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Thomas Gage warrants -- 1763-1775 Creator: Gage, Thomas, 1720-1787
Extent: 10 linear feet
Abstract: The Thomas Gage warrants are financial documents authorizing payment for the British military forces in North America from the conclusion of the French and Indian War through the beginning of the Revolutionary War. The warrants are one series within the larger Thomas Gage papers.
Thomas Gage papers -- 1754-1807 (bulk 1759-1775) Creator: Gage, Thomas, 1721-1787
Extent: 70 linear feet
Abstract: The Thomas Gage papers consist of the military and governmental correspondence and headquarter papers of General Thomas Gage, officer in the British Army in America (1754-1763) and commander-in-chief of the British forces in North America between 1763 and 1775. The papers include incoming correspondence and retained copies of letters written by Gage, together with a large quantity of documents related to military administration and manuscript maps of North America. The collection is particularly strong in documenting British administration of North America after the French and Indian War, interactions with Native Americans, and the years preceding the American Revolution. The Thomas Gage warrants series is described in a separate finding aid.
Edmund P. and Myra C. Gaines collection -- 1834-1850 Creator: Gaines, Edmund Pendleton, 1777-1849 and Gaines, Myra Clark, 1805-1885
Extent: 24 items
Abstract: The Edmund P. and Myra C. Gaines Collection is made up of 23 letters and documents dating between November 10, 1834, and April 5, 1850, and one full-plate daguerreotype portrait of Edmund P. Gaines. The materials present in this collection pertain to mid-19th century United States military politics, the antebellum U.S. frontier, and the activities, perspectives, and public controversies of Edmund Pendleton Gaines and his wife Myra Clark Gaines.
San Francisco Grand Jury collection -- 1930-1934 (bulk 1934) Creator: Gallagher, Hugh, 1888-1968
Extent: 37 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 37 items related to the Grand Jury of San Francisco, California. San Francisco residents wrote 29 letters to Hugh Gallagher, the grand jury's foreman, about racketeering, police graft and corruption, gambling, and other criminal activity in 1934.
Simeon Gallup papers -- 1861-1864 Creator: Gallup, Emily, 1846-1875
Extent: 31 items
Abstract: The Simeon Gallup papers are comprised of 30 letters written by Gallup to his sister, Emily, while he served with the 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery Regiment during the Civil War. Gallup bluntly offered his opinions about a number of aspects of the war and provided detailed descriptions of his experiences in North Carolina and Virginia.
Raynor-Gardiner correspondence -- 1851-1853 Creator: Gardiner, John, 1816-1915
Extent: 41 items
Abstract: The Raynor-Gardiner correspondence is made up of letters that Henry Raynor of Syracuse, New York, wrote to John Gardiner of Norwalk, Ohio, about the railroad industry in the early 1850s. Raynor discussed subjects such as finances, iron shipments, and competing railroad companies in New York, Ohio, and Indiana.
George Gardner papers -- 1821-1900 (bulk 1854-1895) Creator: Gardner, G. Clinton (George Clinton), 1834-1904
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, letter books, and additional material related to the career of George Clinton Gardner, a surveyor and railroad engineer who worked in the United States, Mexico, and Peru throughout the latter half of the 19th century. Correspondence includes several letters related to Gardner's attempt to join the Army Corps of Topographical Engineers during the Civil War. The letter books provide details of Gardner's work with nitroglycerin in Pennsylvania, his experiences and travels while supervising railroad construction throughout Mexico, and his work with the Pacific Company in Peru.
Samuel Tarry collection -- 1747-1761 Creator: Gardner, John
Extent: 5 items
Abstract: This collection is comprised of 5 letters related to the financial affairs of Samuel Tarry, who lived in Amelia County, Virginia, in the mid-18th century. The letters, addressed to John Gardner of Chatteris, England, concern the execution of Mrs. Francis Tarry's will in 1847 and the conduct of Chris Smyth, Tarry's attorney, in 1760 and 1761.
Gardner family papers -- 1776-1789 Creator: Gardner, Theophilus
Extent: 10 items
Abstract: The Gardner family papers document the management of Joseph Gardner's Jamaica plantation after his death in 1780. The letters primarily concern Joseph's brother Theophilus Gardner, a Philadelphia merchant, who inherited the estate and attempted to manage and sell the property over the course of the following decade.
Garesché family album -- 1827-1832 Creator: Garesché family
Extent: 242 pages
Abstract: The Garesché family album contains poetic verses and illustrations addressed to DuPont F. and Anna L. Garesché of Philadelphia.
Thomas C. Garrett correspondence -- 1834-1854 (bulk 1834-1846) Creator: Garrett, Thomas C., 1805-1888
Extent: 66 items
Abstract: This collection consists of incoming correspondence addressed to Thomas C. Garrett, a jeweler and watchmaker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The letters, from suppliers and merchants, concern the supply of materials used to make jewelry and watches and pertain to Garrett's business finances.
