Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn papers  1676-1801 (bulk 1764-1800)
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The Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn papers are arranged in a three-level hierarchy that reflects document genre, chronological period, and series maintained from the collection's original order in the Clements Library.

The four main series are:

  • Correspondence
  • Documents
  • Notes and other writings
  • Printed items

The full hierarchy is as follows:

  • Correspondence
    • David Wedderburn correspondence
    • American Revolutionary War era correspondence
      • Boston correspondence
      • Wemyss correspondence
      • Woolwich Ship-wrights correspondence and report
      • George Germain correspondence
    • Anglo-American Relations (1790s) correspondence
      • West Indies correspondence report
      • Rufus King correspondence
      • Thomas Macdonald correspondence
  • Documents
    • Pre-American Revolutionary War era commissions and proclamations
    • Gaspée report and enclosures
    • American Revolutionary War era documents
      • State of Facts and Proceedings Respecting the Black Charibbs of St. Vincent
      • Statutes for Restoring Order in Massachusetts Bay
      • Draft of the Prohibitory Act
      • Draft of a Pardon for Laying Down Arms
      • Acts Proposing Negotiation with the Americans
      • Lists of Captured Ships
  • Notes and Other Writings
    • American Revolutionary War era notes and writings
      • Narrative of the Boston Riots
      • Notes on the Outbreak of the American Rebellion
      • Notes on Potential Peace Negotiations with America
      • Statement on American Loyalists
    • Notes on Claims Made Under the Treaty of Amity (Jay Treaty)
    • Notes on Land Grants in Nova Scotia
  • Printed items