Lewis Van Tuyl papers  1861-1865
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Watkins and Livingston family scrapbook,  1773-1882 [series]
Page   i  
  1882 . Lucretia E. Hamersley Rylance Ms.; New York City, New York. (2 pages)
Title page, dried flower (only partially present)
Page   ii  
  1882 . Lucretia E. Hamersley Rylance Ms.; s.l. (3 pages)
Page   1  
  1882 . [Lucretia E. Hamersley Rylance] Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
Genealogy: "Monument to Sir Hugh Hamersley."
Page   2  
  1882 . [Lucretia E. Hamersley Rylance] Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
Genealogy: "Descent from Sir Hugh H."
Pages   3-4  
  1878 . Thomas Barber and [Lucretia E. Hamersley Rylance] Ms.; England. (2 pages)
Colored, pen & ink illustration of the Hamersley coat of arms (Dum Spiro Spero), with an explanation by Lucretia E. Hamersley Ryland.
Page   5  
  1882 . [Lucretia E. Hamersley Rylance] Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
Genealogy: Extract from the "History of the City of New York" by Mrs. M. Lamb.
Page   6  
  Undated . Silhouette and engraving; s.l. (2 pages)
John W. Watkins engraved coat of arms and crest, and sillhouette of John W. Watkins.
Page   7  
  1882 . [Lucretia E. Hamersley Rylance] Ms.; s.l.
Genealogy: Extract from "Old Merchants of New York."
Page   8  
  1882 . [Lucretia E. Hamersley Rylance] Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
Genealogy: Extract from the "family Bible."
Page   9  
  1877 January 20 and undated. Julia Lawrence, et al. Newspaper clippings; Washington, D.C., et al. (1 page)
Two newspaper clippings. An 1877 article from the New York Times titled "Old Romance Revived," regarding "The True Story of Liberty Hall." An article from an unidentified newspaper with a section on Peter van Brugh Livingston.
Page   10  
  [1877] January 30 . Julia Lawrence ALS to Mrs. Rylance [Lucretia Hamersley Rylance]; Washington, [D.C.]. (2 pages)
Regarding her article in the New York Times and her uncle Governor Livingston's papers.
Page   11  
  1773 July 10 . J[ohn] W. Watkins ALS to "Jacky" [Watkins]; Dominica. (2 pages)
Description of Dominica. Death of his sister. Advises him to pursue his French language studies, with remarks on paying for books. Praises his servant "Marget," especially for her diligence during periods of illness.
Page   12  
  1773 October 14 . J[ohn] W. Watkins ALS to "Jacky" [Watkins]; St. Kitts. (1 page)
Advice regarding Jacky's studies, with thoughts to his health. Advises that he learn bookkeeping and continue his French and Music studies.
Page   13  
  1774 November 26 . W[illia]m A. Livingston ALS to "Jack" [Watkins]; Kingston, Jamaica. (1 page)
In low spirits; hopes that Florida will be more agreeable than Jamaica. Hopes that Jack will not criticize his writing as he knows "Students in every College are very apt to make their Remarks on every piece of writing they cast their Eyes on."
Page   14  
  1774 December 20 . J[ohn W.] Watkins ALS to "Jacky" [Watkins]; London, [England]. (2 pages)
Forty-seven day passage to England, by Captain Miller. Will not send "the seal" with this letter. Recommends practicing the violin when he is not engaged with his studies. Has recommended that Jacky's mother reduce the number of Watkins' servants as "it's exceedingly destructive to have so many about the house."
Page   15  
  1775 January 29 . J[ohn W.] Watkins ALS to "Jacky" [Watkins]; London, [England]. (2 pages)
Will be going to Bristol in a few days. Is happy with Jacky's conduct with respect to his education. Will promote his advancement in the West Indies. "Sobriety, Industry, & Integrity Steadily pursued are rules that must make a man happy to himself & cant fail of promoting his Interest & reputation." Will send Jacky's seal to his mother when he can do so safely. Uncertain about American affairs as the Ministry is for "carrying Matters on very Violent Contrary to the disposition of the majority of the people."