E. Augustus Garrison journal -- 1861-1869 Creator: Garrison, E. Augustus, b. 1841
Extent: 244 pages
Abstract: The journal of E. Augustus Garrison documents his work as a lay preacher to his family's slaves, duties as a sergeant in the 2nd Mississippi Infantry Battalion (later the 48th Mississippi Infantry) and chaplain to the 48th Mississippi Infantry, and post-Civil War efforts to reconstruct his (prewar) life as a cotton planter.
Charles Garth letterbook -- 1758-1760, 1762-1766 Creator: Garth, Charles, ca. 1734-1784 and Wright, James, Sir, 1716-1785
Extent: 358 pages
Abstract: The Charles Garth letterbook contains letters from Sir James Wright, South Carolina's agent to parliament from 1758-1760, and letters from Charles Garth, South Carolina's agent to parliament from 1762 through 1766.
James O. Gawne report book -- 1905-1906 Creator: Gawne, J. O. (James Orville), b. 1883
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This manuscript contains Midshipman James O. Gawne's reports on machinery and activities aboard the USS Olympia and USS Cleveland between 1905 and 1906. The reports are made up of 22 pages of text, 4 diagrams, and 1 map. They include descriptions and illustrations of the ships' machinery; details about target practice exercises off Pensacola; and an account of temporary camp near Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.
Martha Jane Gay papers -- 1853-1854 Creator: Gay, Martha Jane
Extent: 7 items
Abstract: Miss Martha Jane Gay was away from home, traveling around New England, when she received these letters from her family and friends back in Wisconsin. They reveal glimpses into the lives of women in this period.
Clara Gayer letters -- 1911-1912 Creator: Gayer, Mary E.
Extent: 10 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 10 letters that Clara L. Gayer wrote to her father and sister in Akron, Ohio, while living in the Panama Canal Zone from 1911-1912. She commented on her attempts to secure a teaching position, her social life, and her daily activities.
Juliette F. Gaylord collection -- 1861-1865 Creator: Gaylord, Juliette Foster Hyde, 1833-1875
Extent: 16 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence and receipts related to Juliette F. Gaylord's work with the Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, during the Civil War. Gaylord, the group's secretary, corresponded with members of the United States Sanitary Commission's New-England Women's Auxiliary Association and with Hannah A. Adams, a Fitzwilliam native who worked in the South during the war.
Geiger family papers -- 1890-1939 (bulk 1890-1918) Creator: Geiger, Henry, b. 1871 and Geiger, Mildred Palmer
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Abstract: The Geiger family papers are primarily made up of correspondence written or received by Henry and Mildred Palmer Geiger, who lived in Galena, Illinois, and Sheldon, Iowa, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The collection includes letters that the couple wrote to each other during their courtship and letters that Henry received from his wife, siblings, parents, and children while he served with the Illinois National Guard during the Spanish-American War and with the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I.
Smith-Geisinger collection -- 1849-1855 Creator: Geisinger, David, 1790-1860
Extent: 7 items
Abstract: The Smith-Geisinger collection is made up of seven letters from Captain Joseph Smith, chief of the U.S. Navy's Bureau of Yards and Docks in Washington, D.C., to Captain David Geisinger, governor of the U.S. Naval Asylum in Philadelphia.
David P. Gerberich family account book and recipe book -- 1840-1888 Creator: Gerberich, David P., 1814-1873 and Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains financial records pertaining to David P. Gerberich of Niles, Michigan, as well as other accounts and recipes. Daybook accounts pertain to sales of whiskey in Washington, Illinois, and of ales and foodstuffs in Howard, Michigan; later financial accounts relate to farm labor and personal expenses. The volume also includes culinary, medicinal, and household recipes.
Missionary Society of Gettysburg minutes -- 1865-1877 Creator: Gettysburg Sunday School Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church (Gettysburg, Pa.)
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Between March 1865 and May 1877, officers of the Gettysburg Sunday School Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church recorded 120 pages of minutes from the society's monthly meetings in this volume. The society collected donations, heard addresses from ministers and other speakers, and participated in collective worship.
Gibbons family papers -- 1858-1941 (bulk 1868-1941) Creator: Gibbons family
Extent: 180 items
Abstract: The Gibbons family papers are made up of correspondence, land indentures, and lecture notes of the Gibbons family of Muskingum County, Ohio, Kansas, and Oregon. A primary focus of the collection is Thomas A. Gibbons, a teacher in late 19th century Ohio.
William Gibbons papers -- 1804-1857 (bulk 1828-1845) Creator: Gibbons, William, 1794-1852
Extent: 264 items (0.5 linear feet)
Abstract: The papers of William Gibbons consist of Gibbons' incoming correspondence and receipts for the purchase of goods. The letters and receipts contain information regarding the operation of a Georgia plantation, financial and legal matters, as well as family concerns.
Gibbs family papers -- 1635-1846 Creator: Gibbs family
Extent: 51 items (0.25 linear feet)
Abstract: The Gibbs family papers consist primarily of copies of 17th century documents relating to early colonial history. Also important is a collection of courtship letters, a set of diaries, and a genealogical tract.
