U.S. Army Hospital Ship Marigold diary  1944-1945
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The U.S. Army Hospital Ship Marigold diary (105 pages) concerns a payroll clerk's experiences on the Marigold during a tour of duty in the Pacific Theater in the Second World War. The diarist described daily life onboard the ship, discussed crew discipline, and noted the places he visited. Hand-drawn illustrations and maps depict the Marigold 's voyage through the Panama Canal and sections of the Papua New Guinea coast.

The first entry is dated in Charleston, South Carolina, on October 9, 1944, just prior to the Marigold 's departure for the Pacific Ocean. The diary covers the author's daily experiences and observations through May 5, 1945, including his descriptions of scenery and details about ship life. In mid-October, he wrote about and sketched the journey through the Panama Canal (pp. 2-10). In November, he reported that the 6th had been "cancelled" as the ship crossed the International Date Line (p. 26) and that the 11th had been celebrated for the armistice (p. 28). His comments on everyday routines and experiences included observations on passengers, the weather, crew discipline, submarine scares, and air raids. Further entries follow the ship's progress toward New Guinea and the Philippines, where he mentioned destroyed cities such as Manila and its harbor (pp. 90-95). At the time of the final entry (May 5, 1945), the Marigold had just passed Hawaii on its return journey to the United States.

In addition to the Panama Canal sketch, the diary has maps of the Marigold 's layout (p. 18); Finchhaven, Papua New Guinea (p. 29); the port at Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea (p. 38); and Hollandia Bay, Papua New Guinea (p. 58).

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