The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


Ancient Correspondence, xlvi, 88, is a sheet of paper containing copies of three documents which do not appear to belong properly to the Stonor Papers.Page  134, vol. 1 The first is a copy of the Latin Letters of Presentation addressed on 20 July, 1473, by William Olyver and John Hille, bailiffs of the town of Bridport, to Richard Beauchamp, Bishop of Salisbury, on behalf of John Wikes, chaplain, for his admission to the Chantry of St. Katherine in the parish church of Bridport, in their presentation and now vacant through the resignation of John Lugge. The second is a letter written apparently by a bailiff to his master, of which there are two drafts written on the back of the paper; the date of this is 8 Dec., 1473. The third document consists of Memoranda written on the same side as the Letters of Presentation; they are probably of about the same date as the other two. These latter documents seem to have sufficient interest of their own to justify their inclusion.

Right reverent and my most Worschipfull Master, I recommaunde me to you: letyng you to understonde þat y hafe dylyvered to Thomas Baylegh of Brydeport iiij. li. v. s. for the quarter rent at Mis[somer] last passed by vertu of your letter þat ye sent to me by hym.

Notwithstondyng ye send me long before a letter by Nicholas your servant, þat he scholbe your generall reseyvour fro þat y come yn to your prebende, and for fawte of payment to distrayne &c.: the same Nicholas reseyved of me your Missomer quarter rent þe moryw apon þe Nat. of seynt John Bapt. before þe Vicar of Nytherby and oþer, so y ow you no money afore Cristismasse. Y pray your gode masterschip þat y may be kept harmles ayenst þe same Nicholas þat he distrayne me nat for þis money þat y dylyvered: and þat y may hafe very knowlych fro you to whom y schall dylyver your money: and y to be discharged. Also ye send me word, and charged me by your letter þat y schold dylyver to Thomas Baylegh wode and tymber: y dar not do hit, nor not so moche to fille for to content J. Amylle is covenant, for þer be so many wayters and controllers; and y schold any thyng do, þey wold accuse you and me to þe Chapiter of Sarum; þer for y and wyff be right heve and sory and alwey schalbe unto tyme we mowe speke with you or som comfort fro you &c. Ye mos make rywhell for your Courtes to be holde. Scribeled &c. the day of Conception of our lady, ao E. iiijti xiijo.

The earlier draft which was erased concluded:

Also I hafe do certayn reparacions apon þe were of þe mille and oþer longyng to your reparacion. Y wote well ye woll alowe me þerof. Also ye send to me your letter þat y schold dylyver to Thomas Baylegh wode and tymber: y dare nat do hit, neyther to fylle ne sille þat ye gafe me in commaundment as moche as come to xls. to serve John Amylle: for þer beth so many wayters, yf y schold any thyng fille þey wold accuse you and me to þe Dene and Chapiter Sarum, which myȝth Page  135, vol. 1 turne you and me to grete harme. Also ye send me in writyng that þer schuld no court be hold into your comyng oþer sendyng of your writyng to do hit, which is a grete greffe as well to you as to me: in lasse ye make another ordinaunce þerfor, your housyng of your tenentre wolbe lost.

On the other side are written the following Memoranda:

Remembrance of covenants bytwyxt C. Battescomb and Rob. Battes|comb. First þat þe same Cristine hath graunted to þe same Robt. all her part of her lond in Veriswatton, excepte as hit folwys, terme of hys lyffe, beryng þerfor yerly to þe same C. xlvjs. viijd. quarterly to be payed, in fawte of payment by a moneth arearige &c.: excep' the grete chamber with fre goyng therto, and easement of þe Parllour, Kechyn, bakhouse, buntyng hous, and a lytell appell hous over þe ovene, and esyment of þe stabel yf any frend of myne come to me, with a chamber for þem, and the pantery &c. Item þe lytell orchard, reservyng hole to me with vj appell trees in þe grete orchard, with a lytell plat of hemp lond, and also suche ffuell as me nedeth: and he to repayre al maner tynges þat ought to be repayred as well in housyng as in clausure &c.: and also to nyw make a prevy to þe grete chamber for me, and also a lyte mywe to set in goos, capun, and chekyn and other &c.

In another hand:

Y-spend for J. Danyell for wyne to þe Dene of Sarum xijd.

And y delyvered to Syr J. stockfisch xx, wherof he brouȝth me ayen and he for to wayte apon þe Dene of Sarum, and so he dyde vij dayes.