s. It., payd the same day to John Yongys weffe and to Blake of Wattelengton ffor egges, ij. s. iiij. d. It., paid the Wednysday ffoloyng for ij dosen chekynys, ij. s. It., ffor iiij caponys, xvj. d. It., payd the Thourys day ffoloyng ffor di. a porke, xxij. d.

f. 23. It., on the xij day for porke, xij d. . . It., the fryday after the xij day for ijc oyster and a gornarde, ij. s.

f. 24. Februar. It., payd at London the iiij day of Februari (A long account of purchases totalling £8. 3. 0) principal items are: for ij barell herreng, xxij. s.; for iij cayde herreng, xij. s; for di C. aberdynne xxvj. s. viij d.; for sourt of ffrout viij. s. iiij. d.; for a sake for the same ffrout, xiij. d.; for viij bonches of garleke, ij. s.; to ij porterys for the careage of the same stoffe to the barge, xij. d. It., for warffeage, j. d.; for ij li. and di. of suger, ij. s. iij. d.; for di. li. genger, xij. d.

f. 25. It., for a thourbage, vij. d. It., for iij pec. of greine pessen, x. d. The xij day of Marche. It., for ijc oyster, iiij. d. It., for a bochell of moscalleys, vj. d.

f. 26. Apryll. For thourbout, xij. d. It., for choudeysheyde, iij. d. It., for a lambe, xij. d. It., for a dosen pechonys, v. d.

f. 30. It., payd to Abere for the makyng of xx quarters malt, viij. s. iiij. d. It., payd to Wenne on messomor yeve for a trout and elleys, ix. d. For the brengyng of ij sengnett fro my lorde of Sothe|ffolke, xj. d.

f. 32. [21st August]. It., payd to John Matheu for fyesche þat he payd wen þat I wasse in Kent, xix. d.

f. 33. [October]. It., for roches bout at Oxynffor be my masters commandement, xix. d.

f. 34. [November]. It., payd the man of Wattelengton for v day makyng of candell, xx. d. Page  74, vol. 2

Summa totalis expensorum liij. li. ix. s. xj. d. ob.

f. 40. It., payd for a peype of wette wenne bout at Reydynd, xxxvj. s. x. d. It., for a peype of reyde wenne, xlvj. s. viij. d. It., for bastarde, xiiij. s. It., for Henr. Dener, viij d. It. for hourssemet x d. It., for the careage of reyde wenne fro London, iij. s. iiij. d. Summa v. li. ij. s. iiij. d.