The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


The purpose of this valuation is not clear, but it may have relation to two suits for trespass which Sir William Stonor, Richard Page, and John Matthew brought against Margaret Fyssher of Henley, widow, and Thomas Pratte of Henley, yeoman, in Trinity Term, 1478 (Coram Rege Roll, 868, m. 43). The dispute with Pratt was as to the possession of Le Boull in the High Street of Henley, which he claimed was his own property. Pratt was accused of having broken the close of the complainants there on 10 May. There was another suit against him at the same time for breaking a close of Sir W. Stonor at Stonor on 1 May (ibid., Roll 869, mm. 48, 77; see also Placita de Banco, Roll 867, m. 253, Trinity 1478). In any case the date of the valua|tion cannot be earlier than 1478, since Stonor is a knight. From Ch. Misc., 37, iv, 27.

Memorandum þat Phelip Fischer was in possession and his dowther aftir hym in Henley, his howne place, in valewr, xxvj. s. viij. d. And a howsse þat Andrew Baker holdith valewer be yer clere xiij. s. iiij. d. And a iij. gerners worth be yer xv. s. clere. Also at the brigge fote a howse valewr viij s. Also at Grenelane the watir and ij tenentrys xiij. s. iiij. d. be yere clere. Also in Falley xl. acres of herabill lond, ij acris of wode and a grove, the valewre I understond nat. Also in Remnam a lece ys cald the more, with a plott by the same valewr xiij. s. iiij. d. Also j. acre di. in the Bine, valewr xviij d. Also be Movellis Hille j acre di, valewr xij. s. Al this forseyde lond Philippe Fischer hokepyd. The Page  51, vol. 2 Summe in al vj Markes, x. s. viij. d., withowt More. Also the londes þat Thomas Pratt holdith, first his howne place cald the Bole, valewr by yere xl. s. Also a howsse þat William Masam holdith, valewr be yere, xvj. s. clere. Also in Remnam the Dene with Sinartis spetill valewr by yere xj. s. clere. Summe of al iij. li. vij. s. Summe of bothe londs as undirstond clere vij li. xvij. s viij d.

This ys the passellis as I undirstonde þat William Fischer bargaynyd with Colingrige: first the water at Grenelane and the ij howsses and the howsse þat Mergrete Fischer dewellit in and the acir di. at Mor|vellishill. I wete nat but uppon William Fischer and Colingrigg.

Also there is a croft calde Balde Winys croftis þat Thomas Prattes fadir leyde yt to morgage for xx. li.


Phelypp Fescher. syr W. Stonore.