The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


There are eight papers of accounts rendered to Thomas Stonor between 20 October, 1469, and 19 October, 1471, besides two undated accounts. The greater part of the fourth account is given below, together with extracts from four other accounts. The three last accounts are for 14 April to 4 May, Page  106, vol. 1 15 August to 29 Sept., and 29 Sept. to 19 October, 1471. For later references to John Ford as farmer at Horton in 1472 and 1482, see Nos. 124 and 322. The originals are Ch. Misc., 37, iii, 28-33 and 37-43.

(a) In expensis et costis don be John Forthe, servaunt with my mayster Stoner fro the ffriday next after Sent Edward day, the ixthe ȝere of Kyng Edward the iiijthe.

First in flessh and ffissh bought the next weke folwyng, ij. s. ij. d. (Eleven other weeks.) Summa xxv. s. xj. d.

Item, paid for a peyre of plough wheles ij. s. iiij. d. Item, paid to my lord of Cauntterbury baly for quiet rent goyng oute of the maner of Horton, ij. s. Item, paid to the Castell of Eynesforth for Kyrkebys, ij. s. Item, paid to Baker, smyth, for iren work and shoyng, xx. s. Item, for shoyng of xj oxen, iiij. s. vij. d. Item, paid to a thetcher thetchyng on the berne be xiij dayes takyng a day iij. d., iij. s. iij. d. Item, for a man to serve hem vij daies, xiiij. d. Summa, xxxv. s. iiij. d.

Other payments: for men to plough, for candles (15d. the dozen), "a potell of tarre iiij. d., for fettyng of Aunsell horse fro London, viij d." &c. Total 39s. 9d.

Whereof receyved of John Lyndesey for ferme of the corne mylle for Mich. terme, xxxvj. s. viiij d. Item., rec. of the seid John fore Cristemas terme, xxxiij. s. iiij. d. Item., rec. of the fermour of the ffullyng mylle, iiij. s. iiij. d. Item of John Stonestrete, xj. d. ob. Item., of William Custamice, v. s. Item, of Thomas Wylshire, vij. s. Item., of John Miller of Pynden, ij. s. vj. d. Item, of William Alfold, ij. s. iiij. d. Summa, iiij. li. xij. s. ob.

(b) [1470. 13th Jan. to 2nd March.] A similar account. For flesh, fish "and other acatys," 20s. Various other items: "ij dogges of Iren for the corne mylle," 16d.; "for C and vj li. of Iren, iiij. s. v. d, for the wharfage, j. d., for bringyng of the seid stuffe to Derteford, vj. d."; "for ij bottys of Sak clothe," 11s. Total, £5. 2. 5. "Whereof I receyved of my Maister whan he was last at Horton, l. s. Item, re. of hym at London, xl. s. Item, re. for vj Stone of Wulle, x. s. Item., re. of William Lyndesey for rent of Gillez, xxiiij. s. iiij. d.". Further account of expenses for repairs and labour, total, £5. 8. 2½, with re|ceipts £6. 16. 0.

(c) [1470. 20th May to 9th June.] Similar account: payments, 16s. 11d. Other payments "to the sexteyne of the churche for Michel|mas quarter, iij d.; to the clerke for his wagis of Crystmas and Ester termys, ij. s."; "for sheryng of xijxx ix shepe xxij. d. and of viijxx lambis Page  107, vol. 1 and viij, vj d. ob." Total, 9s. 8d. Total receipts, 23s. 7d. "Re|membyrd on Wytsun Eve in the xthe yere of Kyng Edward the iiijthe, althyng rekynnyd as hit aperyth by viij billys bothe of the charge and receyte betwene Thomas Stonore and John Forde, the seyde Thomas ovyth to the seyde John xvij. s. iij. d. And the seyde Thomas payde to the seyde John forthewith the seyde xvij. s. iij. d. the seyde day and yer."

(d) [1470. 7th July to 14th Dec.] Similar account. Begins with expenses for seven weeks from 7th July (£5. 10. 5), and eight weeks from the "fest of Sent. Barth the xth ȝere of Kyng Edward the iiijthe." The reckoning was made "the ffriday afore the Imbryng dayys afore Crystemas in the xlixte yere of Kyng Harry the vjte."

(e) [1470. 15th Dec. to 22nd Feb., 1471.] Similar account. "A peyre of shoyn for Maister Edmund, vj. d."