Page   16  
  1779 February 24 . S[arah Livingston] Jay ALS to "sister" [Judith Livingston]; Persipiney, [New Jersey]. (2 pages)
On her sister's anticipated marriage. News: "Kitty" [Judith Livingston] hasn't returned from headquarters; brother Jack left her at Mrs. Knox's. She was supposed to go to Mrs. Washington's the next day with the ladies from Baskenridge.
Page   17  
  [1779] . J[udith] W. L[ivingston] ALS to John Watkins; s.l. (3 pages)
Affectionate letter. Left Elizabeth Town escorted by Col. [Aaron] Burr and Mr. Thomas. Obliged to return to Persipiny to be with her parents.
Page   18  
  1780 March 30 . J[ohn] W. Watkins ALS to Judith Livingston; Paramus, [New Jersey]. (2 pages)
The enemy were recently in Paramus, quartered at and around his house. Lost 32 men, the rest escaped. "One of our blacks" carried valuables to [Theodosia] Prevost's meeting with the enemy; he hid them and would not reveal their location. Provides numbers of enemy deaths, prisoners, and wounded.
Page   19  
  1780 July 28 . John W. Watkins ALS to J[ohn W.] Watkins [father]; Paramus, [New Jersey]. (3 pages)
Final pages of an incomplete letter. Notes children who should be ready to start learning the sciences and are in need of Watkins' direction, since they have already been well instructed in literature, virtue, and industry. Has recently married Governor Livingston's daughter; another of Livingston's daughters married John Jay. Includes a quotation from a letter by Gov. Livingston, assuring his approval of Watkin's proposal to Judy.
Page   20  
  1780 September 1 . Henry B[rockholst] Livingston ALS to John Watkins; Madrid, [Spain]. (3 pages)
Pleased that Watkins has joined the family. Description of travel to Europe. Has been out of America for almost a year; travel to Martinique was calm, but the trip to Europe was attended by danger from the enemy. Travel inland to Madrid was worse than the voyages. Some sadness at having left America in such a "disagreeable situation." Thoughts on war and distance from friends and relatives. "God forbid the french fleet now on your Coast should return without doing something clever." Family news.
Page   21a  
  1781 June 6 . W[illia]m Duer ALS to John Watkins; Headquarters of the French Army near White Plains, [New York]. (1 page)
Needs Watkins to collect and forward provisions of corn, oats, rye, etc. to the French Army as soon as possible. Please send to the Block House at Dobb's Ferry, care of John Carter. Once the wagons are in motion, report to John Carter's headquarters to report on the quantity of goods. If Watkins is unable or unwilling to provide the goods, he should forward this letter to a suitable person to discharge the trust.
Page   21b  
  1783 October 9 . Eliza [Dunkin] ALS to John W. Watkins; New York [City, New York]. (2 pages)
Appealed to Margaret to assist Watkins in his distress, but she is not well and cannot help. The letters and will have arrived. Will be sending a letter from General Maunsell.
Page   22  
  1786 August 23 . Judith W[atkins] ALS to John W. Watkins; Paramus, [New Jersey]. (3 pages)
Family news. The capture of Jamaica; should it be true, it will be particularly pleasing to a friend of the Watkins. Does not wish her husband to go to Europe. Affectionate sentiments.
Page   23  
  1792 August 14 . J[udith] Watkins ALS to John W. Watkins; s.l. (2 pages)
Had tea with sister Jay. Watkins's commission.
Page   24  
  1794 April 17 . Eliza [Dunkin] ALS to "Judy" [Judith Watkins]; Philadelphia, [Pennsylvania]. (3 pages)
Visit to a friends house, furnished in elegant European fashion. Wedding party. Congratulations on Mr. [John] Jay's promotion.
Page   25  
  1795 November 15 . W[illiam] Livingston ALS to Judith Watkins; Newark, [New Jersey]. (3 pages)
Visit with Mrs. Ridley; she has had her share of afflictions, including the loss of her husband. Appreciation for the kindness shown to his daughter by Judith. Thoughts on Judith's benevolence. Has not yet heard of the fate of his memorial to the legislature.
