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Summary Information
Title: Joseph Dwight collection
Creator: Dwight, Joseph, 1702-1765
Inclusive dates: 1734-1762
Bulk dates: 1746-1748
Extent: 127 items (0.75 linear feet)
The Joseph Dwight collection is comprised of letters and documents written by or related to Joseph Dwight, a Massachusetts lawyer who was a brigadier general during King George's War.
Language: The material is in English
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The collection is arranged chronologically.


Joseph Dwight was born in 1702, in Hatfield, Massachusetts, the son of Henry Dwight and Lydia Hawley. He graduated from Harvard in 1722 and worked as a merchant until 1731, at which point he began pursuing a career in law. After his admission to the Massachusetts Bar Association in 1733, he moved to Brookfield, Massachusetts. The Worcester County Common Court of Pleas appointed him a judge in 1739, and he went on to become an eleven-times member of the Massachusetts Colonial Council from 1731-1751. Upon the outbreak of King George's War (1744-1748), Dwight, then a colonel, took command of a group of local Massachusetts militiamen. He rose to the rank of brigadier general (1745) commanding the Massachusetts Artillery, making him second in general command of all forces on a proposed Canadian Expedition.

He led his troops to the western frontier in preparation for a British push into Canada that was supposed to end French incursions on British territory. Dwight was present at the Siege of Louisbourg, arguably the largest military engagement and Britain's greatest victory during King George's War. General William Pepperrell applauded him for his bravery and comportment during the taking of the French fort. The 1748 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle officially ended the war in North America. After the conclusion of the war, Dwight served as speaker for the Massachusetts Colonial Council (1748-1749). During the French and Indian War, he commanded a brigade of militia at Lake Champlain in 1756, and served as chief judge of Berkshire County upon its formation in 1761. He died at Great Barrington, Massachusetts, on June 9, 1765.

In 1726, Dwight married Mary Pynchon, with whom he had nine children: Mary (1727-1734), Dorathy (b. 1729), Lydia (b. 1732), Henry (1733-1756), Mary (b. 1736), Bathsheba (1738-1761), Elijah (b. 1740), Moses (1742-1764), and Joseph (b. 1745). After Mary’s death in 1751, he married Abigail Sergeant, daughter of Colonel Ephraim Williams, in 1752. Dwight and Abigail had two children: Pamelia (b. 1753) and Henry (b. 1757).

Collection Scope and Content Note

Collection Scope and Content Note:

The Joseph Dwight collection (1735-1762; bulk 1746-1748) contains 127 letters and documents written by or related to Joseph Dwight, covering much of Dwight's military involvement in King George's War, as well as his legal duties as a judge in Massachusetts. Despite extensive accounts of other theaters of the war, the collection contains no items sent during the Siege of Louisbourg, although one undated letter draft from Dwight, intended for William Pepperrell, mentions a meeting between Dwight and Pepperrell at a camp outside of Louisbourg.

The majority of the collection pertains to King George's War, and the wartime experience of Dwight's commanding officers and their troops. In a letter dated March 8, 1746, Aaron Cleveland wrote, "While Capt Brintnall was last at Boston our Company was Still and quiet, Expecting the Capt Every day with their money, but not Receiving to their Satisfaction upon his Return, they are all indeed, up in arms." This letter illustrates the pervasive themes of unease and unhappiness about provisions and pay for soldiers, who repeatedly complained about not receiving their money in a timely fashion, and about the lack of food, ammunition, blankets, and clothing. Another letter to Joseph Dwight, written by Ephraim Williams while he was at Stockbridge, Massachusetts, elucidates the current mental and physical state of the soldiers: "Our Soldiers patience is almost spent for want of their Blankets" (November 24, 1746). He claimed that his men "almost suffer beyond what can be reasonably desired in performing their duty." One letter from the Massachusetts Bay Sheriff's office describes the mutiny of soldiers under William Williams' command; Isaac Goodall, Thomas Goodall, Joshua How, and John Shields refused to obey Williams' commands to march, at which point Williams had them arrested and sent to jail (May 9, 1747).

