The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


The date cannot be earlier than 1478 as Stonor is a knight. Other refer|ences to Warner's financial troubles make this year probable, see Nos. 203, 205-6 and 226. John Twynho occurs as Recorder of Bristol in 1478 (Ricart's Kalendar, p. xxiv). From A. C., xlvi, 174.

Ryght honorable and ryght worshipfull Maistir, with all my servyse to you I me recommaunde as louly as I can, letyng your Maistirshepe wete that I have recevyde a letter fro you by your servaunt Morice Escourt for a place in Watlyngton of myn, that Roberte Warner toke of me by the yere and was my tenaunt, and aftyr that the same Roberte and I ware in a bargeyn and concludyd that the seyde Roberte sholde have the seyd place to hym and to his heires appon the condicion he paide and contente me as he and I ware agreide: whareoff he kepte no poyntment, for I sholde have xl markes in hande and thereoff I hadde no peny not by a yere after: and he to pay me yerely v marke for my rente into the tyme that I was contente and payde of the hoole somme that he and I was fully agreyde off. And as for certeyn reparacion that was don by hym, was at my charge: for he toke hitt uppe of hys rente that he sholde have payde me &c. Syr, and hyt pleasyde your Page  52, vol. 2 Maystyrshepe I spake to you of this mater in Westmyster Halle, and your Maystyrshepe seyde to me that ye wolde nott have to do with hytt in no wyse: and ther I movyde your Maystyrshepe that oon Shepe|wesshe hadde be with me to take the place of me for certeyn termys, and seyde to me that he trystyde ye ware hys specyall goode Maystyr: and I seyde to hym that I wolde owe hym the better wyll for your sake. And thus I enformyde your Maystyrshepe in Westmyster Halle. And (as)*. ["As" marked for omission.] ye answeryd me ayen that then he ware in goode case. And after that Shepewesshe came by me fro Brystowe, and toke a place of me for yeres. And the rathir for your sake I grauntyd hym. And thereoff I sende you a letter. Syr, your Maystyrshepe nott dyspleasyde (sic) that where ye write that I sholde promyse your Maystyrshepe to receyve the money of the bargeyn that was betwene Roberte and me at resonable dayes: fforsothe he nothyr I comenyde never of no soche mater, nothir ye spake to me nothing thereoff for the seyde Roberte, nothir no nothir man in hys name were nevyr feffyde ne sesyde on the seyde place. Syr, I have be Godes presoner and kepte my bedde and my chamber thys iiij wekes and more trystyng to God to rekover whan hyt pleasith hym. Wherefor I hertyly desire and praie your Maystyrshepe that my tenaunt Shepewesshe may be sufferyde in reste and peas to occupy my p[lace] acordyng to the covenaunt that I have made with hym into [such t]yme that Maystyr Twenyho the Recorder of Brystow and I may comyne with you of this mater, whiche shal nott be longe by [the] grace of God: for he and other persones stonde ffeffyde and seasyde in the place as well as I. And as for Shepewesshe, he seyde never to me that he [was] nevyr your manyall man nothir servaunt, but he seyde to me he trystyde ye ware his good Maystyr at all tymys. And yiff hyt lykyde your [good] maystyrshepe, I praie you to yeve credence to your servaunt Moryce Estcourt, the berer hereoff. And Almyghty God have you and all yours in hys . . . on. Wretyn at Tettbury the xj day of June.

Your owne in all man & servaunt Watyr Herne.

To my ryght honorable and my specyall goode Maystyr, Syr Wyllyam Stonore, knyght.