Page   26  
  1796 December 14 . John W. Watkins ALS to Judith Watkins; New York [City, New York]. (4 pages)
Pleased that Tryon made it up; feared that he would not make it farther than Kinderhook. News of friends and family. The city is in a dangerous situation; several arson attempts discovered last night. Conjecture is that these crimes are for the purpose of plundering, or that they are deliberately to weaken the nation in case of a war, or to injure the British trade "by causing the failure of our merchants." Night watch. Savannah fire and its damages. Newspapers' opinion.
Page   27  
  1801 July 29 . S[usan] W[atkins] ALS to William Livingston Watkins; Bedford, [New York]. (3 pages)
Family news. Visit from Dr. Mason and [John] Bristed. Praise for Bristed. Cousin Sally [John Jay's daughter] is sick; she is currently being tended by a doctor.
Page   28  
  [no year] August 15 . S[usan] Watkins ALS to William Watkins; Bedford, [New York]. (3 pages)
Comments on their uncle reducing William's salary. Mentions family and friends, visits.
Page   29  
  1806 February 9 . Lydia Watkins ALS to Judith Watkins; New York [City, New York]. (4 pages)
Uncle Brockholst's eldest daughter's ball. John Bradhurst's store fire. Additional family news. With a postscript by William L. Watkins regarding the fire.
Page   30  
  1806 March 24 . Susan Ridley ALS to Judith Watkins; Baltimore, [Maryland]. (4 pages)
Has not spent time recently with Madame Bonaparte [Mrs. Jerome Bonaparte]. Discussion about M. Bonaparte and the French. Relates a social gathering in which an American lady responded to praise of the French with an outburst in which she referred to them as "Baboons & Monkeys," with particular application to Jerome. Family news.
Pages   31-32  
[Not present. Did not arrive at the Clements Library with the rest of the scrapbook] (4 pages)
Page   33  
  1806 June 16 . J[ohn] Livingston ALS to Judith Watkins; Oak Hill, [New York]. (1 page)
Offers for them to come visit. Dated "The day of the Eclipse."
Page   34a  
  1808 June 15 . Cath[erin]e Livingston ALS to William Livingston Watkins; Oak Hill, [New York]. (2 pages)
Legal issues regarding her uncle's estate. Banking for two years in a French bank.
Page   34b  
  Undated . [Judith Watkins] ALS to William [Watkins]; s.l. (4 pages)
Good work of servant Peter with respect to carriage or wagon repair. Discusses issues related to the danger of her traveling a long distance.
Page   35  
  1810 November 15 . [Matilda Ridley] AL to William L[ivingston] Watkins; Oak Hill, [New York]. (4 pages)
Correspondence etiquette. Mother's health. Family members traveling on the ocean; dangers of ship travel. Family news. Found two of Lydia's books.
Page   36  
  1810 November 21 . Cath[erin]e Livingston ALS to William L. Watkins; Oak Hill, [New York]. (3 pages)
Enclosing a power of attorney to transfer her stock [not present]. Will need to ask General Clarkson for the shares. Discussion of stock values and sales. Current poor health.
Page   37  
  1811 November 26 . C[atherine] L[ivingston] ALS to Judith Watkins; Oak Hill, [New York]. (3 pages)
Invitation to visit, with a description of sleeping arrangements. Family correspondence and news. Lydia's health.
Page   38  
  1813 June 8 . [Catherine Livingston] AL to Judith Watkins; Oak Hill, [New York]. (3 pages)
Death of Ledger as a poor man; not enough to pay a $20 loan on his house or his burial.
Page   39  
  1813 July 1 . C[atherine] L[ivingston] ALS to W[illiam] L. Watkins; s.l. (3 pages)
Letter carried by a potentially untrustworthy French cook who lives at General Livingston's home. Uncle B's estate.
Page   40  
  1814 January 14 . John Jay ALS to Judith Watkins; Bedford, [New York]. (1 page)
Received payment on a bond and mortgage in trust for Judith; is directing the payment to be given directly to her. She may invest it in bank stock in her own name. Believes that the trust should be completely settled while he and Judith are still alive.
Page   41  
  1816 April 23 . W[illia]m Livingston ALS to "Nephew"; Flat Bush, [New York]. (2 pages)
Regarding proposals for Clarkson's employment in a country store. Cabinet-making.
