Henry Kelsey (Barque) log books  1847-1849
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The Henry Kelsey (Barque) log books document the merchant ship's travels to New Orleans, Boston, and Barcelona between 1847 and 1849. The first entries in Volume 1 were made at New Orleans, where the ship loaded hay and corn and headed to Mexico. After traveling along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the ship, under the command of Joshua A. Gray, returned to New Orleans and subsequently left for Boston. After a lengthy stay at Commercial Wharf, it went to Havana, Cuba, where the crew became restless, verbally abusing the captain and refusing to work. On March 17, 1848, one crew member threw a ladle of hot water in the log keeper's face. The ship remained in Cuba until March 22, when it returned to Boston carrying sugar and other goods, and sailed down to Mobile in early June. After a brief trip along the Tennessee River, the Henry Kelsey left for a voyage to Europe, reached Barcelona in late December 1848, and made a brief trip to Marseilles before returning to Boston in February 1849. The second volume ends on May 28, 1849, with the ship still on its way to the United States. Throughout their travels, the crew of the Henry Kelsey participated in mutinous behavior, swearing at the captain and officers, and often appeared to be intoxicated. The journals record several incidents of insubordination, along with the more traditional entries on weather, wind, sailing techniques, and activities in port.

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