Harry Miller papers  1942-1945 (bulk 1944-1945)
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Henry Bainbridge and William A. Ellery collection [series]
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  1840 August 11 . J[ohn] H[olmes] Offley ALS to William A. Ellery; Washington. (3 pages)
Regarding the possible reinstatement of Lt. Ellery into the Navy [note: Bainbridge's cousin is married to Ellery]. Emphasized the "extreme delicacy of the business at hand" and would like any correspondence with him to pass through Offley's hands first. Lt. Ellery will be reinstated provided that "not one word must be said or written to the President." Offley wants the Secretary to mediate. Offers additional recommendations for Ellery's conduct during this sensitive time.
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  1841 July 31 . Henry Bainbridge ADS; s.l. (2 pages)
A payroll record outlining Bainbridge's compensation from July 1, 1841, to July 31, 1841. On verso are notes regarding his pay from February 1847 to April 1847 and January 1848.
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  1841 September 10 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; Fort Ocilla, [mid-Florida]. ( 3 pages)
Details the conditions at Fort Ocilla, the necessity to "build new houses & other fixtures" for the winter, and Native American sightings throughout the region. Bainbridge discusses the poor health of the soldiers, his health, and the start of the yellow fever outbreak in Port Leon, Florida. Urges his wife Mary to go east to visit Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York rather than stay in St. Louis for the winter to help distract her. He has already decided that he will not allow Mary to visit Florida and has urged Capt. Clark not to bring his family because they will be constantly on the move.
  1846 June 15 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; City of Matamoras, Mexico. (4 pages)
Challenges the legitimacy of reports of battles fought and falsifications in published accounts, particularly of those about Captain Walker. However, "the accounts of the battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma are for the most part true." Bainbridge notes his distrust of the Mexican character which "is below par- the highest among them are deceitful and not to be believed under oath." Discusses the general health of the troops, monetary and family matters, congressional matters regarding the appointment of citizens to high grade within the army while overlooking seasoned officers, and hopeful thoughts for better times ahead.
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  1846 September 24 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to Don Carlos Buell; camp near Monterrey. (2 pages )
Report of the services of the 3rd Regiment U.S. Infantry during the battle in the City of Monterrey. W[illiam] S[eton] Henry was made acting commander on September 21st and was relieved of command on the 22nd by Bainbridge. Bainbridge's troops were ordered to support Lieut. Bragg's light battery on the 23rd. The number of casualties, injured, and missing persons are reported. The names of the dead mentioned: Capt. Lewis N[elson] Morris, Capt. George P. Field, Major P[hilip] [Norbourne] Barbous, Sgt. Lieut. Adjutant Douglas S. Irwin, and 2nd Lieut. Robert Hazlitt. Major W. W. Sear was severely injured. The conditions of the battle and praise for the bravery of the men are included.
  1846 September 26 . William Seton Henry ALS to Don Carlos Buell; camp near Monterrey. (5 pages)
William Seton Henry's account of the Battle of Monterrey while he was in command. Included are details about the actions of Col. Garland, Major Lear, Lieut. Haslitt, Major Mansfield, and Capt. George. P. Field. Captain Bainbridge was injured in the hand on September 21st but took command on September 22nd. Major Lear's wound and the details of the deaths of Lieut. D. S. Irwin, Adjutant of the Regiment, Captain George P. Field, L[ewis] N[elson] Morris, and Lieut. R[obert] Hazlitt are described.
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  1847 April 30 . Henry Bainbridge ADS to Unknown; n.l. (4 pages)
A payroll record outlining Bainbridge's compensation from March 1, 1847, to April 30, 1847.
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  1847 July 5 . Unknown AD to Unknown; n.l. (1 page)
Manuscript testimonial, listing people donating money toward the purchase of a sword to be presented to Major Henry Bainbridge. Names and dollar amount of donated money is provided.