James B. Gibbs lecture notebooks -- 1846 Creator: Gibbs, James B. (James Burnet), 1822-1850
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: This collection consists of two volumes of lecture notes that James B. Gibbs compiled while he was a resident student at Yale Divinity School in 1846. The lectures, delivered by Yale professors Nathaniel W. Taylor, Chauncey Allen Goodrich, and J. Gibbs, concern a range of theological and philosophical topics, including the history and practices of Christianity, information about other religions, and contemporary philosophical thought regarding ethics and government.
Benjamin Gilbert letter book -- 1780-1783 Creator: Gilbert, Benjamin, 1755-1828
Extent: 202 pages (1 volume)
Abstract: The Benjamin Gilbert letter book (219 pages) contains copies of 83 personal letters written by Sergeant Benjamin Gilbert during his service in the Revolutionary War (1780-1783). The letters provide a picture of a junior officer's perspective on the progress of the war.
Henry C. Gilbert papers -- 1826-1864 Creator: Gilbert, Henry Clarke, 1818-1864
Extent: 365 items (1.5 linear ft.)
Abstract: The Henry C. Gilbert papers consist of a substantial body of personal and business correspondence documenting a long and successful public career. As attorney, Indian agent, political hand, and Colonel of a regiment of Civil War volunteers, Gilbert served his state and nation for over twenty years.
Warren H. Cudworth papers -- 1862-1880 Creator: Gile, Fannie Cudworth
Extent: 12 items
Abstract: The Warren H. Cudworth papers consist of 11 Civil War era letters, the bulk of which are from Warren Cudworth to his sister Fannie, and one post-war letter. Cudworth served as a chaplain for the First Massachusetts Regiment, Cos. F and S.
Giles family papers -- 1773-1899 Creator: Giles family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: The Giles family papers document an American family through various generations and locations, though the focus of the papers is on Elizabeth Shipton Giles of Maryland and New York City.
Heman H. Gillett papers -- 1861-1870 (bulk 1862-1865) Creator: Gillett, Heman H., 1823-1907
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection consists of 186 letters and documents concerning Heman H. Gillett's participation in the Civil War as a surgeon for the 8th Vermont Volunteers.
H. H. Gillum journal -- 1865 Creator: Gillum, H. H.
Extent: 70 pages
Abstract: Captain H. H. Gillum's narrative of Sheridan's final great raid, from Winchester to White House, Va. (February 27-March 19, 1865) is written from the perspective of a quartermaster and overseer of supply trains.
Louise Gilman papers -- 1866-1869 Creator: Gilman, Louise Lane, 1838-1922
Extent: 30 items
Abstract: The Louise Gilman papers consist of letters written by Louise Gilman while serving as a teacher at the Hampton Institute in Hampton, Viriginia, a school set up to educate freed slaves. The letters describe Gilman's activities as a teacher and her thoughts about the black students.
Thomas Gilpin, Exiles in Virginia... (extra-illustrated edition) -- 1778-1848 Creator: Gilpin, Thomas, 1776-1853
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains an extra-illustrated edition of Thomas Gilpin's Exiles in Virginia... (1848), concerning Philadelphia Quakers who were imprisoned in Winchester, Virginia, between September 1777 and April 1778. This copy includes marginal notes, as well as 3 original, tipped-in manuscripts related to prisoner John Pemberton and Philadelphia lawyer Nicholas Waln.
Harriet Gladwin commonplace book -- 1808-1810 Creator: Gladwin, Harriet
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This commonplace book (56 pages) was compiled by Harriet Gladwin, daughter of British Army Major General Henry Gladwin, who commanded the British forces during Pontiac's siege against Detroit in 1763. The volume contains Harriet's copies of a published account of the siege (33 pages), a memorial poem dedicated to her father by William Hayley (13 pages), and 3 additional memorial poems and epitaphs (7 pages). She began the volume on September 25, 1808.
Powell Glass, Jr., papers -- 1941-1945 (bulk 1944-1945) Creator: Glass, Powell
Extent: 10 items
Abstract: This collection contains letters and a document concerning Major Powell Glass, Jr., who served at the 5th Marine Corps Division headquarters during the Second World War. His request for additional leave in April 1941 is included, as are 9 letters he wrote to his parents between January 1944 and August 1945, in which he discussed his leisure activities, the war, and President Franklin Roosevelt.
Johanna Gleeson collection -- 1877-1882 Creator: Gleeson, Johanna, 1856 or 7-1921
Extent: 29 items
Abstract: The Johanna Gleeson collection is made up of 29 letters that Gleeson received from family members and friends after emigrating from County Cork, Ireland, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, around 1877. Her most frequent correspondents were her friend Mary Anne Murphy, who reported social and political news from Kilnarovanagh, Ireland, and her cousin and future husband Michael Gleeson, who commented on his life and work in California and Colorado.
Henry Glen papers -- 1781-1801 Creator: Glen, Henry, 1739-1814
Extent: 15 items
Abstract: The Glen papers consists of fifteen letters written to Henry Glen over a period of twenty years by family members and business acquaintances while Glen served as a member of the first three Provincial Congresses, as a member of the Committee of Safety, and as the deputy quartermaster general.