Native American involvement in King George's War is documented in several letters. On November 24, 1746, Ephraim Williams wrote to Joseph Dwight, recounting a story about a group of "Mohawks" returning from Canada with eight French captives and four scalps. In another letter written to Dwight, William Williams mentioned that Lieutenant Richard John is "going a scalping" and that "6. 10th of the Cannada men of your Honored Regiment had rather go a scalping than perform any of the duty assigned them by any order now extant." Samuel Pettebone (August 12, 1747) referred to the ambush of one of his sergeants by Native Americans at a place three quarters of a mile outside of the fort at Number 4 Township. Pettebone provided an action-filled account of his man fighting off and wounding numerous hostile Indians, while making his way back to the safety of the fort. Furthermore, in a copy of a letter to Colonel John Stoddard written on June 17, 1747, John Lydius recalled an encounter between a group of British-sympathizing Native American scouts and enemy troops numbering so many that their canoes "appeared as an Island in the Lake." After seeing the enemy, the scouts returned to the British and apprised them of the situation.

A humorous letter from Nathaniel Kellogg includes a description of soldiers at Fort Massachusetts finding a lost dog. After sending out scouts in an attempt to find whence the dog came, the soldiers decided that it had belonged to two Native American scouts working with the advancing French Army. They fed the dog, attached a collar around its neck, and fastened a note addressed to the "General of the supposed advancing French Army" to the collar, before sending it back into the wilderness. However, more serious issues pervaded this humorous note; Kellogg wrote in the postscript that most of the men who came to Fort Massachusetts with Lieutenant King were resolved "to leave this fort the next Ensuing week and run the risk of being deemed deserters unless they shall be relieved" (August 14, 1747). In later letters, Dwight's officers expressed concern about their ability to feed and clothe their men adequately. According to a letter from Hezekiah Ward on August 17, 1747, three men traveled to see Dwight about overdue back pay. Ward wrote, "Their is a general uneasiness among the men, since the news of their having no province pay…and now after all to have no more than those that have kept at home seems very much to Damp their Spirits."

Also of note are Joseph Dwight's journal entries dating from June 21 to July 8, 1747 (2 pages). Many of these entries are short and succinct summaries of his military actions during these days, but they provide a picture of the daily decisions he had to make while out on patrol. The collection contains five oversize items, including separate payrolls for Dwight's company and Captain Thomas Cheney's company, as well as accounts of enlisted men in Dwight's regiment.

Ephraim Williams, the captain in charge of Fort Massachusetts, was a particularly forthright correspondent, and an important figure in New England history. Before his death in 1755, Williams left strict instructions for the founding of a school on his estate upon the event of his death; this school would later become Williams College. Another contributor of note is William Shirley, Governor of Massachusetts Bay, and a participant in the Siege of Louisbourg.

