Semantha Atkeson papers  [1856]-1861
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British Government [series]
Parliament, Customs Revenue, Trade, Imports, and Exports [subseries]
Volume   100  
Table of reference concerning the King, House of Lords, and House of Commons (309 pages)
Volume   101  
Customs accounts,  1740-1749 (18 pages)
Volume   102  
Account books for revenue and trade,  1716-1760s (66 pages)
Volume   103  
"A General Abstract of the Stamp Duties,"  1734-1764 (30 pages)
Volume   104  
Annual gross and net produce of customs, account ledgers, and charts,  1710-1780 (93 pages)
Volume   105  
"Customs Establishment for the Christmas Quarter ending January 5, 1753;" charts of salaries arranged by port; account book for customs officers listed by port,  1752 (73 pages)
Volume   106  
"Customs establishment with Incidents Midsummer,"  1782 (204 pages)
Volume   107  
List of the commissioners and officers of His Majesty's Customs, in England and Wales, with their respective established salaries, for Midsummer Quarter ending the 5th of July 1782 (115 pages)
Volume   108  
"A List of the Commissioners and Officers of His Majesty's Customs, in England and Wales, with their respective Established Salaries, for Michaelmas Quarter ending October 10, 1782" (113 pages)
Volume   109  
Account book listing officers of the Customs & Salt Duties in Scotland and other expenses incurred in the operation of the customs in Scotland,  1752 (58 pages)
Volume   110  
Exports and imports between Spain and England,  1750-1765 (154 pages)
Volume   111  
Papers relating to the trade of Europe, Africa, and America,  1735-1767 (372 pages)
Volume   112  
Imports & Exports,  1698-1762 (66 pages)
Volume   113  
Imports & Exports,  1762-1795 (70 pages)
Volume   114  
English Customs,  1755-1782; revenue and reform,  1684-1783; Isle of Man,  1767-1782 (391 pages)
Volume   115  
Scotland, civil establishment of customs, excise and miscellaneous,  1762-1782 (332 pages)
Volume   116  
An account of the revenue of the crown by Mr. Legge and of the French Revenue,  1755-1788 (190 pages)
Volume   117  
Revenue notes and calculations by D. Price & C,  1761-1774 (155 pages)
Volume   118  
Excise Duties,  1662-1791 (197 pages)
Volume   119  
Excise Duties,  1781-1783 (509 pages)
Volume   120  
"An Abstract of the first Volume of the Register of all his Majestys Honours Mannors Messuages Lands Royaltys Woods Mines and other hereditaments in the several Countys in England and Wales within the Survey of the Court of Exchequer which have been granted or demised by the Crown from the Revolution Anno,"  1688-1753 (89 pages)
Volume   121  
The Queen Dowager's jointure lands (95 pages)
Volume   122  
"A Report on the present State and an Opinion on the future Disposition of the Crown Lands in Wales addess'd to the Lords of the Treasury by A. Holdsworth & J. Call,"   April 1783 (50 pages)
Volume   123  
Papers relative to the King's Civil List,  1755-1766 (220 pages)
Volume   124  
Civil list charges,  January 5, 1782 (221 pages)
Volume   125  
Civil list,  1782 Report on the King's household and instructions for its better management,  1782-1783 (501 pages)
Volume   126  
(Not at the Clements, see additional descriptive data: Historical Manuscript Commission Reports)
Volume   127  
Account of the expenses of his Majesty's household, chapel, chambers, and stables,  October 1, 1759-September 30, 1760 (30 pages)
Volume   128  
Papers on the Forests in England,  1656-1768 (18 items)
Volume   129  
Government fees and perquisites with a Schedule,  1780-1783 (222 pages)
Volume   130  
City of London papers,  1588-1783 (56 pages)
Volume   131  
Mint and coinage,  1782-1783 (88 pages)
Volume   132  
Papers on the corn riots and corn prices,  1766 (100 pages)
Volume   133  
Miscellaneous Parliament papers and copies,  1540-1767 (416 pages)
Volume   134  
Papers of the Secretary of State and Board of Trade,  1752-1768 (220 pages)
Volume   135a  
Reports and observations on annuities for life, funds in general, excise taxes, the sinking fund, national debt, public revenues of the crown, salt officers, revenues from collection of sheriffs in England and Wales, officers residing in Whitehall and St. James' Palaces and precincts of Verge and their houses, accounts for rented estates, port accounts, pensions, and compensation to the Royal African Company,  1748-1789 (13 items)
Volume   135b  
