Thomas Amory collection 1709-1730
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Box   41, Schoff Civil War Collection  
Edwin F. and William H. Strong collection [series]
  1846 May 1 . James Strong and Marcia A. Strong AMs to W. Poultney. (1 page)
Brief proverbs about endurance of friendships.
  1862 January 6 . Edd[win] F. Strong ALS to [William H. Strong]; Camp Burnside, Annapolis, Maryland. (3 pages)
Wishes that he and Will were in the same regiment. Anticipation of boarding transport boats. The Union fleet "looks splendid…I tell you when these big guns get there eys on a Sesech they are going to spoil him." Asks Will to try to "cheer up" Louisa.
  [1862] August 17 . Edwin F. Strong ALS to Will[iam H. Strong]; Fredericksburg, Virginia. (4 pages)
Hopes that he and Will will survive the war and meet again. Burnside's division expects and is ready for an anticipated Confederate attack. Union soldiers' support for and admiration of General Burnside. News of family and acquaintances at home. Advises Will to be careful about his health and to try to be discharged if he falls ill.
  1863 October 22 . Jennie G. AMs to [Louisa] Strong. (3 pages)
Poem entitled "Kingdom Coming," written in African-American dialect. A southern slave describes his master fleeing the plantation.
  1864 March 20 . Edwin F. Strong ALS to William [H. Strong]; New Haven, [Connecticut]. (2 pages)
Has recently moved to New Haven. Desires a visit from Will. Attendance at a theatrical production of Uncle Tom's Cabin with Louisa.
  1866 April 10 . Ed[win F. Strong] ALS to [William H. Strong]; New Haven, [Connecticut]. (3 pages)
Louisa's recent ill health and Charlie's growth. Desire for Will to find employment in the summer. High prices necessitate employment. Election of Governor [Joseph R.] Hawley and local politics.
  1866 January 12 . C. E. Piper ALS to Bro. [William H.?] Strong; Boston. (6 pages)
Religious work and meetings in New England. List of reasons why religion is a source of joy.