The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


Since Stonor is not a knight the date cannot be later than 1477. The reference to John Blakhall's death shows that this letter is later than No. 156; it may possibly belong to 1476. Sir Richard Graystoke was presumably a son of Ralph de Greystoke (d. 1487), but if so died before his father (Complete Peerage, iv, 116). From A.C., xlvi, 96.

Right trusty and welbelovede, I commende me to yow. I sent yow not long agoo by my chaplan writyng in þe wyche I desyrede youe to contente me of þe money þe wyche ye or your deputtes au to pay to þe heyrres of John Blakhall as ye dyde to hym: and ye sent me word þat ye wolld spek with me at Oxforth: how be itt I heyre no worde of yow yit: I am now sent for by my lorde, my fadyr, to se hys lordship, and may not tary in þis countee: wherfor I sende my servante now to yow for þe sayd money to þe exhibucion of þe sayd heyre: for I am purposed þat he shall goo with me northwarde for þe season, itt shall not be longe with þe grace of Gode: þerfor I pray yow withowt any delay of or fenyng after concience doo: for, as your neyburs saye, ye be well conscience in such matyrs: ȝe shall not fynd me rigguos in þis matyr, iff ye will do as ye au to doo, as I soppose ye will. þer be oþer particular dettes wych I will lat alone to I come aȝane, and þane ye and I shall acorde well I-now, bot I pray yow remembre þis monay wych is dew for þis ȝeyre passed and over hallso: for iff ȝe will send never so simpell a tokyn or writyng to Rob. Warner of Watlyngton, he will delyver itt, as he telld my chaplan when he was with hym: itt must nedes be doon, for ye know þe finall concorde well I-now betwyx your father and his heyrres John Blakhall and his heyrres, as my chaplan shewed yow: and ȝit itt more stronger þane soo: I pray yow let me have no Page  24, vol. 2 mor coste in sendyng heyr for, nor my servant no more labor: for I have hade cost right grete afor of þe sayd heyre and dayly has. I pray yow remembre þis my writyng and ȝife credence to þe brynger heyrof, as I may doo for you by þe grace of God, who preserve yow. At Oxforth, þe xx day of Aprill.

Sir Ric. Graystoke.

To my right trusty and welbeloved Willm. Stonor, Squier.