John Holcombe III papers  1942-1946 (bulk 1942-1945)
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Tailyour Family (post-1815) [series]
Correspondence [subseries]

Scope note: The correspondence of the Tailyour family after 1815 is diverse. Many are letters from friends to unnamed recipients. Others are family telegraphs, which contain brief information, including traveling details, etc. The war letters are written to and from a long line of Tailyour men, who served in the military.

Box   10  
Copp, R.,  1 February 1885 and  undated (2 items)
Fenn, J F,  17 December 1868 (1 item)
Lear, Edward,  24 April 1880 (1 item)
Poynar, L.,  4 January 1864 (1 item)
Ramsay, Robert,  19 March-17 June 1864 (2 items)
Smith, William,  5 January 1868 (1 item)
Tailyour Family telegraphs & newspaper clippings,  undated (5 items)
Tailyour, Hercules,  29 March 1911 (1 item)
Tailyour, K. H,  4 January 1921 (1 item)
Tailyour, William & S. Scott Robinson,  3-27 August 1970 ( 1 item)
Taylor, George,  13 August 1868 (1 item)
Taylor, Simon,  22 May 1861-11 February 1864 (23 items)
War Letters,  23 October 1819-7 October 1920 (26 items)
Watson, Robert,  undated (1 item)
Wood, Marian,  14 May-17 July 1959 (2 items)
Military [subseries]

Scope note: The Tailyour family had a long tradition of military service, beginning in the nineteenth century. The collection contains military commissions and promotional records of George Robert, George H. F., and Kenneth R. H. Tailyour; a number of World War I prisoner-of-war records from Germany, including the envelopes issued by the German government to the soldiers; and World War I ration books. Also included are Mrs. H. Tailyour's journals from 1914 to 1917, with notes on the letters she received, daily news reports (often in several quick sentences), stamps she collected (and their value), war news, and assorted newspaper clippings. Finally, two nineteenth-century military books pertain to naval signals and insignia patterns.

Military Commissions,  11 July 1864-29 January 1925 (6 items)
Military and war paraphernalia,  undated (22 items)
Prisoner-of-war records, WWI (15 items)
Ration Books, WWI (13 items)
Tailyour, Mrs. H. WWI Journal,  August-September 1914 (1 item)
Tailyour, Mrs. H. WWI Journal,  October-December 1914 (1 item)
Tailyour, Mrs. H. WWI Journal,  1914-1915 (1 item)
Tailyour, Mrs. H. WWI Journal,  1915 (1 item)
Tailyour, Mrs. H. WWI Journal,  1915-1916 (1 item)
Tailyour, Mrs. H. WWI Journal,  1917 (1 item)
Naval Code Signals, Simon Taylor,  1832 (1 item)
Scrapbook with military insignia,  late 1800s (1 item)
Genealogy and Probate [subseries]

Scope note: The genealogical records include birth and baptismal records, marriage and death records, and legal documents. A large family pedigree shows a very detailed and complete sketch of the Tailyour family. The genealogical notes and descriptions vary from simple sketches to notes on family history.Most of the probate records concern John Tailyour and his estates. The majority of these focus on the years immediately following his death, although there are some receipts of interest earned on the estate for several decades after his death. The will of Mary Watson, a member of one of the Tailyour family branches, is also included.

Box   11  
Birth and Baptismal Records,  6 February 1851-15 October 1904 (7 items)
Marriage Records,  11 May 1841-25 March 1971 (5 items)
Death Records,  19 November 1921-17 May 1960 (3 items)
Legal Records,  18 September 1924 (1 item)
Genealogical Descriptions,  undated (9 items)
Genealogical Descriptions,  11 August 1870-14 October 1964 (9 items)
Genealogical Notes,  undated (13 items)
Genealogical Tables,  undated (16 items)
Family Pedigree,  undated (1 item)    [Note: In separate tube.]
Box   11  
Taylor, John, Balmanna Estate,   November 1804-26 October 1815 (20 items)
Taylor, John, Estate Interest Receipts,  30 April 1806-30 April 1816 (1 item)
Taylor, John,  2 September 1816-1 March 1819 (7 items)
Taylor, Robert, Estate Interest Receipts,  30 April 1817-14 December 1843 (29 items)
Watson, Mary, Will, 8 March 1888 (1 item)
Printed Materials [subseries]

Scope note: The printed sources in the collection are somewhat random in scope. They include a book by Hardy Bertram McCall, Memoirs of My Ancestors, about the McCall family. It is largely a biographical and genealogical sketch of the family in the nineteenth century. Two items concern the Tailyour estates: one is a description of the estates, and the other is an early-20th-century notice for the sale of Kirktonhill that includes photographs and descriptions of the estate. A number of newspaper clippings relate to the family.

