Bleecker Houston papers  1941-1990 (bulk 1941-1958)
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Volume   1  
Photographs and Negatives [series]

Scope note: The subjects of the photographs include Bleecker Houston, Douglas MacArthur, the surrender of Japan, and several scenic photographs taken in London. In addition, 18 photographs are of the sinking of the Bismarck. The four negatives are for military photographs.

Houston in military uniform (1 Photograph)
Capt. Bleecker Simons Houston, stamped,  9 May 1945 (1 Photograph)
Bleecker Simmons Houston,  undated (1 Photograph)
Bleecker S. Houston standing alongside a man - both in military dress (1 Photograph)
Bleecker S. Houston,  undated (1 Photograph)
Prop Plane (1 Photograph)
11 men in military uniform/gear (1 Photograph)
De La Salle College (1 Photograph)
[Military Encampment?] (1 Photograph)
POW camp,  undated (1 Photograph)
Pile of at least 35 corpses [Bataan Peninsula?] (1 Photograph)
Group of officials (including General MacArthur) ascending and descending a set of stairs,  undated (12 Photographs)
The signing of the Japanese surrender aboard the Missouri (3 Photographs)
A celebration (1 Photograph)
[London?], incl. the House of Lords, and construction work photos (4 Photographs)
Photographs related to naval matters, including the Bismark , the Gneisenau , the Prince of Wales , the Prinz Eugen , and several destroyers. (14 Photographs)
3 scenic and 1 [?]. (4 Photographs)
3 military photos, 1 scenic photo (4 film negatives)