Gloucester Manufacturing Company records -- 1850-1909 Creator: Gloucester Manufacturing Company
Extent: 3 volumes
Abstract: This collection holds 2 volumes of meeting minutes and 1 volume of dividend payment records documenting the affairs of the Gloucester Manufacturing Company of Gloucester, New Jersey. Also included are related enclosures, including receipts, accounts, and correspondence.
Stephen E. Glover, The Cradle of Liberty -- [1837] Creator: Glover, Stephen E.
Extent: 106 pages (1 volume)
Abstract: This volume is a manuscript copy of Stephen E. Glover's play The Cradle of Liberty, adapted from James Fenimore Cooper's novel Lionel Lincoln. Set in Boston in 1775, just before and during the Battle of Bunker Hill, the play explores the relationship between a young British nobleman and his father, a North American patriot who has kept his identity a secret from his son.
Godown-McLaughlin family correspondence -- 1881-1946 (bulk 1924-1936) Creator: Godown family and McLaughlin family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of personal letters addressed to the family of Frances Godown of Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, Indiana. The bulk of the correspondence is letters from Frances Godown and her daughter, Charlotte Godown Kelley, to Frances's other daughter, Mary Godown McLaughlin, and granddaughter, "Katsey" McLaughlin.
Goheen family collection -- 1874-1882 (bulk 1874) Creator: Goheen family
Extent: 19 items
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence between William H. Hipple of the Texas & Pacific Railway Company and the Goheen family of Geneseo, New York, following Edward L. Goheen's death in a railroad accident. The letters reflect the ongoing friendship between Hipple and the Goheens after their mutual bereavement. Also included are two additional letters to Patience Doty Goheen, Edward's mother; a newspaper clipping about Edward's death; and a broadside advertisement for a railroad ticket agent.
John R. Goldsborough papers -- 1861-1867 Creator: Goldsborough, Mary Pennington
Extent: 27 items
Abstract: The John R. Goldsborough papers contain 25 letters from a Civil War officer to his wife (1861-1867) and one document from his command of a freed-slave colony on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Goldsborough discussed news and politics of the day and described his Civil War activities, especially related to the Atlantic blockade of South Carolina and Georgia and his time in charge of St. Simons Island. The 1866-1877 letters cover Goldsborough's travels with the Asiatic Squadron in Africa and Asia.
Smith B. Goodenow, Rocktop: or The Lord Will Direct -- 1870 Creator: Goodenow, Smith B. (Smith Bartlett), 1817-1897
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume is the draft of a novel entitled Rocktop: or The Lord Will Direct, written by Smith Bartlett Goodenow in January 1870. The novel concerns the formative years of a New England boy named Bartlett ("Bartie") Golden, who leaves his home at the age of 10 for Providence, Rhode Island, and eventually decides to become a minister.
Goodman-Vent papers -- 1830s-1890s Creator: Goodman family and Vent family
Extent: 1,333 items
Abstract: The Goodman-Vent papers contain letters and writings from the families of Thomas Goodwin and Charles Frederick Vent, two prominent 19th century Chicago and Cincinnati businessmen. Of note are detailed eyewitness accounts the great Chicago Fire of 1871.
Reuben Smith Goodman journal -- 1864 Creator: Goodman, Reuben Smith, 1818-1894
Extent: 81 pages
Abstract: Rev. Reuben Smith Goodman's journal traces the six week excursion of a Presbyterian minister in Tennessee, while employed by the U.S. Christian Commission. The brief entries record war-time evangelical activities, including distributing religious literature, consoling, preaching, and ministering to the sick and wounded in hospitals.
Charles Valek letters -- 1919 Creator: Goodman, Violet
Extent: 5 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Charles Valek wrote to Violet Goodman of Cleveland, Ohio, while serving in the United States Merchant Marine in 1919. He wrote about his leisure activities while stationed on the USS Meade in Boston Harbor and about his later assignment in Newport News, Virginia.
Andrew T. Goodrich family correspondence -- 1802, 1810-1813, 1816 Creator: Goodrich family
Extent: 7 items
Abstract: Seven letters exchanged by members of the Goodrich family primarily concern news from New Haven, Connecticut, in the early 19th century. Andrew T. Goodrich, a publisher in New York City, also provided his mother and sister with thoughts on his church and recent War of 1812 victory celebrations.
Caspar F. Goodrich papers -- 1884-1925 Creator: Goodrich, Caspar F. (Caspar Frederick), 1847-1925
Extent: 4 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence, documents, ephemera, and other items related to Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich, who served in the United States Navy from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. Many of the materials relate to his naval career and to his political interests after World War I.
Lee Goodwin family letters -- 1822-1868 (bulk 1822-1856) Creator: Goodwin family
Extent: 25 items
Abstract: The bulk of this collection (24 items) is the incoming and outgoing correspondence of Lee Goodwin, of the New York City mercantile firm Fitch, Goodwin & Company. The letters are predominantly by Lee and his siblings, respecting local and family news, and health updates from East Hartford and New York City.