Page   42  
  1820 May 29 . S[usan] Symmes ALS to Susan Hammersley; Albany, [New York]. (4 pages)
Laments lack of news from Salubria, New York, worried about her sister there [Judith Watkins] and a possible illness in the family. Sent her sister books to aid her work in teaching children religion. Hopes that Eliza Livingston has left Jamaica for good and will raise her children back in the United States. Notes Mrs. Theodore Sedgwick, family visits, Nancy's illness.
Pages   42-43  
  1817 December 7 . John Jay ALS to Sam[ue]l Beebee; Bedford, [New York]. (1 page)
Mrs. Banyer delivered Beebee's letter and will deliver this one from Jay. Pleased that Lydia's health has improved. Compliments to Mrs. Watkins on her daughter's [Lydia Watkins] recent marriage. Thanks to Lydia for the oysters that she sent.
Page   43  
  1820 December 7 . Peter Augustus Jay ALS to Mrs. Symmes; New York [City, New York]. (1 page)
Regarding the partition of his grandfather's lands in the Hardenburgh patent.
Page   44  
  1823 April 30 . Lydia Beekman ALS to Susan [Williamson]; Mount Pleasant. (1 page)
Hopes that her recent issues with her mother and sister are happily resolved. Thoughts on family dissensions and the role of the family in providing comfort in this life. Uncle Beekman and "Uncle Doctor" are not offended by her marrying Charles Williamson.
Page   45  
  1823 August 13 . Peter Augustus Jay ALS to [Judith] Watkins; New York [City, New York]. (1 page)
Enclosing a check for $50.00. Needs it signed and sent to the bank at Amboy. Sorry that the doctor disappointed her. Mrs. Banyer returned to Bedford and Mrs. Jay has gone to Mr. Rutherford's.
Page   46  
  1826 February 20 . [Mary Livingston Linn] AL to Judith Watkins; Troy, New York. (4 pages)
Lengthy reflection on the death of her granddaughter, Louisa. Spoke with Mrs. Symmes about the mortgage; reminded her of her responsibilities as executrix. Discussion of inheritance, including the delivery of papers to Mr. Jay.
Page   47  
  1827 June 7 . M[aria Jay] Banyer ALS to [Judith Watkins]; Bedford, [New York]. (2 pages)
Father [John Jay] has been ill and only sits up an hour or two during the day. Remarks on his disposition. Hopes the "delightful & salubrious air of Hoboken" May restore Lydia's health. Family news. William Jay wishes Maria to thank Judith for sending him "the books." Postscript noting that she enclosed $5.00 for the book that Judith purchased for her.
Page   48  
  1827 August 20 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to Susan Hamersley; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (4 pages)
Steamboat travel in the rain. Stagecoach travel. Has had many visiters since her arrival at home, including [Catharine] Sedgwick. The afterlife; be assured that her beliefs remain orthodox, though she contends "for the unalienable right of private judgment." Unitarian acquaintance. [This letter is missing a section from the bottom of pages 1 and 2]
Page   49  
  1827 November 2 . M[ary Livingston] Linn ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Troy, [New York]. (1 page)
Regarding her daughter's illness, a "nervous complaint." Fears that she will become crippled. Discussion of her care, diet, and constitution. Linn is 75 years old and living "like A Hermit in Exile."
Page   50  
  1828 March 19 . M[ary Livingston] Linn ALS to Judith Watkins; Troy, [New York]. (3 pages)
Weather and family news. Mrs. [Catharine] Sedgwick. Eliza's injured hands and her general health. West Indian ladies in New York. Mourning for Governor Dewitt Clinton.
Pages   51-52  
  1830 January 19 . [Judith Watkins] partial AL to [Susan B. Watkins]; Watkins, [New York]. (2 pages)
Comments on the naming of their village after her husband, noting the unhealthiness of the region making the name he had given it, Salubrio, a misnomer. Dislikes the idea of Anna Maria marrying an older man. Discusses Peggy Eaton and her disapproval of Martin Van Buren's actions in Washington.
