Uriah Lee family collection  1850-1912
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Lyman Uriah Lee (also known as "Uriah," "Uri," and "Ri") was born in 1837, the first child of Lyman and Elizabeth Lee (1814-1887) of Foxcroft, Maine. In 1862, he enlisted in Company F of the 5th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment; he later became a sergeant. In 1863, Lee enlisted as an orderly in Company M of the 2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Regiment, and he mustered out as a 2nd lieutenant in 1865. He married Laura Comings (1844-1900) of New Hampshire in 1866, and they had at least one daughter, Tyra Huntress Lee (b. 1868).

Lyman and Elizabeth Lee had 6 additional children: Josephine ("Josie"), Catherine ("Katie"), Chauncey ("Chan"), Leonard ("Lennie") (1846-1864), Mattie, and Willis ("Willie"). Chauncey Lee served in the Union Army from 1861 to 1862, when he was discharged due to illness. Chauncey later married Eva Drake, and they had three children: Lyman, Chauncey, and Hattie. Leonard Lee entered the Union Army in 1863 and was killed in battle in 1864.