The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


Thomas Gate of Brutewell (i.e. Britwell, between Farnham and Hitcham), Bucks, alias of Wycombe, was escheator of the counties of Beds and Bucks before 1467 (Cal. Pat. Rolls, Edw. IV, ii, 390; cf. Lists and Indexes, xi, 268, P.R.O.). A pedigree of Ramsey, ap. Harley MS., 1533, f. 57, gives the descent of Thomas Ramsey from Richard Nernute. According to this pedigree Nernute had a son Myles, whose daughter Isabel married Reginald Beauchamp; the Beauchamp line of descent was Myles, Myles, John, Richard, Myles of Hicham, and Robert; Robert's daughter Isabel married Thomas Ramsey, father of the Thomas Ramsey who married Isabel Hampden, half-sister of Page  136, vol. 1 the first Thomas Stonor. The early part of this pedigree seems to be un|trustworthy. Miles de Beauchamp held Hucham or Hitcham at his death in 1336 (Cal. Inq., viii, 149). He was probably the husband of the daughter of Richard Nernute (or Noirnute). His heir was his grandson Miles (son of his son Richard), who held Hucham in 1346 (Feudal Aids, i, 116). This Miles was probably the father of Robert de Beauchamp, who was great-grandfather of the Thomas Ramsey of 1474 and brother of Elizabeth, the ancestress of Thomas Gate. In 1382 Isabella (or Elizabeth) de Beauchamp held Hucham as heiress of Miles de Neirnut (Cal. Pat. Rolls, Richard II, ii, 193). Thomas Worley occurs as a servant of Edward IV in 1465 (Cal. Pat. Rolls, Edw. IV, i, 437). The date of this letter must be earlier than 1474 and later than 1460. From A.C., xlvi, 52.

Right wurshipfull and my especiall good master, y recomaunde me unto you: prayng you hertly to shue me your favour after my deservynge, and not without cause resonable to be of oþer disposicion, as my verry trust is in you most syngulerly of all your blode and my knowlege. Howe be it ye and oþer wurshipful haven lete be moved ayenst me by Thomas Ramsey, your kynnesman and y his, wherof to me-werd he makith gret straungenese: y merveile why: our faders, of whos sowlez God have mercy, dyd nat so, for their moders weren cosyns germaynez descended of Sir Milys Beauchamp, knyght, late lorde of the manor of Hucham, litill Merlowe, Crowelton and Illesley, entailled to hym and his wif and to ther heires generall,*. ["entailled . . . generall" has been inserted.] doughter to Sir Ric. Noirnute, knyght, donor of the seid entaile, which Milys had issu Robert Beau|champ, Bessayle of your kynnesman aforseid, and dame Elizabeth, my Bealaylez, maried to John du Brutewell, myn auncestor: the denyer of these premissez is oon of the causez of my writtyng to your mastership: blame me nat of this, for it is resonable a gentilman to know his pedegre and his possibilyte: seynt Poule foryete nat to write to the Romayns of what lynage he was descended, Ad Romanos xjo. Also I merveile of this unkyndnes of your seid kynnesman to me warde and my frends in seying, writtyng and doyng, and hath in me found no cause nor occa|cion, but alwey to my power tru lovyng and kynde, unto nowe late he wrote to me a letter of unkyndnes, y trowe in hast, and so it was answerd, wherof me repented. Howe be it myn entent was y wold nat have the taile aforseid lost ne foryetten by hym, for y have seyn it in his handes and red it, as y can remember hym well: for what cause therfor our letterz of unkyndnes were made, and for that it pleassed hym to take partie with straungers as to his blode both ayenst me and my Page  137, vol. 1 allye Thomas Worley, a servant of the kynges, as for the right of my cosyn Kateryn his wif, havyng no resonable consideracion to my under|standyng. Natherthelesse y shall abyde such direccion for my partie as shall plese you to ordeyne or awise betwen us most convenyent to leve and love in peas to the confort of our neyghbors and lovers, to God and our selfes gret pleasure, which lorde preserve you and yours. Written at Brutewell, the vth day of October in hast.

Your servaunt, Th. Gate.

To the right wurshipfull Thomas Stonor, Esquier, this be delivered in hast.