Joe Emerson letters  1884-1885
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George Steers was a naval architect and yacht designer who inherited much of his ability from his father, Henry Steer, a successful British shipbuilder and leading naval constructors of his time. Henry Steer emigrated to the United States from Devonshire in 1819 and added a final "s" to the family name. George, the third son of thirteen children was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in his father’s shipyard at the foot of East Tenth Street, New York City.

Throughout his career, George built a number of notable vessels, including the steamship Adriatic for the Collins line, and the warship Niagara , which was used to lay the first transatlantic cable. He also became well known as a builder of pleasure craft; the most famous of which was the America .

George died at the age of 36. His death notice in the newspaper Brooklyn Eagle (September 26, 1856) stated: "We learn that, while riding on the Long Island Plank Road, yesterday afternoon, his horse took fright and ran away, throwing Mr. Steers to the ground. He was so severely injured by the fall that he died last night about 10."