William Petty, 1st Marquis of Lansdowne, 2nd Earl of Shelburne papers  1665-1885
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This collection is organized into six series:

  • Series I: European and Mediterranean Politics
  • Series II: Colonial Affairs and the 1783 Treaty of Paris
  • Series III: East Indian Affairs
  • Series IV: British Government
    • Subseries I: Parliament, Customs Revenue, Trade, Imports, and Exports
    • Subseries II: British Army, Navy, and Military Administration
    • Subseries III: Ireland ( not at the Clements, see scope note )
    • Subseries IV: Cabinet and Treasury Minutes
    • Subseries V: Appeals and Minutes of the House of Lords, 1767-1788
  • Series V: Personal Correspondence
    • Subseries: I: Shelburne Family letters
    • Subseries II: Lansdowne-Bowles letters
  • Series VI: Lacaita-Shelburne letters

The bulk of the collection is comprised of bound letters and reports. The first four series are based on a report created by the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts (see references for more details). The Clements Library created the fifth and sixth series, neither of which is mentioned in the Royal Commission report.