Page   53  
  1833 July 23 . [Helen Jay] AL to [Judith Watkins]; Locusts, [New York]. (4 pages)
Notes social visits, her mother building a summer house, fairs being held to benefit missionary work, and illnesses. Reading Stewart's Travels in America.
Page   54  
  1834 May 16 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (4 pages)
Discusses family illnesses and relationships, religious reflections and the purchase of land in Michigan. Acknowledges political fervor. "I should quake for my country at this crisis of affairs, did I not recollect four cases of such great commotion within the last four years, let me see, there was nullification, then the expulsion of the Cherokees from Georgia, then the Tariff now the Banking system..." Alludes to European history and political conflict. Reading "Mrs. Willards Journal" because Theodore is in France, exciting her interest in the region.
Page   55  
  1834 September 5 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
Acknowledges the death of Thomas Hamersley. Notes other illnesses in the family. Reading a biography of Rev. Edward Payson.
Page   56  
  1835 July 6 . J[udith] Watkins ALS to Lucretia E. Hamersley; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (4 pages)
Describes her travels from Oak Hill, where she was visiting family, to Stockbridge where she is with her sister, Susan Symmes. Comments on the local population, their unrefined nature, and respect for a cultured woman. Notes a woman marrying a younger man despite his lack of wealth and her having to forfeit her income. Catherine Sedgewick, Maria S., and Miss Ashburner are at Saratoga.
Page   57  
  1835 August 24 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith Watkins]; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
Mentions commencements, parties, the return of a bridal party from a tour to West Point. News of friends and family, including travels, illnesses, piety.
Page   58  
  1835 November 13 . Susan Symmes ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
Reflects on New York City's great growth. Sorry to hear of Judith's poor health, acknowledging their advanced age and impending deaths. Describes Theodore's difficulties with his feet. References a niece's engagement.
Page   59  
  1836 October 20 . [Susan Symmes] AL to [Judith] Watkins; Stockb[ridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (4 pages)
Comments on "poor Stoutenburghs case," God's forgiveness, and recommending they read religious excerpts to him. Notes family's travels and visits. Asks if Lucretia's "fortune is so bequeathed as to be under the entier control principal & interest of her husband." Enjoys reading "Christian Biography." Briefly mentions shipments of apples to Calcutta, comparing the prices they pay for American produce to the prices Americans pay for pineapples. Includes a painting by Mrs. Theodore Sedgwick for Lucretia E. Rylance,. "An Extract from a fairy-tale for the amusement of sweet little Lucretia." Depicts a young woman bringing a jug of water to an elderly woman.
Page   60  
  1836 November 14 . S[usan] Symmes ALS to [Judith Watkins]; Stockb[ridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
Family member made an impromptu visit to Theodore after receiving a "most desponding" letter. He suffers from a "nervous malady." Recollections of a family she used to live adjacent to. Family news, including the death of William Stoutenburgh's father. Notes some acquaintances staying in France to benefit a woman's health. "It is a great undertaking for women to reside in a Foreign Country without a male Protector." Prefers to look to "books & maps" instead of actually travelling. Mentions how Jay complemented Judith on her writing.
Page   61  
  1836 December 24 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stockb[ridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (4 pages)
Family news. Anxieties brought about by loved ones not writing. Comments on a widow building a house in Brooklyn, New York, for boarders. Notes other affairs concerning family houses, adopting children, and the recent visit of an "Austrian exile, Mr. Albinola," possibly Giovanni Albinola. Has been reading a biography of Henry Vane and lauds the company of books.
Page   62  
  1837 January 11 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith] Watkins; s.l. (4 pages)
Comments on sending letters, Mrs. Banyer giving Mary Edmond money, and Mary agreeing to allow Mrs. Linn and Eliza to board with her. Mentions her disfavor of cities during the summer. Reflects on her advanced age and mortality. Notes the death of General [Jacob] Morton, family visits, and a woman attending "the Jackson Supper to celebrate the anniversary of the battle of N[ew] Orleans." Discusses [Giovanni?] Albinola, an Austrian refugee, and muses on American liberties. Mentions Christmas gifts, gatherings, and trees, and "all the blacks of their acquaintance in Lenox" joining the festivities. Remembers attending festivities in Philadelphia to celebrate the birth of the Dauphin. Note from Lucretia Rylance mentions this party and their family obtaining a miniature portrait of George Washington, accompanied with lockets of George and Martha Washington's hair.
