The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


The left-hand corner has been destroyed; but most of the missing words can be easily restored. From A.C., xlvi, 117.
Page  16, vol. 2

Jhesu M. iiijc lxxvj.

Ryght Interly and beste belovyde Cosyne, I recomaunde me unto you as hartely as I cane. ffordermore, Cosyn, plesyth hyt you to under|stonde that I have resayvide a bore ffrom you: the wyche I thanke you ryght hartely ther ffor: the wyche bore hys very goode and well braunde. Allso Cosyn, my moder and yourys sent me monay to by her boge, and sche sent me a gobelet to amend: the wyche gobelet I have schuyde unto dyverys golldsmythys: and thay say hyt cane not be amendyd, but hyt be new made: and so I pray you to infforme my moder. And as ffor the boge my moder sent unto me ffor, I send hyt to her by Folyhet, the brynger heroff. And so, Syr, I pray you to in|fforme my moder, as hyt thys: and I will kepe the gobelet unto the tyme that I have answere ffrome her. Allso, Syr, I pray you to recomaunde me hartely unto here goode moderhode. Fordermore, Cosyn, I longe sore ffore you, to se you her in London, whanne you have done your besenes: but I understonde that you have hade gret besynys syn you de|partyd ffrome me. Syr, ye schalle understond that I had no wrytyng ffrome my son Betson: ffor as ny as I cane in-kewere, syn Howlake de|partyd ther came no passag ffrom Calys. Forder, syr, I pray you that ye wolde woche-saffe ffore to sen John Mathew unto Hendelay, ffor to breke the ffardell, and to wrythe schuche thyngys [as] is in hyt, and to make ij ffardellys ther off, that hyt mythe be sent downe by the caryar off [Hen|delay] ffor I cane not have hyt ayenst the tyme helse: ffore I most nedes have hyt, ffore the chylld [eryn have] ne chaung, ffor they go so schamely that I have pete off them. And goode Syr, as ffor my nawne [gowne that I] wrothe unto you off, I pray you that I mythe have hyt as sone as ye may. No more unto you [at thys tyme], but Jhesu have you in hys kepyng. Wretyn at London the xxv day off Octobur.

By your ovne Elysabeth Stonore.

Unto my Ryght hartely well-belovyde Cosyn Wyllm. Stonor, Squiere, thys be delyverd, in hast.