Henry Clinton papers  1736-1850
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Series III: Letter books, Memoranda, and Other Correspondence [series]
Volume   235  
Correspondence with Clinton's sons,  1793-1794
Volume   254  
Correspondence from Clinton to the Duke of Gloucester,  1778-1789
Volume   255  
Clinton to Secretary of State letter books,   May 1778-August 1780 (3 books)
Volume   256  
Clinton to Secretary of State letter books,   August 1780-May 1782 (2 books)
Volume   257  
Secretary of State to Clinton letter books,   February 1778-March 1782 (2 books)
Volume   258  
Clinton to Treasury letter book,  1778-1782
Treasury to Clinton letter book,  1780-1782
Volume   259  
Clinton to Howe letter book,   November 1776-October 1777 (2 books)
Volume   260  
Clinton to Arbuthnot letter book,   August 1779-March 1780 (2 books)
Clinton to Arbuthnot, Rodney, and Graves,   September 1780-September 1781
Clinton to Graves, Hood, and Digby,   October-November 1781
Volume   261  
Clinton to Phillips letter book,   March-April 1781
Clinton to Leslie letter books,   November 1781-May 1782 (2 books)
Clinton to Arnold letter book,   December 1780-May 1781
Clinton to Cornwallis, Arbuthnot, Leslie, and Arnold letter book,   August 1780-April 1781
Volume   262  
Clinton to Cornwallis letter books,   April 1780-December 1781 (6 books)
Volume   263  
Clinton to miscellaneous recipients letter books,  1776-1782 (3 books)
Volume   275  
John André's letter book,  1778-1780