  1847 July 28 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to Mary Bainbridge; Puebla, [Mexico]. (3 pages)
Regarding his opinion about the chances for peace, his personal opinion of the war, and the course the war will take. Financial matters are also discussed including permission for Mary to sign withdrawal slips to receive Henry's pay through the pay master in New York. Sent care of William A. Ellery.
  1847 August 12 . Jane Ellery ALS to William A. Ellery; New York, [New York]. (3 pages)
Details about a friend's recent death and another's sudden illness. Includes updates regarding her and their children's health. Enclosed is a letter from their son Willie in which he expresses how much he missed his father and family and provides updates on happenings around the house.
  1847 October 30 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; City of Mexico, [Mexico]. (1 page)
Regarding packages Bainbridge sent to Col. [Ward B.] Barnett for Mary which he will give to a Mr. B. Cozzens, Esq., who will give the packages to Ellery. Col. [Ward B.] Barnett is married to Miss Mand, the daughter of General [William Thomas] Ward.
  1848 January 12 . Henry Bainbridge AL to William A. Ellery; City of Mexico, [Mexico]. (4 pages)
Regarding the arrest of General [William Jenkins] Worth and [Gideon Johnson] Pillow, the visit of General [James] Shields and [John A.] Quitman to the "U. States," and General [Franklin] Pierce's resignation. A reorganization of army the took place due to General [David Emanuel] Twigg becoming governor of Vera Cruz. Bainbridge's regiment has been shifted to General P[ersifor] F[raze] Smith. Describes his new living conditions and food in the Palace of Don Loparano and discusses rumors about an upcoming peace treaty. Mourns the death of his dear friend Quarter Master and Captain [James R.] Irwin who served under General [Winfield] Scott. On "Republica Mexicana," "Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Gobernacion y Policia" stationery and marked "No. 1."
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  1848 January 13 . Henry Bainbridge AL to William A. Ellery; City of Mexico, [Mexico]. (4 pages)
Expresses his disappointment that the 7th infantry received "very slender notice" in the condensed report of General [Winfield] Scott and in Col. [Bennette] Riley's official report of the Battle of Contreras. Discusses his negative opinion of ambitious officers, with the notable exception of General [Zachary] Taylor. Describes how Col. [Manuel] Dominguez captured three Mexican Army generals, five subordinates, and 50-60 privates who are now considered guerillas and what their fates will be. Informs Ellery that the guerillas carry a skull and cross bones banner and included a pen and ink drawing of a "death's head" and cross bones. Asks Ellery to please reconsider his plans to visit him in Mexico in March and April due to guerillas, coming peace, and yellow fever. On "Republica Mexicana," "Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Gobernacion y Policia" stationery and marked "No. 2."
  1848 January 13 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; City of Mexico, [Mexico]. (3 pages)
Marked "No. 3." a continuation of the letter marked "No. 2." Relates a story regarding his fondness for Brandy and how the natives have strongly warned him and his men against wine and spirits as they are dangerous to imbibe in this climate. Bemoans that the longer a man is in Mexico the "more diminished his taste for beverages peculiar to his own country." Notes he spent much of his free time playing cards with the "one eyed Dr. Jarvis Crossman." Pen and ink drawing of a human eye is used to represent the letter 'I'. Describes living alone as a solider that, "Uncle Sam, not being a married gentleman, domestic bliss is foreign to his notions." Writes that he does not want the war to turn into occupation but wishes for peace and "a quick passport home." On "Republica Mexicana," "Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Gobernacion y Policia" stationery.
  1848 February 29 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; City of Mexico, [Mexico]. (4 pages)
Expresses deep emotion for Ellery's friendship and telling him not to despair about being unlucky in financial matters of late. Writes that the command of the army has been taken over by General Bather[?], expresses his preference for General [Winfield] Scott, and that the regular infantry did everything while the volunteers claimed everything in battle. Asks Ellery to keep these personal opinions secret for the time being. Outlines how long it will be before he reaches New York, and because of the difficulty of travel he'll spend his leave in Mexico.