Page   63  
  [no year] December 30 . M[atilda] Watts ALS to [Judith Watkins]; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
Health of [Susan] Symmes and [Judith Watkins]. Inquires after family, wondering if Eliza Stoutenburgh "escaped the epidemic." Sorry to see Mr. and Mrs. Sedwick leave for New York, especially as it leaves them without a male presence in the household.
Page   64  
  1837 May 28 ;   1837 June 8 . Catharine McVickar ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Constableville, New York. (3 pages)
Inquires after the health of Susan [Watkins Hamersley]. The sale of her house has been complicated by "the change in the times," as the purchaser was unable to raise the necessary funds. Asks whether Mr. Beebee and others have suffered in their businesses. Expects to attend Jay's wedding.
Page   65  
  1837 July 2 . [Susan Symmes] and S[usan] Sedgwick ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stockbridge, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
Death of Susan Watkins Hamersley. Comments on social and family visits.
Page   66  
  1837 July 25 . Ann Jay ALS to [Judith] Watkins; London, [England]. (3 pages)
Responds to news of Susan Watkins Hamersley's death, commenting on grief and religion. Notes other illnesses and difficulties among family and friends. Mentions family visits and travels.
Page   67  
  1837 November 8 . Ann Jay ALS to [Judith] Watkins; New York, [New York]. (2 pages)
Mentions Judith Watkins' staying in Flushing and her daughter's anxiety about having her come to New York City. Family news.
Page   68  
  1837 December 4 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stock[bridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
References Susan Watkins Hamersley's death. Asks for information on Judith's health. Comments on her stay in Pittsfield with family. Reflections on advanced age, religion, mortality.
Page   69  
  1838 April 7 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stock[bridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
In poor spirits. Notes illness in the family, particularly Matlida Watts' case of influenza which two of her servants also caught. Expecting the death of Mary Linn's grandson. Comments on a struggle over an estate and local religious revivals. Will pay Judith's postage once the bank resumes specie payments.
Page   70  
  1838 April 19 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stockb[ridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
Family news, travels, and health. Charles' wife and daughter went to Philadelphia to visit [Fanny Kemble] Butler. "Ever thing has undergone a change during my long life, when I was a girl an Actress & a kept mistress were nearly synonomous terms." Reflects on religion and old age.
Page   71  
  1838 May 29 . S[usan] Symmes ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stockb[ridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
Family health and visits. Estate dispute has been settled favorably. Feeling isolated on account of deafness and speech impediments caused by the loss of teeth. Reflects on mortality.
Page   72  
  Undated . [Susan Symmes] partial AL to [Judith Watkins]; s.l. (1 page)
Comments on old age and trying not to be burdensome. Mentions Baptiste Noel's Meditations in Sickness and Old Age and Thomas Robinson's Scripture Characters .
Page   73  
  1838 September 19 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stockb[ridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
Notes an alarming family illness. Mentions past family deaths and her displeasure with the possibility of a Jay woman marrying a man whose mother was tried for infanticide. Discusses old age, death, religion. Pleased with Knickerbocker's History of New York and how it reminds her "of the old dutch fashions I used to observe in my youthful days at Flatbush." Currently reading Lydia Maria Child's History of the Condition of Women .
Page   74  
  1839 August 17 . S[usan] S[ymmes] ALS to [Judith Watkins]; Stockb[ridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (4 pages)
Mentions the Jay residence at Rye, New York. News of the Sedgwick family's travels in Europe. Family news and health. Has been reading Harvey Newcomb's The Closet: Being an Aid to Private Devotion and other religious texts. Religious reflections.
Page   75  
  1839 August 27 . J[udith] Watkins ALS to Susan Symmes; Rye, [New York]. (4 pages)
Describes her routines, including going for carriage rides, social visits, "reading new publications," and taking baths. Comments on dinners, parties, and improvements being made to the Jay property at Rye. Makes possible references to an African American servant, Ceaser. Comments on a man whom "cousin Maria" lent money for coal speculation, wooed a young woman with polite manners and proclaiming descent from Governor Livingston, and left her destitute. References her will.