Subject Terms

    • Boston (Mass.)--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
    • Great Britain. Army--Colonial forces.
    • Great Britain--Colonies--America.
    • Indians of North America--Warfare.
    • Law--United States--History.
    • Massachusetts--Militia.
    • Mohawk Indians.
    • Scalping.
    • United States--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
    • United States--History--King George's War, 1744-1748.
    • United States--History, Military.
    • Alexander, Ebenezer.
    • Alexander, Elias.
    • Blackman, Ephraim.
    • Bradstreet, Dudley.
    • Brintnall, William.
    • Chandler, John.
    • Cheney, Thomas.
    • Cleveland, Aaron.
    • Cobbet Jr., John.
    • Doolittle, Benjamin, 1695-1749.
    • Doolittle, Lydia.
    • Dwight, Edmund.
    • Dwight, Jonathan.
    • Dwight, Joseph, 1702-1765.
    • Dwight, Josiah.
    • Gilbert, Thomas.
    • Goodnow, Peter.
    • Graham, John.
    • Harman, Thomas.
    • Hayward, Ephraim.
    • Hunt, John Thomas.
    • Hunt, Samuel.
    • Hurlbutt, John.
    • Kellogg, Nathaniel.
    • Kendall, Samuel.
    • Kent, Samuel.
    • King, David.
    • Lawton, Christopher Jacob.
    • Leffingwell, John.
    • Little, J.
    • Lothrop, Nathaniel.
    • Love, John.
    • Lydius, John.
    • Manning, Edward.
    • Melvin, Eleazer.
    • Minot, James.
    • Pettebone, Samuel.
    • Pomroy, Seth.
    • Porter, Eleazar.
    • Pynchon, William.
    • Quincy, Edmund.
    • Rice, Nathan.
    • Richardson, Joseph.
    • Scutt, James.
    • Sergeant, John.
    • Shirley, William, 1694-1771.
    • Stevens, Joseph.
    • Stevens, Phineas, d. 1756.
    • Stoddard, John.
    • Vanderspiegel, William.
    • Ward, Hezekiah.
    • Warner, Oliver.
    • Wheelwright, John.
    • Willard, Josiah.
    • Williams, Elijah.
    • Williams, Ephraim, 1715-1755.
    • Williams, Israel.
    • Williams, Stephen.
    • Williams, William.
    • Winslow, Edward.
    Genre Terms:
    • Accounts.
    • Legal Orders.
    • Letters (correspondence)
    • Muster Rolls.
    • Payrolls.
    • Receipts
    Contents List
    Container / Location Title
    Box   1  
    Correspondence and Documents [series]
    Folder   1  
      1734 January 4 . [Joseph Dwight?] ADS to Obadiah Wright; Brookfield, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Arrest warrant for slander signed by Joseph Dwight, issued to Obadiah Wright, the Sheriff of Worcester County and against James Orms.
    Folder   2  
      1736 May 12 . Christopher Jacob Lawton ALS to Joseph Dwight; Leicester, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Outline of legal action Lawton is taking against Colonel Pynchon.
    Folder   3  
      1737 January 26 . Christopher Jacob Lawton ALS to Joseph Dwight; Leicester, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Updates Dwight about his legal actions.
    Folder   4  
      1737 August 29 . Christopher Jacob Lawton ALS to Joseph Dwight; Leicester, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes information about Lawton's legal actions.
    Folder   5  
      1737 November 24 . Thomas Harman ALS to Joseph Dwight; Worcester, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This short note includes a short request for legal summons for various people.
    Folder   6  
      1738 June 26 . Ephraim Haywood ALS to Joseph Dwight; Highlands, New York. (2 pages)
    Concerns debt that Hayward owes to Dwight.
    Folder   7  
      1739 February 28 . [Edward Winslow?] DS to Joseph Dwight, Oliver Partridge, William Pynchon, Jr., [Samuel Marshfield?]; Boston, Massachusetts. (1 page)
    Grants official power of attorney to Joseph Dwight, et al.
    Folder   8  
      1739 July 29 . Peter Goodnow ALS to Joseph Dwight; Sudbury, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Concerns the payment options for Goodnow's debt.
    Folder   9  
      1740 May 8 . Joseph Dwight ADS; Great Barrington, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This one page transcript of the proceedings of the proprietors of Muddy Brook lays out certain land allotments.
    Folder   10  
      1740 August 15 . Court of Hampshire County DS; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This legal document allots recently deceased Henry Dwight's land amongst his heirs.
    Folder   11  
      1740 November 25 . Joseph Dwight DS; Brookfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This document contains the official execution of the case between Nahum Ward and Daniel Gookin, and is signed by Dwight, acting as a justice of the peace.
    Folder   12  
      1741 September 10 . Ephraim Hayward ALS to Joseph Dwight; Peekskill, [New York]. (1 page)
    This letter to Dwight concerns the payment of Hayward's outstanding debt.
    Folder   13  
      1742 May 27 . Josiah Willard ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes an official announcement of Dwights naming to the governor's council of Massachusetts.
    Folder   14  
      1742 September 6 . William Pynchon ALS to Joseph Dwight; Springfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    William Pynchon, Dwight's brother-in-law, writes about the possible sale of items from his late father's estate.
    Folder   15  
      1743 July 2 . Joseph Dwight ALS to Lydia Dwight; Brookfield, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    In this letter to his mother, Dwight offers condolences for an unnamed loss.
