The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


These accounts are written in the same hand on three long slips of paper. The receipts, which begin the first slip, are given in full; of the expenses only such items as seemed to be of interest. From Ch. Misc., 37, iv, 12-14.

Md. þat y John Mathewe receyved of my mastur Wyllm. Stonore on Sunday nexst afore Seynt Thomas day in þe xiiij yere of þe reigne of Kyng E. þe iiijth yn þe halle of Stonor v. s. Item, y receyvid of my mastur yn þe seyd yer on þe morne after seynt powles day, xl. s. It., y receyvid þe same tyme of þe parson of Thynchest*. [? Fingest, Bucks., near Stonor.] vj. s. viij. d. It., Page  152, vol. 1 y receyvid of my master on goode freday in þe xv yere of þe reyngne of Kyng E. þe iiijth xl. s. It., y receyvid of my mastur yn þe seyd yere on Wennsday nexst a fore st. Phylippus day and Jacobbe, v. li. Summa recept. ix. li. xj. s. viij. d.

Expenses include: On seynt Thomas yeve for rede heryng, iiij. d.; for þe stelyng of a axe for þe Kechynne, ij. d.; on Crystemas Eve y toke Mylis for þe makyng of tapurs for yowr Chapell, iij. d.; þe freday nexst afore seynt powles day yn eysturs, ij. d.; þe same tyme for syngyng brede, ob. Summa (to St. Paul's Day, 25 Jan., 1475) v. s. ix. d. ob.

On seynt powles day y payd to þe smyth of Assynden, xx. s.; þe same day for beefe, xvij. d.; þe same day to Harry Chowne for lath nayle and tyle pinnes for þe dofe howse (amount missing); on freday nexst afore Candelmas day for packenedull and threde, j. d.; þe same day for þe caryage of a barelle of heryng and a cade, xj. d.; to þe porters of Henley, ij. d.; for holy candulle, ij. d.; for ij lockes and ij nawgers, x. d.; to Crystmas for heggyng, ij. d.; to þe seyd Crystmas on seynt Mathewes for þe hegyng of þe rowde crofte, ij. d.; Summa (to Good Friday, 24 March) xlvj. s. iij. d.

Payde to Byrde on goode fryday for his wages, vj. s. viij. d.; to More, vj. s. x. d.; to Joye, iij. s. vj. d.; to Fryth, iij. s.; to Cocke, ij. s. vj. d.; to Thomas More, iij. s. iiij. d.; to Berde of Falley for makyng of harnes, ij. s.; for syngyng brede and wyne, iiij. d.; on freday nexst after Estur for eysturs and elys, iiij. d.; to a man of Netylbed for lyme, xij. d. Summa (to Hoke Tuesday, 4 April) xxxiij. s.

On Phylippes day and Jacobbe payed to Symmys for plowyng ij. s.; for ale at Redyng feyr, iij. s. iiij. d.; to Byrd for myssomer quarter wages, vj. s. viij. d.; for vannyng unto þe throssars at þer furst comyng for þer labur, ij. s.; on Wyttson yeve for egges, ij. d. Summa (to Whitsunday, 14 May) iij. li. x. s. Summa totalis, vij. li. xv. s. ob. Summa debit. xxxvj. s. viij. d.