The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


This is not a Stonor Letter, though it may possibly have found its way into the Stonor Papers (from which it is now detached) through Henry Makney. Page  32, vol. 2 It is, however, of interest for the illustration of Nos. 191 and 193. From A.C., li, 56.

In Exchequer (K.R.) Accounts 515/22 there is an account between John Colyngrygge and his mother-in-law, which is worth insertion here:—

"This bylle makythe mensyon of the goodys þe whiche John Colyngrygge hathe receyvyd of Margrete Makney for his wyfes Chambre. In primis, a gowne of violete engreynyd and furryd, pris xxxiij s. iiij d. Item, a gowne of blewe and furryd, pris x s. Item a gowne of russet furryd wt blakke, pris x s. Item, a gowne of grene, pris v s. Item, a gyrdyle of grene, pris iij s. iiij d. Item, a fedyr bed pris xiij s. iiij d. Item, a hangynge bedd, pris x s. Item, a peire shetys, pris vj. s. Item, a pece worsted, pris ij s. vj d. Item, for Skynnys of grey, pris xviij d. Item, for his wyffes bord for þe space of xxij wekys, pris weke xij d. Summa, xxij s. Item, a pelowe, a bed shete and a lytyll clothe þt I yave here bysyde to make here chambre better."

Right Worshipfull and reverent Modyr, y recomaund me unto you: prayng you to have me excused for your sadill, if the harvist had be any thyng likly of sped, my moder, and your sadil had be with you or þis &c. Y am litil hold to Piers Shotesbroke: for al be hit y yaf him and his sone-in-law v or vj dayez by his desire, wherof he kept noon, yit he made a false surmyse to Chok of me, and so y se with him is no feithe, and þerfore y kan thynk folkes þat purposed to have don for him at my instaunce wol spare &c. No more unto you at þis tyme, but Almyghty Jhesu have you in his blissed governaunce to endure.

Your Sone John Colyngrygge.

To my right worshipful Moder, Margaret Makne.