    Folder   16  
      1743 August 6 . Ephraim Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Williams asks Dwight to please bring bonds to court in person.
    Folder   17  
      1743 October 9 . Edmund Dwight ALS to Joseph Dwight; Hatfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Edmund Dwight states that he will pay back his debt soon.
    Folder   18  
      1744 March 27 . Joseph Dwight ALS to Josiah Dwight; S.L. (1 page)
    Concerns debts that Joseph Dwight owed and that he wanted his brother to look at to reconcile charges with actual amount due.
    Folder   19  
      1744 May 17 . Ephraim Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Springfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Concerns Ephraim Williams' bonds, and their future payment.
    Folder   20  
      1746 . Document; s.l. (3 pages)
    Muster Roll for the Second Company under Colonel Joseph Dwight's Regiment.
    Folder   21  
      1746 . Document; s.l. (1 page)
    This document includes a partial list of Colonel Joseph Dwight's company.
    Folder   22  
      1746 . [Eleazer Melvin?] ADS; s.l. (2 pages)
    Muster Roll for milita men enlisted for the Canadian Expedition.
    Folder   23  
      1746 February 11 . John Chandler ALS to Joseph Dwight; Worcester, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    This letter contains a recommendation for John Chandler's son and nephew to serve as soldiers in Dwight's company.
    Folder   24  
      1746 February 15 . Ephraim Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Includes commentary about dealing with the Native Americans working in tandem with Williams.
    Folder   25  
      1746 March 8 . Aaron Cleveland ALS to Joseph Dwight; [Springfield, Massachusetts?]. (1 page)
    Describes general unrest in Cleveland's company about the lack of payment for their services up to this point.
    Folder   26  
      1746 July 14 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Hadley, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes information about the regiment's organization.
    Folder   27  
      1746 August 8 . Hezekiah Ward ALS to Joseph Stevens; Southborough, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This letter originally accompanied the enlistment papers of all men under Ward.
    Folder   28  
      [1746 August 25] . John Leffingwell ALS to Joseph Dwight; s.l. (1 page)
    Leffingwell asks Dwight to care for his slave, which he enlisted on August 25, 1746.
    Folder   29  
      1746 September 24 . Elijah Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes a brief account of the number of men in Williams' company furnished with clothes, guns, and blankets.
    Folder   30  
      1746 October 7 . Samuel Kent ALS to Joseph Dwight; Springfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Informing Dwight that has arrived in Springfield with men from Connecticut.
    Folder   31  
      1746 October 13 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; s.l. (1 page)
    Nominates Elisha Hawley for adjutancy.
    Folder   32  
      1746 October 17 . William Brintnall ALS to Joseph Dwight; Springfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Contains discussion on the past-due payment of some of Brintnall's men.
    Folder   33  
      1746 October 23 . Samuel Kent ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This letter from Samuel Kent informs Dwight that the French fleet has set sail for Annapolis.
    Folder   34  
      1746 October 27 . John Sergeant ALS to Joseph Dwight; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Reverend John Sergeant informs Dwight that he will be the chaplain traveling with the regiment.
    Folder   35  
      1746 November 12 . John Hurlbutt ALS to [Joseph Dwight]; Hadley, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes an account of his soldiers complaining that they are sick of waiting and are ready to undertake the expedition to Canada.
    Folder   36  
      1746 November 22 . Elijah Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Expresses concern over the current plan to discharge standing forces and dismantle forts.
    Folder   37  
      1746 November 24 . Ephraim Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes more information about soldiers' displeasure due to lack of supplies. Also contains an account of a group of Mohawks' return from Canada.
    Folder   38  
      1746 December 9 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Hatfield, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Wishes for more supplies for his men.
    Folder   39  
      1746 December 24 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Hatfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This letter accompanied a muster roll being sent to Dwight.
    Folder   40  
      1747 . [Elijah Williams] ADS; s.l. (1 page)
    Includes a partial list of the troops under Williams' command.
    Folder   41  
      1747 January 19 . [John Stoddard] AL to [Joseph Dwight]; s.l. (2 pages)
    Includes a statement of concern that some officers in Dwight's regiment are collecting pay based off of fake enlistment numbers.
    Folder   42  
      1747 February 2 . Elijah Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; s.l. (1 page)
