Ephraim George Squier papers  1818-1886 (bulk 1861-1886)
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Additional Descriptive Data

Corporate Name Index

  • American Geographical and Statistical Society of the State of New York
  • Central American Exploring and Mining Company
  • Central American Transit Company
  • Honduran Interoceanic Railway Company
  • The New York and Honduras Company

Personal Name Index

  • Baiz, Jacob
  • Chase, Salmon P., 1808-1873
  • Clark, S. Morton
  • Clarke, Robert
  • Cooke, Jay
  • Davis, Edwin Hamilton, 1811-1888
  • Fish, Hamilton, 1808-1893
  • Gomez, Ignacio
  • Grinnell, Henry, 1799-1874
  • Gutierrez, Carlos
  • Hamilton, A.J.
  • Hunter, William, 1805-1886
  • Johnson, Andrew, 1808-1875
  • Leira, Ponciano
  • Leslie, Francis, 1821-1880
  • Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
  • Medina, Jose Maria, 1826-1878
  • Molina, Luis
  • Seward, William H., 1801-1872
  • Shinn, Earl, 1838-1886
  • Sigley, John N.
  • Squier, Catherine Kilmer, 1797-1833
  • Squier, Charles
  • Squier, Ethan, b.c. 1779
  • Squier, Ephraim George, 1821-1888
  • Squier, Francis, b.c. 1840
  • Squier, Joel, 1798-1891
  • Squier, Miriam Florence Follin, 1828-1914
  • Stebbins, H.G.
  • Stevens, Henry, 1819-1886
  • Stout, Francis
  • Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874
  • Tallmadge, H.F.
  • Viada, Eduardo
  • Voebel, Charles
  • Waldeck, Jean-Frederick Maximilien de, b.c. 1766-1875
Alternate Locations

Photograph of "Hacienda of 'Coltos' 12,314 ft above sea," (C.6.10.1) Ephraim George Squier Papers, Graphics Division.

Manilla (8 x 11) Envelope from the "Maya Society Quarterly" (P.2153.1), Graphics Division.

4 copies of a printed notice issued by Squier as Consul General of Honduras (P. 2153.2), Graphics Division.

Envelope (3 13/16 x 8 5/16) addressed to the president of the Republic of Honduras (P. 2153.3), Graphics Division.

4 Pencil sketches of Central American villages (P. 2153.4), Graphics Division.

Pencil sketch of an "Indian Woman, Lousinate (?), San Salvador" drawn on the back of an invitation sent by "Mr. and Mrs. E. George Squier" (P. 2153.5), Graphics Division.

Watercolor of "Our Dormitory Uchusuma" (P. 2153.6), Graphics Division.

Watercolor of village and boats (P. 2153.7), Graphics Division.

Wash drawing of "Sacks on backs -- Water Carriers -- Lake Mataya" (p. 2153.8), Graphics Division.

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