George N. Ives letters  1883-1884
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Charles Stuart family emigration documents [series]
Folder   5  
  1854 April 18 . PrD "Terms of Passage from Fraserburgh to Québec;" Fraserburgh, Scotland. (1 page)
Contract for Stuart family's voyage, with list of allotted provisions. With a statement regarding the captain's experience in taking passengers to Québec. Recommendation that passengers supply extra provisions. Policies regarding financial deposit and ticketing.
  1854 May . George Wallace DS to Charles Stuart; Fraserburgh, Scotland.
"Passenger's Contract Ticket" for Charles Stuart, Mary Stuart, and their children to sail from Fraserburgh, Scotland, to Québec, Canada, onboard the Wallace .
  1854 July . PrD "For the Information of Emigrants;" Québec, Québec (4 pages)
Printed document with guidelines for emigrants coming to Québec. List of government emigration officers and information about various regions within the province. Table of routes, distances, and rates of passage to parts of Canada and the United States. Advertisement for the Great Western Railway route from Hamilton, Ontario, to Detroit, Michigan.
  1855 April 6. C. B. Colwell DS [to Charles Stuart]; Champaign County, Ohio. (2 pages)
Printed document regarding taxable property and income. With manuscript valuations of Charles Stuart's property.