    Includes a letter in which Williams expresses concern for the state of his soldiers, claiming that they are impatient because they have not yet been paid.
    Folder   43  
      1747 February 10 . William Shirley ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Discusses a rumor that states officers must give part of their pay to the Governor, and Shirley hopes that Dwight can end this rumor.
    Folder   44  
      1747 February 21 . Document; Springfield, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Is a list of men from Captain Thomas Cheney's company that have blankets, cartridge boxes, flash, and snapsacks.
    Folder   45  
      1747 February 22 . Document; Westfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes a list of clothing delivered to Cheney's men for the Canadian expidition.
    Folder   46  
      1747 March 2 . Ephraim Hayward ALS to Joseph Dwight; Brookfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    In this letter, Hayward asks Dwight to sell the rights to his unpaid wages at a discount so that he May receive his money as soon as possible.
    Folder   47  
      1747 March 30 . Joseph Stevens ALS to Joseph Dwight; Rutland, [Vermont?]. (1 page)
    Stevens asks about how his son has served under Dwight.
    Folder   48  
      1747 April . Document; s.l. (1 page)
    Contains a summary list of militia men returning to Massachusetts.
    Folder   49  
      1747 April 10 . Samuel Kendall ALS to Joseph Dwight; New Salem, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Kendall asks Dwight for an additional 20 men to garrison in New Salem, as he and his people feel constantly under threat of French attack.
    Folder   50  
      1747 April 14 . Seth Pomroy ALS to Joseph Dwight; Northampton, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Pomroy inquires about a few of Dwight's troops and their orders for the future.
    Folder   51  
      1747 April 18 . James Minot ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Relays an order to travel to Northfield and construct block houses within the line from Northfield to Townsend.
    Folder   52  
      1747 April 25 . David King ALS; Springfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    King requests money for the payment of his troops.
    Folder   53  
      1747 May 1 . Joseph Richardson ALS; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    There are men available for service in Deerfield, and asks for information about the Court's war decisions.
    Folder   54  
      1747 May 2 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Hatfield, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Includes information on the men in Dwight's regiment; "I am morally certain the 6 10th of the Cannada men of your Honble Regt. had rather go a scalping than perform any of the duty assigned them."
    Folder   55  
      1747 May 4 . Samuel Hunt ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Dummer, [Vermont]. (1 page)
    Requests men that can act as "pilots" and informs Dwight that the men have heard the enemy moving about the fort, but have not seen any troops.
    Folder   56  
      1747 May 9 . Province of the Massachusetts Bay DS to Sheriff of Hampshire County; Northampton, Massachusetts. (2 pages)
    Contains an arrest warrant for four soldiers accused of mutiny in Colonel William Williams' regiment. Signed by John Stoddard.
    Folder   57  
      1747 June 21-1747 July 8 . [Joseph Dwight] AD; s.l. (2 pages)
    Joseph Dwight journal entries that show his day-to-day activities and decisions while out in the field.
    Folder   58  
      1747 June 9 . Nathan Rice ADS to Mary Dwight; Brookfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Receipt for four pounds of ball.
    Folder   59  
      1747 June 17 . John Lydius Cy to John Stoddard; Albany, [New York]. (2 pages)
    Copy of a letter from Lydius to Stoddard that includes a report from several Native Americans working with the British. Provides a summary of the enemy's troops at Crown Point.
    Folder   60  
      1747 June 18 . Hezekiah Ward ALS to Joseph Dwight; [Nichoowagg?]. (1 page)
    Informs Dwight that soldiers are demanding pay for their services.
    Folder   61  
      1747 June 23 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Outlines scouting actions, and informs Dwight that there is "no news yet from France."
    Folder   62  
      1747 June 24 . Ephraim Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Massachusetts, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Asks Dwight to send men to Crown Point in the event of the Canadian Expedition's failure in order to dissauge the enemy troops stationed there.
    Folder   63  
      1747 June 26 . E. Hutchinson ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes a request for a muster roll of all the troops for the Canadian expedition.
    Folder   64  
      1747 June 29 . Ephraim Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Massachusetts, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Informs Dwight that the men at Stockbridge are uneasy and Williams cannot do them justice.
    Folder   65  
      1747 July 1 . Eleazer Melvin ALS; Northfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Melvin and Lieutenant Burt can provide thirty men and asks for orders.