Papers and correspondence related to taxation; finance and national debt; customs, excise, and duties; imports and exports,  1773-1797 (41 items)
Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
Volume 135, Oversize Materials
Volume   166  
Parliamentary notes and letters,  1782-1783 (358 pages)
Volume   167  
"A Compendium of the Rights Privileges and Resolutions or mode of Election of Members to Serve in Parliament for Great Britain" (107 pages)
Volume   168a  
Miscellaneous papers and correspondence. Topics include: Treasury matters; Armed Neutrality of 1780; political and military affairs of Russia, Spain, France, America, and West Indies, including intelligence reports on fleet movements and peace negotiations; pamphlets and Parliamentary papers,   [bulk 1779-1782]
Volume   168b  
Miscellaneous papers and correspondence. Topics include: Treasury, Parliament, House of Commons, House of Lords, and voting; Shelburne speeches, letters, and notes; Holland, Russia, Prussia, Ireland, Italy; Militia, troops, fencibles, and victualling; Public cases and repeal of test act; Petitions to the king and King's reply to London; Peace Preliminaries (1783),  [bulk 1783-1799]
Volume   168c  
Miscellaneous papers and correspondence. Topics include: John Wilkes controversy; legal opinions; trade and smuggling; Parliament; affairs in Europe, India, America, and West Indies; foreign ministers and consuls; notes for debate on East India Tea Act, 1773; Standing army and victualling contracts,  [bulk 1763-1783]
Volume   168d  
Miscellaneous papers and correspondence. Topics include: British, Ushant, French and combined fleets; Intelligence on Gibraltar, America, West Indies, Canada, and Spain; Treasury papers; Lord's Address, King's Answer, and draft of speech from throne; Parliamentary Acts; Lord Rodney's victory,  [bulk 1782]
British Army, Navy, and Military Administration [subseries]
Volume   136  
Army; War Office; Pay Office; Ordnance; Estimates; Militia; Home Defense,  1765-1783 (587 pages)
Volume   137  
Papers concerning the Navy and Army of foreign nations,  1715-1769 (207 pages)
Volume   138  
Navy: establishment, estimates, patents, commissions, and Warrants; Admiralty & Navy Board letters,  1695-1779 (104 items)
Volume   139  
Navy Victualling of seamen and marines,  1693-1780 (76 items)
Volume   140  
Navy debt: cash and bills,  1701-1781 (84 items)
Volume   141  
Navy Department expenditures,  1701-1779 (67 items)
Volume   142  
Shipping lists,   June 1770-1780and  1783 (233 items)
Volume   143  
Navies of England, France, Spain, and Holland,   October 1782 (24 items)
Volume   144  
Dock yard, artificers and stores,  1770-1778 (64 items)
Volume   145  
Transport service for troops and supplies,  1703-1779 (110 items)
Volume   146  
Navy intelligence: information and Gregson's letters,  1777-1780 (undated; 239 items)
Volume   147  
Government contracts,  1770-1783 (69 items)
Volume   148  
Muster rolls of seamen,  1750-1783 (185 items)
Volume   149  
Naval instructions,  1674-1774 (39 items)
Volume   150  
Naval policy decisions and projects,  1666-1693 (116 pages)
Volume   151  
Naval orders and reports for the Committee on the House of Commons,  1782 (96 items)
Volume   152  
Projects and proposals relative to the navy, war and peace, revenue and taxes, and police,  1781-1783 (85 items)
Volume   153  
Secret admiralty order book and copies of letters from William Pitt,  1757-1760 (86 pages)
Volume   154a  
Miscellaneous naval papers,  1695-1789 (18 items)
Volume   154b  
Miscellaneous naval papers,  1695-1789 (18 items)
Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
Volume 154, Oversize Materials
Volume   155  
Miscellaneous naval papers,  1709-1779 (11 items)
Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
Volume 155, Oversize Materials
Ireland [subseries]
Volumes 156 - 160: (Not at the Clements, see additional descriptive data: Historical Manuscript Commission Reports)
Cabinet and Treasury Minutes [subseries]
Volume   161  
Cabinet Minutes,  1766-1768 (28 items)
Volume   162  
Treasury Minutes,  July-August 1782; Volume I
Volume   163  
Treasury Minutes,  October-December 1782; Volume II
Volume   164  
Treasury Minutes,  January-March 1783; Volume III
Volume   165  
Hints and Minutes of Motions on various parliamentary subjects,  1762-1782 (363 pages)
Appeals to the House of Lords [subseries]
Volume   HL-1  
Volume   HL-2  
Volume   HL-3  
Volume   HL-4  
Volume   HL-5  
Volume   HL-6  
Volume   HL-7  
Volume   HL-8