The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


The next letter shows that Betson reached Calais on 30th April. Under the endorsement is the merchant's mark, which was used by Stonor's com|mercial associates; the design seems to be a sort of monogram for "W. Stonor". From A.C., xlvi, 90.

Jhesu M'iiijc' lxxvj.

Right worshipffull and my right Synguler good mayster I recom|maund me to unto youre good maystershipe. And syr, ples it you to wete, this same day I depart to Cales wardes throw the myght off oure Page  3, vol. 2 Lord, Jhesu be my good spede. And syr with all my hart I þannke your maystershipe ever off your gentyll chere and ffeiȝthffull loffe, the whych allway ye bere and owe unto me, and off my behalff noþinge deservid: how be it God knowing my good hart and will, and my prayer shall ever be redy for your maystershipe and all your howsold. And syr, ffor a remembraunce I send yow be þe brynger heroff ffor deynte ij powdyrd lampres, to ete hem whan it ples yow, I wold þei wer better. Also syr, ye shall R[esseyve], by the grace off God in John Somers barge now comynge to Henley a pype rede wyne ffrom my broder: I trust it shall ples your maystershipe well, ffor so my broder tellith me. And Syr, as touchynge the ffelles of Robert Turbotes of Lamberton, it makez no matter as yit thowe no man see hem till I send you oþer word ffrom Cales: ffor I shall send you more clerer writinge ffrom Cales by the mercy off Jhesu, whom I besech ever to preserve your maystershipe in helth and vertu. At London the xxij day off Apprill. Be your

Servaunt T. Betson.

Syr, I besech your maystershipe þat this powre writynge may have me lowly recomended to my right worshipffull maystresse your wyffe, and in lyke wyse to my gentyll Cossen and kynde maystresse Kateryn Rich, to whom I besech your maystershipe ever to be ffavourable and loffynge. Syr, I send you a scantlyn off your wyne herin closed.

To my right worshipffull and Synguler good mayster Willm. Stonor Esquyer Soyt d.d.