Fairfield Goodwin papers -- 1861-1862 Creator: Goodwin, Fairfield Israel, ca. 1833-1918
Extent: 27 items
Abstract: The Fairfield Goodwin papers consist of poems, essays and drawings created by a Union soldier from Michigan during the Civil War. Goodwin was part of the 1st Illinois Light Artillery (Taylor's Chicago Battery) at the outbreak of the Civil War and later joined the 8th Michigan Cavalry.
Charles Goore letter book -- 1774-1783 Creator: Goore, Charles, 1703-1783
Extent: 170 pages (1 volume)
Abstract: The Charles Goore letter book contains letters, dated March 1774 to January 1783, from a prosperous Liverpool merchant to other English merchants, members of Parliament, British naval officers, customers, and friends. These letters touch on various aspects of Atlantic trade, including the detrimental effects of the American Revolutionary War on British commerce, whaling ventures off Greenland, and the trade in tobacco, hemp, flag stones, and ironware.
Gordon family papers -- 1853-1883 (bulk 1861-1862) Creator: Gordon family
Extent: 504 items
Abstract: The Gordon family papers document the life of a Maryland family with Confederate sympathies. The collection particularly focuses on the correspondence between Josiah H. Gordon and his wife Kate during Josiah's political imprisonment during the Civil War.
Gordon-Kyle family papers -- 1801-1861 Creator: Gordon, Jeremiah Smith, 1829-1904, Gordon, Margaret Beatty Kyle, and Kyle, John Beatty
Extent: 257 items
Abstract: The Gordon-Kyle family papers contain the letters of two prominent Franklin County Pennsylvania families. The bulk of the collection centers around Reverend Jeremiah Smith Gordon, his wife, Margaret Beatty Kyle Gordon, and her brother John Beatty Kyle.
Stephen Gore correspondence -- 1836-1844 Creator: Gore, Stephen, 1790-1845
Extent: 22 items
Abstract: This collection is comprised of 22 incoming letters addressed to Stephen Gore, a grocer in St. Louis, Missouri, between 1836 and 1844. Of these, 20 are primarily concerned with Gore's business interests in Boston, Massachusetts, and 2 provide news of family and friends in Massachusetts. John S. Harris, Gore's most frequent correspondent, wrote 11 letters, and several of Gore's professional and personal acquaintances contributed the remaining 11 items.
J. Martin Gorham papers -- 1864-1865 Creator: Gorham, J. Martin, 1830-1880
Extent: 4 items
Abstract: J. Martin Gorham was a lawyer from Barre, Mass. who enlisted in the 33rd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. His papers consist of four letters written to his sister and her husband during the Atlanta Campaign and shortly after the fall of Savannah.
John Gorham papers -- 1744-1772 (bulk 1748-1750) Creator: Gorham, John, 1709-1751
Extent: 24 items (0.25 linear feet)
Abstract: The Gorham collection consists primarily of materials pertaining to the military career of John Gorham in Nova Scotia. Gorham organized a very successful military unit called the Rangers who were known for their unorthodox tactics.
Gough family papers -- 1804-1926 (bulk 1860-1901) Creator: Gough family
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is primarily made up of correspondence between and addressed to members of the Gough family of Gort, Ireland, including George Stephens Gough; his wife, Jane Arbuthnot; and their children, Hugh, George, Rodolph, and Eleanor ("Nora"). The Gough family directly descended from Hugh Gough, 1st Viscount Gough. Most of the letters pertain to the education and military career of the younger George Gough. The collection also includes a travel diary, documents, financial records, and notes.
Henry Goulburn papers -- 1813-1826 (bulk 1814) Creator: Goulburn, Henry, 1784-1856
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: The Goulburn papers (301 items) contain the diplomatic correspondence and official documents of Henry Goulburn, British negotiator of the Treaty of Ghent. The collection includes the official and private letters between the British commissioners and the British Foreign Office, letters between the American and British commissioners, and drafts of the treaty. Included is one of the six original copies of Treaty of Ghent, written in the hand of Henry Clay and signed by each commissioner.
Washtenaw County (Mich.) account book and court records -- 1839-1858 Creator: Gould, A. M.; Miles, George, -1850; and Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume is a record of costs associated with mortgage foreclosure cases filed in Michigan's Second District Court in the early 19th century, personal financial records of Michigan Supreme Court justice George Miles, and notes on mortgage foreclosures and similar legal cases filed primarily in Washtenaw County, Michigan, between 1847 and 1858.
Ellen and Peddy Finch letters -- 1862-1863 Creator: Gould, Ozro Barnes, 1840-1907
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: Captain Ozro B. Gould of the 55th Ohio Infantry Regiment received 6 letters from his female cousins Ellen and Peddy Finch in 1862 and 1863. The Finches discussed their education, provided news from Green Springs, Ohio, and shared stories of mutual acquaintances who served in the Union Army.
