Albert Davis papers  1861-1874 (bulk 1861-1864)
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Box   : Duane Norman Diedrich Collection  
Jacob A. Riis collection [series]
  1900 June 30 . Jacob A. Riis ALS to [Elgin R. L. Gould]; Richmond Hill, [New York]. (2 pages)
Riis's health problems: "It was the night of our meeting with the Tenement house... that I was seized with heart trouble on my way home." Despite his illness, he is still interested selling his shares. "I am comforted by the thought that even if I have to drop out of the ranks, they will close right up and go on. After all you are the workers, and this is your day. I had mine and enjoyed it."
  1901 February 15 . Henry C. Wright ALS to Jacob [A.] Riis; Cincinnati, [Ohio]. (2 pages)
Has a $100,000 endowment, which needs to be reinvested. Would like to know "the feasibility and adviseability" of investing in a modern tenement for the poor, such as the "Brooklyn experiment." On The Cincinnati Union Bethel stationery. Enclosed in Jacob Riis letter dated February 18, 1901.
  1901 February 18 . Jacob [A.] Riis ALS to [Elgin R. L. Gould]; New York City, New York. (2 pages)
Forwards a letter: "Will you answer it? I have told my correspondent that you know everything in that field, and all there is of it." Disturbed by an article in the Chicago Tribune about a tenement construction project (adjacent to the Hull House): "the plan of the admirable model tenements erected in New York under the supervision of Mr Jacob A. Riis." "I fumed, but what is the use … I want you to know that I discourage the notion that I created the world and all that it is, including the declaration of independence, and Mrs Carrie Nation, in every one of my talks, because I really didn't do it all; but the result is not what it might be. See enclosure dated February 15, 1901.
  1901 March 29 . Jacob [A.] Riis ALS to [Elgin R. L.] Gould; New York City, New York. (2 pages)
"No, I might have known you didn't care. I merely meant to let you know that I at least am not a party to the effort to glorify in all your deeds. And the opportunity will come to set the perspective right." "I am glad you liked the 'auto'. Truly, I like to write it, and I shudder at what is coming. It is easy to write of the old days. The new are all a muddle to me. But that riddle will be solved as so many others, when it has to be." Has saved up several hundred dollars and would like to buy some of Gould's shares.
  1902 July 3 . J[acob] A. Riis ALS to [Elgin R. L. Gould]; s.l. (1 page)
Health and disposition problems: "I suppose it is because I must not smoke." "Meanwhile I have lots of literary work to do as soon as I get my head … back to do it with." Would go to a log house in the Canadian woods to write, but he hasn't the strength to go far. Thoughts of friends, including Robert Fulton Cutting. "I knew I could write freely to you. Please God, I shall fight my own battles to the end, but a friend in the back makes you feel good."
  1903 November 7 . Jacob A. Riis ALS to [Elgin R. L. Gould]; Joliet, Illinois. (2 pages)
New York mayoral election: "Well, we were licked, weren't we? And we shall have to work so much the harder. In the end we can't lose, and that which you and your colleagues have contributed to the betterment of New York no one can take from us. It is permanent. I would rather go under a hundred times with the record of the [Seth] Low administration than with … Tammany." Recommends Mrs. Heath for employment at his firm, or would appreciate direction to someone who is in need of an employee. On Hotel Munroe stationery.
  Undated . Jacob A. Riis Partial TLS to [Elgin R. L. Gould?]; [New York City, New York?]. (1 page)
Page 2 of a 2-page letter. Riis would like to retire from the Office of the General Agent and Attorney. On General Agent of the Council of Confederated Good Government Clubs stationery.
  Undated . Jacob A. Riis ALS; New York [City, New York]. (2 pages)
Appreciates being befriended by a woman of such character. Will pass on her suggestions to Dr. Jane E. Robbins (1860-1946), Secretary of the Public Education Society. Comments on having a "'play-room' … as large and airy as possible, in every apartment or tenement," for the children, referencing Felix Adler (1851-1933). Written on "The Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement" stationery.