The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


The original is somewhat badly injured, and the missing words can be only in part restored. The last clause is autograph. On the misunderstanding with Thomas Stonor, see No. 180. From A.C., xlvi, 118.

Jhesu. M. iiijc lxxvj.

Ryht enterly and beste belovyd husbond I recomand me unto you in my most hartyest wyse that I beste can or may, sartyfyyng you that I have receyvyd your letter of John Stute and iij coppull of conyes and bald reybbys with the chyk, the whyche I thanke you for als hartyly as I can. Also I conseve by your wrytyng that you have had very meyche a do with holdyng of cortes and odir besynes, the [wyche], as I pray God son to send you a nend thereof, that I myght [see you] here. And Syr, as tocheyng the hogeyshed of salte that you wrote [to] me for, Page  18, vol. 2 truly Syr I wold a sente yt to you with alle my harte, but þe bargys wer departyd before your letter cam [unto] me. Also, Syr, I have reseyvyd sen you departyd ij letterys frome my [sun Bet]sun as on Monday last wase, on of them deectyd to you. . . . . The whyche letterys I have red and wele undirstond them [. . . I] conseve by hese wrytyng that he ys very lothe that Elmys woll . . . departe frome heme: never the less he thynkithe that xiij markes and a d[i . . .] pryse for to bye lx saks: after that pryce it wold draw myche m[oney] and lytell gettyng suld be therin. And yet I truste to . . . . . have yt, for as I undirstond yt ys yete unsold . . . . . that my sun Betsun sent to me by the brynger [herof . . .] I pray you grete wel my broder Thomas Ston[or from me desiring y]ou to seye to heme that I marvyll gretly what [. . . moveth] heme to saye schoyche langege by me as he dothe, for as . . . [that] I [wold] plok from your lyelod alle that I can to make a grete . . .: for þat I wote welle you can awnswere for me wele enowe. And so I . . . to defend me. No more to you at thys tyme, but I beseche all myg[hty Jhesu] have you, right ynterly and best belovyd husbond, in nys [blyssid kepyng ever] Amen. At London the vij day of Novembr.

My owne good [husb]ond I se well ye [re]membre þe puttyng at . . . out off þe bed whan you and I lay last togedyr.

By your ovne [to my] powre, Elysabeth Stonor.

To my Right worshipffull husbond [Wyllm.] Stonor, Sqyer, thys letter be delyverd in hast. d. d.