Rhode Island Revolutionary rolls  1899
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Collection Scope and Content Note

The Rhode Island Revolutionary rolls are an 1899 copy of documents relating to Rhode Island regiments involved in the Revolutionary War, contained in a 59-page, oversize volume.

The first 12 pages contain 12 "General Abstracts" of the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment, commanded by Israel Angell, covering January 1778-May 1780. These list officers with their rank, dates and amount of pay, term of service, and casualties. A new abstract was generated every one to two months during the period. Following this are muster rolls (with names, dates appointed, ranks, and remarks) for several companies in the 1st Rhode Island Regiment: Elijah Lewis' Company (January 1777-December 1779, pp. 14-34); Thomas Coles' Company (July 1779, p. 35), the 4th Company (July 1779, p. 36), the "second Company of foot" (July 1779, p. 37), and Captain E. Slocum's Company (July 1779, p. 38).

Pages 39-51 comprise pay abstracts for Squire Millard's Company, Waterman's Regiment, 1776-1777 (pp. 39-45); Thomas Rice's Company, Waterman's Regiment, 1776-1777 (p. 46); and Amos Green's Company, Noyes' Regiment, 1777 (pp. 47-50). The final documents in the collection are muster rolls for Olney's Regiment (1781) and for staff and officers not attached to any company.

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