Lord Frederick North Army strength reports  1770-1778
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Collection Scope and Content Note

The Lord Frederick North Army strength reports (58 volumes) are a series of confidential records from the library of Frederick North, British prime minister during the American Revolution, which contain returns of British forces from 1772 to 1782. These volumes contain records on the number of British troops and officers worldwide, including the number of troops raised in England for service in America.

Each volume includes tallies of forces of the following types and locations:

  • Cavalry in South Britain
  • Infantry in South Britain
  • Regiments & Independent Companies of Invalids
  • Forces in North Britain
  • Forces at Jersey
  • Forces at Guernsey
  • Forces on the Isle of Man
  • Forces in Africa
  • Forces at Gibraltar
  • Forces at Minorca
  • Forces in the West Indies
  • Forces in North America
  • Militia
  • Additional Companies Raising for the Infantry Serving Abroad
  • Abstract (total forces)

In addition to these standard troop counts are the following special troop reports:

  • 1770 May-September: Regiments in Ireland
  • 1773 December-1774 March: Under order from Grenada
  • 1780 September-November: On the passage for the East Indies
  • 1782 March: Embarked for service on the expedition with General Meadows

The volumes contain troop count information by regiment and provide details on the following categories of personnel:

  • Officers:
    • Commission & Warrant
    • Non-commission
  • Rank and File:
    • Fit for Duty
    • Sick
  • Total Officers and Men:
    • Wanting to Complete
    • Contingent Men
    • Establishment
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