Kenneth Grace manuscripts -- 1908-1914 Creator: Grace, Kenneth
Extent: 166 pages (2 volumes)
Abstract: The Grace collection consists of two manuscripts: "The Sea," an ecclectic compilation of a child's stories on nautical themes, and the Log of the Sea Wren, which includes narratives of Kenneth Grace's summer time cruises in Chesapeake Bay aboard the boats Sea Wren and Sea Bird.
John H. Graham journals -- 1861-1864 (bulk 1861-1862) Creator: Graham, John H., b. 1840
Extent: 160 pages (2 volumes)
Abstract: The John H. Graham journals record Graham's experiences as a student at the University of Mississippi as the Civil War began, as well as Graham's service with the 11th Mississippi Infantry in 1862.
Graham family papers -- 1731-1849 Creator: Graham, John, 1722-1796 and Graham, Sylvester, 1794-1851
Extent: 1.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Graham family papers contain an assortment of letters, documents, and diaries relating to John Graham, Sr., and Jr., and to Sylvester Graham. Each man was a prominent physician and minister, though Sylvester was the more famous of the two for his Grahamite philosophy. The papers of John Graham, Jr., document his role in the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War.
Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Pennsylvaniabiographical sketches -- [1892]-1901; 1964 (bulk [1892]) Creator: Grand Army of the Republic. John A. Koltes Post No. 228 (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains biographical information about members of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Post No. 228, which was named after Colonel John A. Koltes and located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Biographical sketches include information about veterans' dates and places of birth, as well as details of their Civil War service, such as their dates of enrollment and discharge, unit numbers, and participation in battles.
Janie Grant letters -- 1945 Creator: Grant, J. A. C.
Extent: 19 items
Abstract: This collection consists of 19 letters that Janie Grant wrote to her husband, Major J. A. C. Grant of the Gordon Highlanders, while living in Perth, Scotland, in August 1945. She discussed her efforts to meet him at London and Edinburgh following his upcoming discharge, anticipated their future life together, and complained of conflicts with family members.
Asa Grant letters -- 1812-1813 Creator: Grant, John
Extent: 21 items
Abstract: Asa Grant wrote 20 letters to his parents while serving with a New York Militia regiment during the War of 1812. From September 1812-February 1813, Grant was stationed at Sacketts Harbor, New York, where he described recent battles, troop health, and other aspects of military life.
Joseph Graves notebook -- 1826-1855 Creator: Graves, Joseph, b. 1784
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This 109-page volume contains journal entries, notes, and newspaper clippings compiled by Joseph Graves, a farmer who lived in Brentwood, New Hampshire, in the early 19th century. Graves recorded his activities as a notary, kept regular journal entries on events around Brentwood, and compiled notes and newspaper clippings on political topics, medicinal recipes, and contemporary modes of transportation.
Gray family papers -- 1861-1882 (bulk 1861-1865) Creator: Gray family
Extent: 33 items
Abstract: The Gray family papers document the family relationships of William and Eckley Gray, while serving in the Union Army, and Lucy Doan Gray, William's wife and Eckley's mother, as she managed the family farm in New Salem, Illinois.
Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, slave records -- 1788-1825 Creator: Graydon, Alexander 1752-1818, Fahenstock, Obediah, 1770-1840, and Boas, Jacob, 1786-1815
Extent: 1 volume, 8 loose items
Abstract: The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, Slave Records is a register of black and mulatto children born in Dauphin County between 1780 and 1825. The volume contains approximately 170 bound slave records giving each child's name, date of birth, sex, race, as well as owner's name, occupation, and place of residency.
Charles Cornwallis orderly book -- 1780-1781 Creator: Great Britain. Army
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Charles Cornwallis orderly book (148 pages), contains orders from Cornwallis' moving headquarters in the southern theater of the American Revolutionary War. These document the British march across North Carolina, the aftermath of the Guilford Courthouse campaign, and Cornwallis' campaign in Virginia. The book contains lists of promotions and reports of courts martial, as well as general marching orders and information on supplies, transportation, and the sick and wounded.
King's American Regiment orderly book -- 1776-1777 Creator: Great Britain. Army
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The King's American Regiment orderly book (308 pages) contains the regiment, brigade, and general headquarters orders kept by an anonymous officer in a New York Loyalist unit from December 1776 to November 12, 1777. Entries contain details on the regiment's organization and staffing, recruitment and provisioning, and on troop movements and military engagements.
William Howe orderly book -- 1776-1778 Creator: Great Britain. Army
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The William Howe orderly book contains copies of orders for a brigade under British Commander-in-Chief Sir William Howe, from March 9, 1776, to May 1, 1778. Entries record the progress of Howe's army, from their embarkation at Portsmouth, England, through New York and New Jersey, to the end of their occupation Philadelphia.
German Auxiliaries muster rolls -- 1776-1786 (bulk 1781-1783) Creator: Great Britain. Army
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is comprised of seventy muster rolls and six related documents of the German regiments employed by the British to fight in the American Revolutionary War.
