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Earl family letters -- 1853-1896 (bulk 1855-1875) Creator: Earl, Jane Layton
Extent: 28 items
Abstract: The Earl family letters contain correspondence between members and friends of the Earl family in New York, Michigan, and Missouri, written during the latter half of the 19th century.
James B. Green letters -- 1892-1893 Creator: Earley, Cora
Extent: 14 items
Abstract: This collection contains 14 letters and partial letters from James B. Green of Des Moines, Iowa, to Cora Earley, a female friend in Prattsburgh, New York, between July 1892 and April 1893. His casual, flirtatious, and occasionally crude letters include remarks on social news about mutual friends in Prattsburgh, relationships between men and women, and his life in Des Moines.
Amanda Easterday diary -- 1869-1876 (bulk 1869) Creator: Easterday, Amanda C.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This diary chronicles the daily experiences and personal reflections of Amanda C. Easterday, a young woman who lived near Middletown, Maryland, in 1869. Easterday reflected on her loneliness and discussed her activities, which included prayer meetings and apple picking.
Helen Eastman correspondence -- 1943 Creator: Eastman, Helen
Extent: 10 items
Abstract: This collection contains 7 letters that Helen Eastman received in 1943 from Lee Blanchard, Therald Eastman, and H. W. Woodward, as well as 1 undated letter, 1 printed poem, and 1 pencil sketch. The men discussed their service in the United States Army and Navy; Blanchard described his experiences in North Africa and Italy.
Eaton-Shirley family papers -- 1790-1939 (bulk 1850-1906) Creator: Eaton family and Shirley family
Extent: 1,903 items (5 linear feet)
Abstract: The Eaton-Shirley family papers consist of personal diaries, correspondence, military papers, legal and business documents, printed materials, and photographs. A primary figure in the collection, John Eaton, Jr., was Civil War Superintendent of the Freedmen and later Commissioner of Education under Grant. The papers also contains substantial material from other Eaton family members, including military papers and correspondence of his brother, Lucien B. Eaton, and papers of the Shirley family (the family of John Eaton, Jr.’s wife, Alice E. Shirley).
Joseph V. Bacon letters -- 1855 Creator: Eaton family
Extent: 4 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 4 letters that Joseph V. Bacon wrote to his sister Harriet and to his brother-in-law (surname Eaton), concerning disputes over the inheritance of his parents' estate. He composed the letters in Boston in June and July 1855.
Zelona Eaton journal -- 1843-1925 (bulk 1843-1844) Creator: Eaton, Zelona, b. 1797
Extent: 166 pages (1 journal) and 2 letters
Abstract: The Zelona Eaton journal is the diary of a Baptist minister from Troy, Ohio, who was active in the local anti-slavery and temperance movements. The volume is composed of a diary, in which Eaton discussed his ministerial duties and local issues concerning abolition, temperance, fornication, and sodomy (1843-1844); 3 pages of accounts for house-building materials (1843-1844); 9 philosophical essays with an introduction (undated); and 2 letters addressed to Lottie Churchill of Washington, Vermont (1823).
Beatrice and William Ebeling letters -- 1942, 1944-1946 Creator: Ebeling family
Extent: 32 items
Abstract: The Beatrice and William Ebeling letters concern the couple's life in China in the early to mid-1940s. They wrote to William's parents in Kalamazoo, Michigan, about their work for the China Inland Mission, the growth of their children, and current events.
Eckert-Black family collection -- 1792-1866 (bulk 1819-1848) Creator: Eckert family, Black family, and Shippen family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of personal correspondence between members of the Eckert family, Black family, and Shippen family. The letters pertain to family news, marriage, religion, and everyday life in Pennsylvania and Virginia in the early to mid-19th century.
Eckert and Baxter records -- 1814-1816 Creator: Eckert, John Welsh and Baxter, J.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Abstract: A letterbook of John Welsh Eckert and J. Baxter, British merchants who traded cotton, sugar, cocoa, and other items between the Caribbean and Europe during the War of 1812.