Page   76  
  1839 November 21 . S[usan] Symmes ALS to [Judith] Watkins; Stockb[ridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
Comments on the death of Theodore Sedgwick and the lessons imparted by hardships. Mentions Mary Edmond's brother returning to Wisconsin. Recently recived a large collection of her letters to her sister, Mary Linn.
Page   77  
  1882 January . L[ucretia] E. H[amersley] R[ylance] Ms.; New York, [New York]. (1 page)
Notes the discovery of the letters in "the garret of my Aunt Beebee's house." Her aunt burned the remainder of the letters Rylance did not take.
Page   78  
  Undated . Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
"My Maternal Grandmother's Father's Arms." A pencil tracing of William Livingston's coat of arms.
Page   79  
  Undated . Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
"My Maternal Grandfather's Mother's Arms." Colored pen and ink illustration of the Stilwell coat of arms.
Page   80  
  1882 Feburary 14 . Maunsell Van Renselaer ALS to [Lucretia E. Hamersley] Rylance; Geneva, New York. (2 pages)
Enclosing copies of the Stilwell coat of arms. "The coloured one is unfinished, as you will observe, & Miss Clarke sends it only to show the proper colours, if you desire to have it painted." Has a letter of "our great-grandfather Watkins" written from Wales during the Revoulution. Mentions obtaining likenesses of relatives.
Page   81  
  Undated . Cabinet Card photograph and Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
Cabinet card of a painting of Mrs. Mercy Stillwell, Lucretia Rylance's "great grat grandmother on the Watkins' side." Includes genealogical notes on Mercy Stillwell and her husband Richard Stillwell.
Page   82  
  1882 February 18 . M[aunsell] Van Renselaer ALS to [Lucretia E. Hamersley] Rylance; Geneva, [New York]. (3 pages)
Speculates about the image she found of Mercy Stillwell. Surprised that Kirby's cannot locate the negatives of a picture of Mrs. Watkins. Enclosing a letter [not present] written by their great-uncle, Dr. Samuel Watkins.
Page   83  
  Undated . Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
"Offspring of one hundred years from Richard and Mercy Stilwell." Family tree copied from a manuscript written by Samuel Watkins, possibly in March 1816, and sent to Lucretia E. Hamersley Rylance by Maunsell Van Renselaer.
Pages   84-85  
  Undated . Ms; s.l. (2 pages)
"Extract from 'Holland House' by Princess Marie Liechenstein." Descriptions of Henry Richard, third Lord Holland, and Elizabeth, Lady Holland, and some genealogical notes. Includes a brief note on Lady Maria Theresea Barrington, "first cousin to Grandpa Watkins."
Page   86  
  1839 July 4 . Susan Symmes MsS; Stockb[ridg]e, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
"A Recipe against growing cold--or Advice from an old Lady to a young Lady." Poem about aging and living well written by Susan Symmes at the age of 91.
Page   87  
  Undated . S[usan] Ridley Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
"Written by Miss S. Ridley while on a visit at her uncle Wm Livingston's Flat Land." Poem, possibly about family members.
Page   88  
  Undated . Ms.; s.l. (4 pages)
"Notes from 'Memoirs of the Stilwell Family' by Benj. M. Stilwell." Genealogical information for the Stilwell family, including the origins of the family name. Includes an extract from the Visitor's Book at Washington's Head Quarters, made August 8, 1885, concerning a document signed by William Livingston and a visit made by his descendents.
Page   89  
  Undated . Ms.; s.l. (1 page)
Brief family tree tracing descendents from Governor William Livingston.
  Undated . Lucretia [E.] Hamersley Rylance Ms.; New York, [New York]. (1 page)
Notes on Judith Livingston Watkins and brief history of the Livingston and Watkins families. "Thus, on my Grandmother's side I am dscended from a family whom the King delighted to honor, and on my Grandfather's side from a family whose ancestor signed his death-warrant."
  Undated . Printed docs. and Ms.; s.l. (3 items)
A newspaper clipping concerning Livingston genealogy, a coat of arms for the Jay family, and a note about Judith Livingston Watkins and her father.