Great Britain. Army. 10th Regiment of Foot orderly book -- 1775 Creator: Great Britain. Army. Regiment of Foot, 10th
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Great Britain. Army. Regiment of Foot, 10th orderly book (56 pages) contains military orders kept by an anonymous British officer while stationed at Boston from March 3 through April 25, 1775. The entries document the British army's activities during the months leading up the Battle of Lexington and Concord.
Great Britain Indian Department collection -- 1753-1795 Creator: Great Britain. Indian Department
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Great Britain Indian Department collection is made up of documents, letters, and other manuscripts relating to interactions between government and military officials, Native Americans, and American residents from 1753 to 1795.
Richard Howe, Signal and Instruction Book -- ca. 1776 Creator: Great Britain. Royal Navy
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains 44 pages of signals and roughly 46 pages of instructions and explanatory information pertaining to the Royal Navy's operations under Richard Howe around the time of the American Revolution. The book provides details about signals to be used while sailing by day, in fog, in battle, and at night, and it includes color illustrations of signal flags and lantern configurations. The binder's title is "Ld Howes Instructions."
Green-Mitchell family papers -- 1780-1883 (bulk 1785-1812, 1831-1862) Creator: Green family and Mitchell family
Extent: 3.75 linear feet
Abstract: The Green-Mitchell family papers are made up of correspondence, legal documents, receipts, and other financial records pertaining to the business and personal affairs of New York attorneys Timothy Green and John W. Mitchell (Timothy Green's son-in-law). Much of the collection pertains to mercantile affairs and land speculation in the South, Northeast and Western United States. A large portion of the collection pertains to South Carolina (Charleston), New York, and Massachusetts (Worcester).
J. Green, Commentaries on the Book of Genesis -- 1663-1664 Creator: Green, J.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains 303 pages of commentary on parts of the Book of Genesis, composed between May 31, 1663, and November 13, 1664. The commentaries include summaries of verses, as well as associated questions, answers, and observations.
Robert A. Green memoir -- 2004-2005 Creator: Green, Robert A., 1925-
Extent: 1 item
Abstract: The Robert A. Green memoir contains Green's reminiscences about his service in the United States Navy during World War II. Green spent most of the war as an office worker at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California.
David Greene letterbook -- 1777-1785 Creator: Greene, David, 1749-1812
Extent: 225 pages
Abstract: The David Greene letterbook contain copies of the outgoing correspondence of an American loyalist and merchant from his wartime exile in Antigua and postwar residence in Connecticut. The letters record his business affairs, including the West Indies trade of his firm, Rose & Greene, as well as personal reflections on his experiences as a Loyalist exile.
Greening family papers -- 1833-1963 (bulk 1858-1919) Creator: Greening family
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of 16 letters, 17 documents and printed items, 58 photographs, and 4 photographic postcards related to the family of William J. Greening of Middletown, New York. A portion of the collection relates to a self-oiling axle he patented in 1907, including his copy of the official patent award. Most of the photographs depict his children; four show a meat market owned by the Greening family.
John Greenwood journal -- [after 1809] Creator: Greenwood, Clark, 1797-1838
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume (7.5"x6") contains John Greenwood's memoirs about his experiences during the Revolutionary War (approximately 163 pages) and about his family and personal life (17 pages). During the war, Greenwood was a fife player with a Massachusetts regiment and served on privateers and other vessels in the Caribbean Sea. He originally composed his Revolutionary War memoirs in 1809; this item is a later copy made by his son Clark.
Henry Gregory letters -- 1858-1861 Creator: Gregory, Elizabeth and Gregory, Francis H., 1789-1866
Extent: 63 items
Abstract: This collection contains 63 letters Henry Edmond Gregory wrote to his parents, Rear Admiral Francis H. Gregory and Elizabeth Gregory, about his social life in New Haven, Connecticut; his experiences working in a foundry in Charlestown, Massachusetts; and his life in Niobrara, Nebraska Territory, from 1858-1861.
Norma Greiner and William R. Kent collection -- 1942-1945 Creator: Greiner family and Kent, Norma Greiner
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of the World War II-era correspondence of Norma Greiner, her husband William R. Kent, and the Greiner family. The papers include letters that Norma Greiner wrote to her family while serving as a United States Navy nurse in San Francisco, California, in 1943; letters that William R. Kent wrote to his wife Norma while serving onboard the USS Cape Esperance in the South Pacific from August 1944-November 1944; letters that the Greiner family received from various servicemen during the war; and letters that Norma Greiner Kent received from her mother- and sister-in-law.
George Grenville papers -- 1755-1757 Creator: Grenville, George, 1712-1770
Extent: 63 items
Abstract: The George Grenville papers contain letters from Grenville's political associates from 1756 to 1757 during his tenure as treasurer of the navy. The letters concern military operations in North America at the start of the Seven Years War (French and Indian War), maneuvers of the French and British fleets in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, ministerial policies, parliamentary acts, news of political appointments, and social gossip.
