The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


Sir William Norys had a pardon by word of mouth from the King on 8 April, 1471 (Cal. Pat. Rolls, Edward IV, ii, 241). This may possibly fix the date of the letter, as "this same Friday" will then be 5th April, which would suit well enough. Humphrey Forster of Harpsdon, Berks, married Alice, sister of Thomas Stonor. Pury is probably John Pury, squire, of Oxford and Berks, and Dalamar, Delamere of Aldermaston. From A.C., xlvi, 48.

My goode kynde brother, I recommaunde me to yowe in my most*. [In the original my most is repeated.] feythefull wyse: and lyketh yow to wete þat it pleased you to speke unto me for my ladies ferme of þe ho., þat Grey myght have it stille, yef he cowde entrete Fryghthe, þat I have made the graunt unto &c. My good brother, it is so þat þe seid Fryghthe hath be with me this same Friday and enformed me howe þat my nevewes Willm. Stonor and Emond came unto hym to his plowe and wold have entretid hym to have departe his graunte. And he seid he wold not. And þen my nevewe seid he shuld departe from it maugre his hede, and had unto þe pore man manasyng wordes, as he seythe. So þat þe pore man stode in grete fere. And my nevewe made hym ayenste his wille to take viij. s. My goode brother, this dealyng and demeanyng is not to my pore honestie; for, as I understond, Grey hath seid he wolle have it maugre my hede, which shall not be by my wille. My goode brother, in your wysdome reformeth this matter, trustyng to you þat Grey shalle not be supported to my rebuke &c. My goode brother, this same nyght passed Syr Willm. Norys laye at Walyngford to London ward to þe Kyng; and Dalamar and Pury ladde hym, and he shall have his grace. My goode brother, I sende yowe þe viij. s., þat my Nevewe made the pore man Page  119, vol. 1 take for fere. I prey you latt þe pore man no more be so entretid. Jhesu preserve you and alle yours.

Your trew brother Humfrey fforster.

To my goode kynde brother Thomas Stonore.