The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


The reference to Mistress Jane suggests that this document was drawn up after the death of Thomas Stonor in 1474. The mother of Thomas Stonor Page  146, vol. 1 (d. 1431) was also called Joan or Jane, but she had married again and died long before 1431, and is hardly likely to have been referred to as "Mastres Jane Stonor". On the alabaster tables, see English Mediæval Alabaster Work (Society of Antiquaries, 1913), p. 35, and Plates V and XIX; retables dealing with the Passion seem to have been characteristic of the period 1420 to 1460. The original is stained with dirt and in places difficult to decipher. From Ch. Misc., 37, iv, 11.

Thys be the stuffe of þe chapelle of Stonor þe wyche must be left fro Eyur unto Eyur wythyn þe maner of Stonor.

First the vestments of purpulle velvet lynud with grene sarsnet wyth awbe, stole, vanone,*. [I.e. fanon, a maniple.] and amyce þerto. Item [another vestment] of Bawdkyn lynud wyth tawney sarsenett, ij awbs of Raynus, and ij amyces þerto to þe [vestment of] purpull velvet. Item, . . . carpets for the sacrament wyth a canape of reede tartarne. Item ij copus of purpulle velvett lynud wyth tawney sarsenet. Item j fygure of þe trynite of ale|basture. Item j tabulle of alebasture þe storyus of þe passyon of owr lord, þe wych Tabulle Mastres Jane Stonor has yeft unto þe chapelle of Stonor wyth many oþer þynges þerto belongyng. Item, vj labells of purpulle velvet wyth crossus. Item j olde fruntelle of purpulle velvett losenchyd with gold. Item, j olde vestement of Blwe Bawdkyn, with awbe, stole, vanone, and amyce. Item j corperas of Rayns and þe case þerfor of whyte and blwe velvett y-browdred with j trayle of yvi, with j barr of reed velvett. Item, j crucifyxe of sylver y-gylt yn a tabelett of tree. Item, j chales of sylver with þe patent. Item, j peyr cruettes of sylver y-gylt. Item, j pelowe y-keverd wyth tartarne for þe sepulture. Item j seler and j testur of whyte lynone for þe sepulture. Item, j kerchew of umpull for þe sacurment. Item, ij narowe karchews of lawne for þe sepulture. Item iij cloþus for to kover þe ymagis yn lent. Item j steynud cloþe for þe rode wyth j crucyfixe and drops. Item, j hangyng for þe awter y-steynud with j crucyfixe, þe ymages of owre lady and seynt John. Item, ij curteyns and a noþer beneþe þe awter of þe same wrke wyth iij ymages. Item, j hangyng for þe chapelle of olde wurstyd. Item, ij awter cloþis for þe awter and j her. Item, j super|altare for þe awter. Item, j peyre canstyckes of laton for þe awter. Item, ij Masse Bokes, one of þem ys at Pyrton, ij portews, and j Grayle. Item, j halywhatur stocke of laten, wyth j spryngelle of þe same. Item, j sacryngbelle. Item j old fruntelle of purpulle sarsenett.

[In dorso.] Also þes byth þe standderdus of Stonore þat schalle abyde yn þe Manor of Stonore from Eyur unto Eyur. Page  147, vol. 1

Furst j stondyng Cuppe of sylver y-gylt wyth a keveryng and ij ymages yn þe bottume. Item, þe macch of þe same cuppe, y-gylt wyth owte a ffote. Item, a grete Bolle of sylver with þe armys of Stonore and Kyrkeby yn þe bottume.

Also þis is þe stuffe þat ys lefte wyth yn þe manor of Stonore þat schalle rest yn the seyd Manor ffro Eyur unto Eyur. Furst yn the halle a peyer of coburnes left þer for standderdes. Item þe seyd halle y-hangyd wyth blacke saye. Item, þe lyttulle chamburr ennyxid unto þe parlowre, þe hangyng þer of ys palud cloþ purpulle and grene. Item, iij chamburs byth hangyd wyth palud saye, reede and grene, wyth a Bedde of þe same. Item, þe chambur at neþer ȝend of þe halle ys hangud wyth grene worstyd, and þe hangy[ng] for a Bedde of whyte. Item, to þe Bedde yn þe parlour chambur ij peyer of blankettes, a peyre of þe schetes, and a rede coverlet wyth grene chapelettes. Item, a ffedur Bedde, þe wych þe seyd Jane Stonor lefyth þer yn lone to þe seyd chambur. Item, a grene coverlett wyth pottes and Estrych ffeþurs, yn þe same chambur; a peyr of schetes, j peyr of blankettes, and a matres for þe truckle bedde yn þe same chambur. Item a awnedyrone for þe same chambur, and a tynone bason. Item, j ffyer forke for þe halle. Item, a chaffur of laten. Item, ij playn cheynes. Item, j turnyd cheyne, ij cusschyuns y-keverd wyth grey skyns. Item, ij cuschyns y-keverd wyth redde worstyd. Item, ij cuschyns of tappestri wurke wyth nottes. Item, yn þe Botry ys left j bason and a ewer of laten. Item, j bason and ewer of tynne. Item, a chaffyng dysche of laten. Item, v canustyrs of laten. Item, ij borde cloþes of dyaper. Item, a long borde cloþe and a schorte. Item, a coberde cloþe wyth iij towellys, and j trencher knyfe, and iij leþer pottes, and ij saltes of tynne. Item, yn þe Kechyn ij grete pottes, j medulle potte, j possenet, ij hangyng rackes for pottes, ij coterellys, ij rackes for to reste [them] upon, ij grete greders, ij olde pans, ij ffrying pannys, j stone morter, j brode grate, j grete broche, j medulle broche, j byrde broche, ij dressyng knyfus, j fflesshe axe, j wode axe, j flesshehoke, j skymmer of laton, a scale of tree . . . . ., j garnysshe of pewter veselle. Item, yn þe Backehousse þer ys lefft j meshyng vatte, j ȝeel vatte, vij kevers, ix barells, j grete caudren, j trevett, ij bultyng pypes, j cabulle, j axe, j weegge of yron.

Item, v jackus, iij salettes, ij gleyfes, and a borespere.