    Folder   66  
      1747 July 2 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Beseeches Dwight and "the patriots of our Country that something in the offensive May be put in Execution."
    Folder   67  
      1747 July 4 . Ephraim Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Massachusetts, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Discusses the state of Pettebone's men, claiming that they are nearly naked and "quite lousy."
    Folder   68  
      1747 July 5 . Elijah Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Williams claims that men are beginning to consider desertion because they have not received pay, and they do not have the necessary provisions to survive.
    Folder   69  
      1747 July 6 . Elijah Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Williams has ordered the arrest of two men who refused to go on a scouting expedition to Hoosick.
    Folder   70  
      1747 July 7 . John Wheelwright ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Wheelwright informs Dwight that he supplied money to Colonely Josiah Willard with money for Fort Number 4.
    Folder   71  
      1747 July 8 . Ephraim Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Massachusetts, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Complains about his fellow officers, and disparages their inaction upon learning that enemy forces approach.
    Folder   72  
      1747 July 9 . Israel Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Hatfield, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Williams informs Dwight that the men cannot move without money or provisions.
    Folder   73  
      1747 July 11 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
    Explains why his men find the new pay proposal insufficient, and continues into a lengthy description of a corpse that Williams' men found in a nearby river.
    Folder   74  
      1747 July 12 . Ephraim Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Massachusetts, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Includes confirmation of an attack on a settlement 80 miles north of Albany. Williams also urges Dwight to order a counter-attack on the French troops.
    Folder   75  
      1747 July 27 . John Chandler ALS to Joseph Dwight; s.l. (1 page)
    Contains a short note from Chandler pertaining the use of his men.
    Folder   76  
      1747 July 29 . Eleazer Melvin ALS to Joseph Dwight; Northfield, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    This letter describes Melvin's March to Fort Number 4, and states that his men are "uneasy by reason of being almost naked and barefoot."
    Folder   77  
      1747 July 31 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    Informs Dwight that Fort Number 4 is almost completely out of food, and that enemies are frequently moving around the Fort.
    Folder   78  
      1747 August 4 . Thomas Cheney ALS to Joseph Dwight; Northfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Cheney's men lack clothing, and would like time off to visit their families, but they are generally peaceable. Cheney has not seen his family for four months.
    Folder   79  
      1747 August 10 . Nathaniel Lothrop ALS; Fort No. 4, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes information that the provisions are almost completely gone and that the men were about to desert, but Lothrop convinced them to stay for one more week. Also includes a description of one soldier's skirmish with two Native Americans outside of the fort.
    Folder   80  
      1747 August 12 . David King ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Massachusetts, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Concerns troop movements around Fort Massachusetts.
    Folder   81  
      1747 August 12 . Samuel Pettebone ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Dummer, [Vermont]. (1 page)
    Provides greater detail of the man that escaped ambush by Native American's originally mentioned in Lothrop's August 10 account.
    Folder   82  
      1747 August 14 . Nathaniel Kellogg ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Massachusetts, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Describes an incident in which a dog wanders into the fort, and the men decided that the dog belonged to French troops. They released the dog with a humorous note attached to its collar.
    Folder   83  
      1747 August 17 . Oliver Warner ALS to Joseph Dwight; [Dequiage?]. (1 page)
    Warner asks Dwight to give two soldiers leave to see their families.
    Folder   84  
      1747 August 17 . Hezekiah Ward ALS to Joseph Dwight; [Nichoowagg?]. (1 page)
    Soldiers requesting leave in Oliver Warner's letter from August 17 will travel with Ward to speak with Dwight. Also, Ward worries about the state of supplies, claiming that his troops' ammunition is almost completely spent.
    Folder   85  
      1747 August 20 . Elijah Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Addresses the killing of an unidentified animal near Green River, apologizes for any possible misdeed he May have committed, and asks for troops to help a small settlement who are afraid to stay at home.
    Folder   86  
