The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.
Page  49, vol. 2


As to Davy Wrixam see No. 167. And as to the money due to Oxbryge see No. 216. From A.C., xlvi, 185.

Right onerabulle and worschipefull sir, and myn aspesyalle good maister, I rekomend me unto your good mastershipe in the moste lowely wise that I beste can: sertefyinge your mastershepe that I ame informyd by master Betson that Dave Wrykesame hathe reportyd sarten langage by me in presens of my lady and on of her brodiryn: and that is thus, that the seyd Daveht shold saye, that I told heme that maister Betson schold tell me that he laboryd to your maistership and to my lady to brynge the seyd Davyht owte of your conseythe and favore: the whyche I take god to rekord that I never at no sesun repordid enny shyche wordys to the seyd Davethe, nor to nonodir person, and that wyll I jostyfy as largely as enny trewe person owythe for to jostyfy for a trowthe. And wan Mayster Betson told me of thys langege that Dawyth repordyd by me, it came to my remembranse that Daveth hathe sayd to me that maister Betson at Ester was a twelmonthe was srevyn off hys goostly fadir, and that it was geven heme in penanse that he shold aske the seyd Davyth forgevenes of this that maister Betson schold make labor to your mastershipe to brynge the seyd Daveth owte of your conseyt and favore. And fardirmore, the seyd Davythe sayd to me that maister Betson kowd nat have absolysyon of hys goostly fadir tyll he had promysyd to brynge the sayd Dave in your favor as myche as he was before. And thys seyd words Davyth hathe sayd to me, the whyche maister Betson kene tell you more klerly by myn enforme|masyon. And Sir, I beseche your maistershipe to delyver to John Burton the moneye the whyche is dewe to me by your maistershepe: the money amonthe to the Summa x. li.: wherof I resevyd of my lady at my departynge xl. s.: and so the reste is viij. li. st. The whiche I beseche your maistership to delyver to Burton: for I have wryttyn to heme wher he shall paye the seyd money: the whyche payment I pro|myssyd to pay ther, as I borowid it lenge or thys tyme: wherfore I be|seche your maistershype to remember me as sone as it shalle please you. And I beseche your maistershipe to take no gret displesure in me Page  50, vol. 2 of my neclygens that I have not wryttyn to your maistershype before thys tyme: and yef I kowd a don your maisterschype anny plesure of or servyse with my wryttyng, I wold a wrettun to you before thys tyme: and yef ther be anye servyse that I kan do to your mastership here in tyme to kome, yef it please you to let me wette, it schalle be don with|out anny delaye, and that knowyth God, whoo have you, Right wor|schipffull Sir, in hys blessyd kepynge, Amen. At Cales, the xxj daye of May, Ao lxxviij.

By your Servante Godard Oxenbryge.

To þe Right onerabull and worschipfull, and myn aspesyall god maister Stonore soyt d.d.