John Eckert account book -- 1845-1867 Creator: Eckert, John, 1800-1867
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This account book contains financial notes and receipts related to John Eckert, who lived in Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania, in the early 19th century.
Bernard Eckloff postcards -- 1918-1919 Creator: Eckloff family
Extent: 78 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 77 postcards that Bernard Eckloff wrote to his family in Washington, D.C., while stationed at Camp Lee, Virginia, between September 1918 and March 1919, as well as 1 postcard addressed to George F. Harbin of Washington, D.C. Eckloff discussed his experiences in camp and his visits to nearby Petersburg.
Francis W. Edmonds papers -- 1780-1917 (bulk 1825-1863) Creator: Edmonds, Francis William, 1806-1863
Extent: 189 items (1 linear feet)
Abstract: The Francis Edmonds papers document the art and business world of the early 19th century and the interrelationship between business and the arts. The correspondence reveals both the practical and aesthetic concerns of artists, and the interest of business men in art as a symbol of personal and national "culture."
Edson family papers -- 1886-1894 Creator: Edson family
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Edson family papers are made up of letters that Hanford Wisner Edson and Elmer Rockwood Edson wrote to their parents and sister while attending and teaching at Philips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, and Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, in the late 1880s and early 1890s. The brothers wrote of their coursework, social activities, acquaintances, and finances, and responded to news from home, particularly information about their sister Helen's frail health. Printed programs are also present.
Cozzens House Hotel collection -- 1866-1868 Creator: Edward Cozzens & Company
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of receipts and other financial records pertaining to the Cozzens House Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska, between 1867 and 1868. Three letters relate to an 1868 legal dispute between the hotel's later lessees and the real estate company Credit Foncier of America.
Edwin S. Atwood stable register -- 1910-1912 Creator: Edwin S. Atwood & Co.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This register contains records for Edwin S. Atwood & Co., a stable that rented horses and vehicles to customers around Northeast Harbor, Maine, in the early 20th century.
Eggleston family collection -- 1772-1924 (bulk 1859-1864) Creator: Eggleston family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: The Eggleston family collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other items related to Ambrose Eggleston, Nathaniel Hillyer Eggleston (or Egleston), Melville Eggleston (or Egleston), and Samuel Eggleston. The bulk of the collection is comprised of letters to Ambrose Eggleston from family members, who responded to genealogical inquiries about their family histories.
Everleigh Ehrmann, Jr. letters -- 1943-1944 (bulk 1944) Creator: Ehrmann, Everleigh B., Sr., 1897-1989 and Ehrmann, Mable
Extent: 8 items
Abstract: This collection contains 8 letters that Private Everleigh B. Ehrmann, Jr., wrote to his parents in Lackawanna, New York, while training with the United States Army during World War II. He described army training exercises for diffusing German bombs, preparations for combat in the Pacific theater, his health problems, and other aspects of military life. Four of his letters include illustrations.
Carl F. Eichenlaub papers -- 1944-1955 Creator: Eichenlaub, Carl F., 1914-1992 and Eichenlaub, Rosamonde U. Snook, d. 1991
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection contains letters related to Carl F. Eichenlaub, who served in the Philippine Islands during the Second World War and continued to correspond with acquaintances there until the mid-1950s. The collection includes letters he sent to Rosamonde Snook, his future wife, during his time in the army, as well as letters he received in the decade after the war from Filipino acquaintances, who described local politics, education, and daily life in the postwar era.
Elder family correspondence -- 1880-1899 (bulk 1880-1888) Creator: Elder, William and Elder, Emma
Extent: 76 items
Abstract: This collection contains letters that Robert E. and Elizabeth Elder of Urbana, Illinois, wrote to their children William and Emma in the 1880s. They shared news of friends and family members and discussed livestock and crops.