      1747 August 25 . Phineas Stevens ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Discusses the current state of garrisoned soldiers, and informs Dwight that their morale is low because they receive the same amount of pay as militia men.
    Folder   87  
      1747 August 27 . Elias Alexander, Ebenezer Alexander Cy to Joseph Dwight; Northfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Contains contemporary copies of letters describing the killing of two oxen and an exchange of gunfire with enemy Native Americans.
    Folder   88  
      1747 November 10 . David King ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This memorandum informs Dwight that there are several articles of clothing ready at King's house in Westfield.
    Folder   89  
      1747 December 25 . William Shirley ALS to Joseph Dwight; s.l. (1 page)
    Requests to see the draft of a bond for soldier's pay.
    Box   2 Folder   1
      1748 January 2 . Edmund Dwight ALS to Joseph Dwight; Louisbourg, [Nova Scotia]. (2 pages)
    Includes a hope that Edmund Dwight's unit at Louisbourg will soon leave on a fleet expected to arrive in early spring.
    Folder   2  
      1748 January 11 . Stephen Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Longmeadow, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Cocerns financial interests that Dwight handles for Williams; "I have good Assurance you have taken proper care of my interests."
    Folder   3  
      1748 January 25 . William Williams ALS to Joseph Dwight; Deerfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Williams expresses concern over Dwight's health, and then asks for what more information Dwight needs from him in order to secure payment for troops under Williams' command.
    Folder   4  
      1748 January 27 . Benjamin Doolittle ALS to Joseph Dwight; s.l. (1 page)
    Involves pay for Doolittle, who must pay out a large sum of money in a short amount of time.
    Folder   5  
      1748 February 12 . Ephraim Blackman ALS to Joseph Dwight; Marlborough, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Blackman, an injured veteran of the Canadian campaign, asks Dwight for charity. Blackman lost both of his feet to frostbite during a scouting trip.
    Folder   6  
      1748 February 22 . Joseph Dwight ADfS to William Shirley; Brookfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This draft of a letter to Shirley mentions that two unnamed Captains under Dwight's command have yet to pay their companies.
    Folder   7  
      1748 May 23 . Seth Pomroy ALS to Joseph Dwight; Northampton, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    List of soldiers and the payments they received.
    Folder   8  
      1748 May 30 . William Vanderspiegel ALS to Joseph Dwight; Philadelphia, [Pennsylvania]. (1 page)
    This letter discusses unpaid private bills owed to Dwight, and that Vanderspiegel does not believe he will be able to raise the money he owes in a short amount of time.
    Folder   9  
      1748 August 7 . John Chandler ALS; s.l. (1 page)
    Chandler did not receive a letter until four days after he wrote it, and therefore has only been able to raise thirty-four volunteers in response to a recent alarm.
    Folder   10  
      1748 August 10 . John Chandler ALS to Joseph Dwight; Worcester, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Chandler informs Dwight that he has sent recruits, and directs him that his men "expect to be treated with punctuality not to be obliged to tarry more than Twelve days from their arrivall at Northfield."
    Folder   11  
      1748 August 10 . Eleazar Porter, Israel Williams ALS to Captains and Chief Commanders of the Hampshire County Militia; Hatfield, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
    This letter includes a description of the enemies along the Western frontier, and requests action from the Hampshire County Milita. They write that the enemy has "for a long time…taken up their residence amongst us, without any thing effectual being done by our Government to repell and drive them away."
    Folder   12  
      1748 August 11 . [Seth Pomroy] ADS; Northampton, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    List of volunteers under Dwight's command.
    Folder   13  
      1748 September 9 . Edmund Quincy ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Relays information about the state of the treasury and movement of funds.
    Folder   14  
      1748 September 13 . Green and Walker ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Regards a personal shipment awaiting Dwight's pickup.
    Folder   15  
      1748 November 24 . William Brintnall ALS to Joseph Dwight; Middletown, [Connecticut?]. (1 page)
    Brintnall has sent a man to Dwight to pick up as much money as Dwight can give him to pay for the soldiers under his command.
    Folder   16  
      1749 January 15 . J. Little ALS to William Speaker; s.l. (1 page)
    Concerns upholding and adhering to the Bills of other governments.
    Folder   17  
      1749 February 23 . William Brintnall ALS to Joseph Dwight; Middletown, [Connecticut?]. (1 page)
    Brintnall is not happy in the settlement of his payments; "I am not satisfied with the settlement of our affairs and I certainly know that I have not Justice done me in several articles."
    Folder   18  
