Anna Cora Ritchie collection  1856-1860
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Thomas Hill Hubbard was born in New Haven, Connecticut, on December 5, 1781, the son of Reverend Bela Hubbard (1739-1812) and Grace Dunbar Hill (1747-1820). After his graduation from Yale College in 1799 and admission to the bar in 1804, he practiced law in Hamilton, New York (1804-1823), and Utica, New York (1823-1857). Thomas Hubbard held multiple local political offices, was a two-time presidential elector, and served two non-consecutive terms in the United States House of Representatives (1817-1819 and 1821-1823). On June 12, 1812, Hubbard married Phebe (d. 1871); their surviving children were Henry (1813-1846), Bela (b. 1814), Frances Elizabeth (1815-1892), Frederick (1817-1895), Grace Hill (1819-1881), Thomas Dering (1823-1855), Mary Smith (1825-1856), Edward Burr (1826-1845), Caroline (1828-1867), and Robert James (b. 1830). Thomas Hill Hubbard died on May 21, 1857.

Frederick Hubbard (1817-1895) graduated from Hamilton College in 1836 and became an engineer, working for the Northern Indiana Railroad and the Southern Michigan Railroad. In later life, he traveled extensively abroad. Robert James Hubbard (b. 1830) and his brother-in-law, E. Darwin Litchfield, worked for Litchfield & Co. in the mid-19th century.