  1848 April 13 . H.W. Hayes ALS to William A. Ellery; Philadelphia, [Pennsylvania]. (1 page)
Informs Ellery that through a letter from Senator [Edward Allen] Hannegan he has been alerted that, "Major Henry Bainbridge's name has been sent in to the senate of the U.S. by the President, a Lt. Colonel, and a Colonel for awards for gallant council." Does not know how to get a hold of Mary and asks Ellery to pass on the news.
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  1848 May 12 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; City of Mexico, [Mexico]. (4 pages)
Attempts to rework the creation of woman to justify Native American practices. Details General [Winfield] Scott's persecution and the ratification of the treaty with the Mexican Congress and the logistics of sending home troops. Acknowledges the commendations he will receive stating, "to go into the war a captain and come out a Colonel is rising some." Has a gift for his wife Mary but may not send it to Vera Cruz in the mail and may just bring it with him if the treaty is ratified in time.
  1849 February 22 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. (1 page)
Discusses movements of post war troops to Oregon and New Orleans and the allure of the California Gold Rush to veterans, "Gold fever is contagious and drives most every hair brained Jack a napes to California…" Writes about health conditions, cholera, the use of "a tincture of rhubarb and paregoric" as medicine, the "magnetic telegraph," political offices, and inquires about family matters.
  Undated . Unknown AD to Henry Bainbridge; n.l. (1 page)
Undated, but likely 1848 or 1849. A manuscript list of pay and expenses for Henry Bainbridge in May and April of 1848 including pay given to his wife and pay for his servants "Frederick-black man" and "Levenia-white woman."
  1852 May 7 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; San Antonio, Texas. (1 page)
Bainbridge is settling down in his new post in San Antonio. He describes himself as very busy and misses "old times."
  1852 May 7 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; San Antonio, Texas. (3 pages)
Bainbridge inquires about an error in a coat button order, offers suggestions for settling the account, and discusses his new camp on the Llano River "fifteen miles from San Antonio." He describes his wife's health and her visit to his camp.
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  1853 August 21 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; Tampa Bay, Florida. (3 pages)
Discusses the court martial of an artillery officer. He had to leave his wife Mary sick in bed at his post in Fort [?]. He learns of a "desolating epidemic prevailing at New Orleans" when he reached Galveston. Bainbridge describes the alternative five-day route he had to take to get to Tampa and avoid New Orleans. Relates that the "N.Y. papers" are reporting Mexican troop movements along the Rio Grande, getting a start on "Uncle Sam." Bainbridge writes, "what is in Uncle's [Sam] pipe that it smokes so uproariously?" Post script : The sickness in New Orleans is being under-reported.
  1854 January 5 . Henry Bainbridge ALS to William A. Ellery; Fort Duncan, Texas. (4 pages)
Letter discussing the health of his wife, the state of the cholera epidemic in New Orleans, and what the epidemic will mean for travel to New York. Col. [?] arrived to take command of the regiment and Bainbridge will assume command of the post in Las Chorass. He notes that Santa Anna is growing in strength but that the Mexican people are not prepared for republican government. He discusses troop movements and Mexican tactics.
  1854 May 30 . William A. Ellery AMs. "Voyage to England." (2 pages)
Description of William A. Ellery's passage across the Atlantic to England in 1851. The passage was pleasant and took 11 days. He describes London in great detail, impressed by its architecture, streets, parks, and fashion.
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  Undated . William A. Ellery Notebook; n.l. (21 pages)
Leather merchants notebook bound by Peter A. Meiser. The initial pages are missing and appear to have been cut, while the remaining seven pages include writing and fourteen pages remain blank. He records birth and deaths of family members and various moves. He also describes the Great Fire of 1835 in New York City. A slip of paper in between the pages records Henry Bainbridge's address as Fort Fanning Florida.