      1749 April 5 . Dudley Bradstreet ALS to William Shirley; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Bradstreet, a soldier under Dwight for the intended Canadian expedition, requests back pay from Shirley for the costs of having to spend his own money in order to subsist while enlisted under Dwight.
    Folder   19  
      1749 August 15 . John Chandler ALS to Joseph Dwight; Worcester, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Informs Dwight that neither Chandler's son nor his wife can fill in for him, and therefore, he "can't go if [he] had an opportunity."
    Folder   20  
      1749 September 5 . Edward Manning ALS to Joseph Dwight; Cambridge, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Discusses the payment for chairs for Dwight.
    Folder   21  
      1749 September 10 . Lydia Doolittle ALS to Joseph Dwight; Northfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Doolittle seeks back pay for her husband, who worked as a surgeon for Dwight's regiment.
    Folder   22  
      1749 September 20 . John Gorham ALS; Hallifax, [Massachusetts]. (4 pages)
    Contains a lengthy description of peace treaty negotiations with Native Americans along the Western frontier.
    Folder   23  
      1749 September 23 . Jonathan Dwight ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    This letter recounts Jonathan Dwight's multiple attempts to see Governor Shirley.
    Folder   24  
      1750 April 13 . Lydia Doolittle ALS to Joseph Dwight; Northfield, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Second inquiry from Doolittle about back pay for her late husband's work as a surgeon.
    Folder   25  
      1750 May 14 . John Cobbett, Jr. ALS; Middletown, [Connecticut?]. (1 page)
    Cobbet claims that he never received 24 pounds in payment, and that "my not being in the least sensible of my receiving it makes me suspect that it is a mistake."
    Folder   26  
      1750 June 19 . John Hunt, Thomas Hunt ALS to Joseph Dwight; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    "As we have occasion for a considerable sum of money now occasions Our Writing to you to Begg the favour of you to send us some money by first good opportunity."
    Folder   27  
      1751 April 27 . John Love ALS to Joseph Dwight; Leicester, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Love requests an allotment of land that Dwight owns and has not yet granted to anyone.
    Folder   28  
      1756 February 16 . Josiah Dwight ALS to Joseph Dwight; Fort Anson, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Letter listing soldiers and their pay.
    Folder   28  
      1756 April 28 . Joseph Dwight ADS to John Osborne; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Receipt for26 pounds, 13 shillings, and 4 pence paid for 50 blankets for his part of his regiment in the Crown Point Expedition.
    Folder   29  
      1762 February 3 . Joseph Dwight ALS to Jedidiah Foster; Great Barrington, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
    In this letter to Jedidiah Foster, Dwight mentions that his health is deteriorating and that he cannot make long journeys anymore. As such, he gives power of attorney to Foster so that he May settle his debts, one of which is to Governor Shirley.
    Folder   30  
      n.d. Thomas Gilbert ALS to Joseph Dwight; s.l. (1 page)
    Concerns the ordaination of a minister.
    Folder   31  
      n.d. [Joseph Dwight] ADf to [William Pepperrell]; s.l. (1 page)
    Draft of a letter from Dwight, praising William Pepperrell for his bravery and comportment at the Siege of Louisbourg.
    Folder   32  
      n.d. James Scutt ALS to Joseph Dwight; Enfield, [Connecticut?]. (1 page)
    Concerns the enlistment of men under Dwight's command.
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
      1746 . Document; s.l. (1 page)
    Muster Roll for Samuel Kent's company.
      1746 April 17 . Document; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Includes part of a Muster Roll for Thomas Cheney's company.
      1747 September 8 . [Thomas Cheney, William Shirley] ADS; Boston, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
    Muster Roll for Thomas Cheney's company.
      1747 October 31 . Document; s.l. (1 page)
    Payroll for the non commissioned officers and private men in Thomas Cheney's company.
      1747 October 31 . Document; s.l. (1 page)
    Payroll for the non commissioned officers and private men in Joseph Dwight's company.
    Additional Descriptive Data

    Comprehensive Place List:

    • Albany (N.Y.)
    • Boston (Mass.)
    • Brookfield (Mass. : Town)
    • Cambridge (Mass.)
    • Deerfield (Mass.)
    • Enfield (Conn.)
    • Fort Anson, Massachusetts.
    • Fort Dummer (Vt.)
    • Fort Massachusetts (Mass.)
    • Fort at Number 4 Township, Massachusetts.
    • Great Barrington (Mass.)
    • Hadley (Mass.)
    • Halifax (Mass. : Town)
    • Hatfield (Mass.)
    • Highlands (N.Y.)
    • Leicester (Mass.)
    • Longmeadow (Mass.)
    • Louisbourg (N.S.)
    • Marlborough (Mass.)
    • Middletown (Conn.)
    • New Salem (Mass. : Town)
    • Northampton (Mass.)
    • Northfield (Mass.)
    • Peekskill (N.Y.)
    • Philadelphia (Pa.)
    • Rutland (Vt.?)
    • Southborough (Mass.)
    • Springfield (Mass.)
    • Stockbridge (Mass.)
    • Sudbury (Mass.)
    • Westfield (Mass.)
    • Worcester (Mass.)


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