Gridley family papers -- [1798]-1885 Creator: Gridley, Fanny, 1789-1871
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: The Gridley Family papers contain the letters of a highly educated New York family, who were drawn to evangelical religion and progressive causes in the 1820-1830s. The letters are all personal in nature about daily family life and matters of religion, education, and travel.
Griffin family papers -- 1799-1942 (bulk 1835-1868) Creator: Griffin family
Extent: 47 items
Abstract: The Griffin family papers contain the letters of a family from Sempronius, New York, and are comprised primarily of correspondence from Lavalette and Reynolds Griffin while serving with the 75th New York Volunteers during the Civil War.
Griffin family and Lydia Sigourney papers -- 1807-1885 Creator: Griffin family
Extent: 0.75 linear feet
Abstract: The collection consists of correspondence related to the Griffin family of New York City and includes 58 letters that George Griffin and his family exchanged between 1833 and 1854 with author Lydia H. Sigourney of Hartford, Connecticut. Additional material includes correspondence among members of the Griffin family that provides commentary on family life, two extended trips to Europe, Protestant theology, and higher education. The final series in the collection is a 3-page manuscript copy of Sigourney's poem on the death of American poet John Trumbull.
Jalett Griffith diaries -- 1875-1888 Creator: Griffith, Jalett, 1843-1920
Extent: 5 volumes
Abstract: Jalett Griffith of Hamlin, New York, and Gobles, Michigan, kept annual diaries about his farm labor, crops, and daily activities in the 1870s and 1880s. This collection is made up of his diaries for 1875, 1877, 1883, 1885, and 1887.
John Irwin Griffith papers -- ca. 1872-1916 Creator: Griffith, John Irwin
Extent: 40 volumes
Abstract: 40 manuscript volumes relating to John Irwin Griffith's life and American politics, including numerous pen and ink drawings.
John H. Griffith collection -- 1942-1972 (bulk 1942-1945, 1951-1952) Creator: Griffith, Leon A. and Griffith, Amelia Herrmann
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Abstract: The John H. Griffith collection contains letters and documents pertaining to Griffith's time as a surgical technician in the United States Army during World War II and to his life in Bologna, Italy, as a Rotary Fellow from 1951-1952. Much of the collection consists of Griffith's wartime correspondence with his parents.
Irving Grinnell collection -- 1858-1864 (bulk 1858-1861) Creator: Grinnell, Irving, 1839-1921
Extent: 79 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Irving Grinnell received during his travels in Europe from 1858-1861 and in 1864. Philip Schuyler, Jr., and M. C. Heckscher ("Tilly") shared news about their social lives in New York City from 1858-1859; Grinnell's mother, Julia Irving Grinnell, wrote about New Yorkers' reactions to the Civil War. The collection also contains material related to the New York Yacht Club.
Daniel Grosvenor letters -- 1819-1848 (bulk 1819-1833) Creator: Grosvenor, Moses G. (Moses Gill), 1796-1879
Extent: 19 items
Abstract: This collection contains 17 letters that former Congregational minister Daniel Grosvenor of Petersham, Massachusetts, wrote to his son, Reverend Moses Gill Grosvenor, and to a relation, Payson Grosvenor, between 1819 and 1833. He provided local news, shared advice, and commented on his religious views. Also included is a descriptive travel letter by "Lansingh" from Darien, Georgia (1838), and a satirical essay by Charles J. Wood entitled "Portrait of an Alarmist" (1848).
Albert F. Gudatt journal -- 1898-1904 (bulk 1898-1902) Creator: Gudatt, Albert F., b. 1875
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This 154-page volume is Albert F. Gudatt's journal of his experiences serving with the United States Army's 2nd Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the Spanish-American War, with the United States Army's 33rd Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Philippines during the Philippine-American War, and with the Manila police between 1901 and 1902. Later entries concern his work with the Market Street Railway in San Francisco, California, between 1902 and 1904.
J. E. Guild journal -- 1843 Creator: Guild, J. E.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This 72-page journal chronicles J. E. Guild's travels from Boston to Washington, D. C.; Baltimore, Maryland; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during February and March 1843. Guild described his daily social activities, which included attending parties, meeting with acquaintances, and interacting with prominent individuals, including United States Supreme Court justices.
McCoy-Guy family correspondence -- 1942-1949 Creator: Guy family
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection contains letters related to the family of Sarah Guy of Negley, Ohio. Guy received around 50 letters from her sons, Fidelis and Gerald McCoy, who served in paratrooper regiments during World War II. Other friends and family members wrote to the McCoy brothers and to the Guy family, particularly after January 1945.
US Frigate Potomac collection -- 1844-1847 (bulk 1844-1845) Creator: Gwinn, John, 1791-1849
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: The US Frigate Potomac collection is made up of a letter book and logbook concerning the ship's service along the Atlantic coast, in the Gulf of Mexico, and in the Caribbean in the mid-1840s. The letter book contains correspondence between Captain John Gwinn and various navy officials from 1844-1847, and the log chronicles daily incidents onboard the Potomac from 1844-1845.