Sarah B. Davis letters -- 1815 Creator: Eldredge, Eliza
Extent: 3 items
Abstract: This collection contains 3 letters (6 pages) that Sarah Butler Davis wrote to her sister, Eliza Eldredge, while studying under a private female tutor in Norwich, Connecticut, in the fall of 1815. Davis sent her regards to her family, who lived in Providence, Rhode Island, and discussed her life in Connecticut.
William Elgin journal -- 1862-1864 Creator: Elgin, William, b. 1838
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The William Elgin journal is an account by Elgin about his Civil War service, including serving as chaplain for a regiment of African American soldiers.
Christopher Ellery letters -- 1803 Creator: Ellery, Clarissa
Extent: 3 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Senator Christopher Ellery wrote to his wife Clarissa from Washington, D.C., in 1803. Ellery discussed his involvement in political discussions and his love for his absent wife and children.
William Ellery account and letter book -- 1751-1773 Creator: Ellery, William, 1727-1820
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The William Ellery account and letter book contains financial records and correspondence by the signer of the Declaration of Independence, from his time as a merchant and lawyer in Newport, Rhode Island, between 1751 and 1773.
William Ellis collection -- 1808-1810 Creator: Ellis, William
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: This collection contains a notebook and financial records pertaining to William Ellis's journeys from Dedham, Massachusetts, to northern New Hampshire and his purchases from animal trappers in western New York in the early 19th century.
Huyler Ellison collection -- 1944 Creator: Ellison, Huyler
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: This collection pertains to a letter written by United States Navy Lieutenant Huyler B. Ellison in February 1944. Ellison, who was asked to defend his remarks about the United States Army, offered a lengthy explanation of his history with the army and the reasoning behind his controversial comments.
Elwell family papers -- 1872-1911 (bulk 1880-1911) Creator: Elwell family
Extent: 1.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection contains the personal correspondence of Levi Henry Elwell and his family. Elwell was a professor in Amherst, Massachusetts, and many of the letters relate to his children's studies at Vassar College and Amherst College, as well as their everyday lives in Massachusetts and New York.
Ely family correspondence -- 1831-1853 (bulk 1836-1849) Creator: Ely family
Extent: 43 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of personal letters between members of the Ely family of Huntington, Connecticut, written primarily in the late 1830s and 1840s. Louisa M. Ely received letters from her brother David Henry, in Athens, Georgia, and her sister Harriet, who wrote from Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.
Emerson family papers -- 1851-1881 Creator: Emerson, Amelia A. and Emerson, Irving
Extent: 102 items
Abstract: The Emerson family papers contain letters from a Massachusetts family with relatives in Maine, Connecticut, and Wisconsin. Two sons, Horace and Irving Emery, fought for the Union Army. The letters describe life on the home front and the battlefield during the Civil War, labor on the railroads in Wisconsin, and the life of a music teacher in Maine.
Emery family letters -- 1808-1833 Creator: Emery, Margaret T., 1796-1865
Extent: 12 items
Abstract: This collection contains 9 letters that Robert Emery of Salem and Springfield, Massachusetts, wrote to his daughter Margaret from 1808-1833, as well as 1 letter that Robert Emery received from a friend and 2 letters that Margaret Emery received from family members. The letters pertain to Massachusetts social life in the early 19th century.
Worsley Emes papers -- 1769-1780 Creator: Emes, Worsley, d. 1802
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: The Worsley Emes papers contain six items pertaining to his military service with the Royal Regiment of Artillery in the British Army and as an officer in artillery regiments of the Continental Army.
W. T. Ennis letters -- 1942 Creator: Ennis, W. T.
Extent: 3 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Captain W. T. Ennis wrote to "Nell" while serving in the United States Army Transportation Corps during World War II. Ennis discussed military life in Great Britain, his leisure activities, and news of friends in the United States.
John E. Essick journal -- 1861 Creator: Essick, John E.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Essick's diary details his activities with the 4th Pennsylvania Infantry in and around Washington, DC, particularly drills, parades, and the doldrums of camp life and army food.
