The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


On 6 April, 1378, a commission was issued by letters patent to Sir Thomas de la Mare, Knight, Edmund de Stonore, and Reynold de Sheffield directing them to command Richard de Thorpe, clerk, William Frank, and William Middelworth, clerk, to restore to Master Thomas de Carlol, provost of the college called Quenehalle, the college seal, writings, muniments, keys, books, and goods, which they had carried away, and detained, in spite of a mandate to bring them into Chancery; in default they were to be arrested and brought before the Council at Westminster (Cal. Pat. Rolls, Richd. II, i, 204). With the possible exception of Queen's College MS. 348 (sec. xii), "Ques|tiones in librum Genesin auctore Albino," none of the manuscripts are now at Queen's College. The "Polucranica Cestrenc." is a copy of the Poly|chronicon of Ranulph Higden. William Durant was Warden of Merton College. From Ancient Deeds, C. 1782.

Hec indentura facta apud Oxon. die Jovis proximo ante festum sancti Dunstani, anno regni Regis Ricardi secundi post conquestum Anglie primo, in presencia Edmundi de Stonore, vicecomitis Comitatus Oxon., inter Magistrum Willelmum Fraunke, capellanum, ex parte una, et Page  13, vol. 1 Magistrum Thomam Carlel ex parte altera, testatur quod prefatus Magister Thomas recepit in presencia predicti vicecomitis de predicto Magistro Willelmo per manus Magistri Roberti Hudershale sigillum commune aule Regine Oxon. sub tribus clavibus, cum septem inden|turis de eleccione librorum collegii predicti de anno domini mil|lesimo CCCmo lxxijdo. Item, unam calicem argenti deaurati cum patena, cum causula pro eadem: unam peciam argenti cum coopertorio et casula pro eisdem; unam mazeram cum coopertorio argenti ligato, cum casula pro eisdem. Unum librum Catholicum, secundo fo., unde cela. Sextum decretall. cum omnibus doctoribus, secundo fo., fervore caritatis. Item, unam bibliam, secundo fo., celi Orocheli. Item, moralia beati Gregorii super Joob, ijo fo., quo ordine. Item, Doc|torem subtilem, ijo fo., Figure. Item, concordancia, ijo fo., Abra. Item Crisostomum super Matheum ijo fo., . . . spiritus. Item, Augus|tinum de civitate dei, ijo fo., eorum (?). Item, Doctorem de Lira in parte super proverbia Salamonis, ijo fo., in comparacione. Item, Liram super salterium, ijo fo., dominum sedentem. Item Polucranica Cestrenc'., ijo fo., navigabilis. Item, Manipulum Florum, ijo fo., quisque. Item, librum super Genesim a diversis tractatoribus, ijo fo., set bona facere. Item Originalia Augustini, ijo fo., ac . . . eleccione predicti Willelmi Frank. Item, par decretorum, ijo fo., aliter agentes. Item, Thomam super quartum sentenciarum, ijo fo., set sol'. effectus. Item, Adamen|tem, ijo fo., fau. . . Item . . . sentenciarum, ijo fo., . . . Item, Ricardum de sancto Victore de Trinitate, ijo fo., aliter. Item, tabulam philosophie et theologie, ijo fo., asina. Item, Sentencias Augustini de libro retractation[um], ijo fo., . . . Item, sanctum Thomam super primum sentenciarum, ijo fo., Ipso facto. Item, repertorium Magistri Willelmi Durant, ijo fo., ȝ j. iii. 4. Item, parvum librum ru[beum] . . .*. [This is quite illegible: probably it should be "ijo fo".] proposissiavit [ver]sus Mooat.