Alexis St. Martin collection -- 1879 Creator: Etheridge, James Henry, 1844-1899
Extent: 10 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence and newspaper clippings by or related to Alexis St. Martin, a French-Canadian man who underwent medical experimentation and observation after surviving an open stomach wound.
Amos A. Evans collection -- 1812, 1813, 1833 Creator: Evans, Amos Alexander, 1785-1848 and Evans, Alexander, 1818-1888
Extent: 3 volumes
Abstract: The Amos A. Evans collection is comprised of 3 volumes: a "Prescription book of the U.S. Frigate Constitution," also known as "Old Ironsides" (1812); a "Daily Report of Cases in the Marine Barracks at the Navy Yard" at Charlestown, Massachusetts (1813); and a "Reefer's Log" written by Evan's son, Alexander Evans, during a trip from Maryland to Boston in 1833. These volumes provide an overview of the health of seamen aboard an American warship in 1812, along with the medical treatments of the day.
David Evans correspondence -- 1827-1828 Creator: Evans, David Ellicott, 1788-1850
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This bound volume contains 153 incoming letters written to David Ellicott Evans between 1827 and 1828, primarily related to his financial affairs and business concerns. Many of the letters deal with the ownership of land in the state of New York, and others relate to legal affairs and commerce in early 19th-century New York.
Raymond E. Evans correspondence -- 1944-1945 Creator: Evans, Raymond E., 1923-2000
Extent: 1.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection consists of letters Technician Fifth Grade Raymond E. Evans of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, received from his parents while he served with the United States Army's 93rd General Hospital in England between 1944 and 1945. His parents commented on their social lives in Bethlehem and responded to Raymond's letters and to developments in the war.
Joseph Eve diary -- 1916-1919 (bulk 1918-1919) Creator: Eve, Joseph, 1897-1967
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This diary recounts the World War I experiences of Joseph Eve, who served in Battery F of the 101st Field Artillery Regiment during the final months of the war. Eve described his experiences at training sites in the United States, as well as while traveling through France during the months immediately following the war.
Edward Everett manuscript -- 1862 Creator: Everett, Edward, 1794-1865
Extent: 10 pages
Abstract: This is a manuscript of a speech by Edward Everett, a noted orator, at a Boston Irish Society rally to recruit for the Union Army.
Edward Everett, Washington University Inauguration address -- 1857, 1945 Creator: Everett, Edward, 1794-1865
Extent: 3 items
Abstract: This collection contains a manuscript draft and a contemporary printed copy of an address that Edward Everett delivered during the inauguration ceremonies for Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri, in April 1857. Also included is an informational pamphlet for freshmen entering Washington University in 1945, containing information on the university's inauguration, among other subjects.
Eleazer Everett orderly book -- 1780 Creator: Everett, Eleazer, 1761-1828
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Eleazer Everett orderly book contains 66 pages of Revolutionary War orders, kept by an American soldier stationed at West Point, and 42 pages of hand-copied vocal music. The military entries are comprised of general orders, garrison orders, and marching orders, from Generals Richard Howe and George Washington, and include a discussion of Benedict Arnold's treason and the trial and execution of John André.
Chesnut-Ewalt papers -- 1834-1913 (bulk 1862-1913) Creator: Ewalt, Catherine A.
Extent: 11 items
Abstract: The Chesnut-Ewalt papers contain correspondence, documents, and a biographical sketch related to the family of Reverend Thomas Chesnut. The collection includes late 19th century correspondence by Chesnut's wife, Jane, to her children, as well as material documenting the Civil War service of William Ewalt, Chesnut's son-in-law.
Ewing family papers -- 1773-1937 (bulk 1773-1866) Creator: Ewing family
Extent: 4.75 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence, legal documents, financial records, school essays, ephemera, and other materials related to the family and descendants of Maskell Ewing of Radnor, Pennsylvania. The bulk relates to Maskell Ewing and his son, Maskell Cochran Ewing.