McCall, Hardy Bertram, Memoirs of My Ancestors,  1884 (1 item)
Marykirk & Kirktonhill, Descriptions,  22 November 1901-11 May 1923 (2 items)
Newspaper Clippings (14 items)
Miscellaneous (12 items)
Illustrations, Artwork, and Poetry [subseries]

Scope note: Several hand-drawn illustrations from the nineteenth century include two sketches of sailing vessels; one is a royal insignia, and another is a hunting cabin in Scotland. Fourteen engravings of fashion portraits (primarily French fashion styles) are hand colored. Two silhouettes are dated 1830. The poetry consists of loose pages of poetry and George Taylor's book of poems. One book contains a detailed, hand-colored blueprint for a tower. Two sketch-books were created by Kenneth R. H. Tailyour in his younger years. The drawings include still-life and natural scenes, as well as hand-drawn comics and humorous sketches.

Fashion Engravings,  circa 1815-1820 (14 items)
Sailing Vessel Illustrations,  circa 1820 (2 items)
Taylor, George, Hunting Cabin Illustration,  circa 1850 (1 item)
Royal Sketches,  undated (1 item)
Silhouettes by Edouart,  1830 (2 items)
Poetry,  undated (7 items)
Taylor, George, Book with poetry,  undated (1 item)
Architectural Plans for a tower,  undated (1 item)
Tailyour, KRH, Sketch Book,  25 December 1917 (1 item)
Tailyour, KRH, Sketch Book,   January 1920 (1 item)
Photographs [subseries]

Scope note: The photographs in this collection center mainly on the Tailyour family. Though a number of still-life pictures of street-scenes and animals are represented, most photographs are portraits of individuals. A number have been marked with identifications, but most remain unmarked, and in some cases the identity cannot be determined. Kenneth R. H. Tailyour and his immediate family are the subjects of most of the photographs. Kenneth Tailyour was the father of William Tailyour, who donated this collection to the Clements Library. The family photos are of Kenneth Tailyour's siblings, Joan, Ian Stewart, William Gordon, and Norman Hastings; his parents, George Robert and Ada Tailyour; and his grandfather, George H. F. Tailyour.

Buildings and Street Scenes (8 items)
Dogs (2 items)
Horses-Hunting & Sport (7 items)
Horses-Portraits (18 items)
Negatives (7 items)
Cartwright, Pam & Tailyour, Toby (1 item)
McEwen, Robert (1 item)
Scrupster, Mary Margaret (1 item)
Tailyour, Ada Hutchenson (2 items)
Tailyour, George H. F. (36 items)
Tailyour, Kenneth R. H. (18 items)
Tailyour, Robert (1 item)
Tailyour Family (K. R. H. and Ian Stewart) (6 items)
Taylor, George (2 items)
Taylor, Mary (1 item)
Taylor, Robert (1 item)
Unknown (56 items)
Unknown (Military) (21 items)
Tailyour, George Robert,  circa 1909 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (George Robert, KRH, and Ian Stewart),  circa 1909 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (George Robert, George H. F., Ada, KRH, and Ian Stewart),  circa 1909 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (George Robert, George H. F. and K. R. H.),  circa 1910 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (Ada, K. R. H. and George Robert),  circa 1910 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (K. R. H., Ian Stewart and Joan),  circa 1912 (2 items)
Tailyour, Ian Stewart,  circa 1913 (1 item)
Tailyour, Norman Hastings,  circa 1915 (3 items)
Tailyour Family (KRH, Ian Stewart, Joan, William Gordon and Norman Hastings),  circa 1915 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (Ada, K. R. H. and Norman Hastings),  circa 1916 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (Ada, K. R. H., Ian Stewart and William Gordon),  circa 1916 (4 items)
Tailyour Family (Ada, K. R. H., and Norman Hastings),  circa 1916 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (George H. F., Ada, Ian Stewart, William Gordon and Norman Hastings),  circa 1918 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (George H. F., K. R. H., Ian Stewart, William Gordon and Norman Hastings),  circa 1918 (1 item)
Tailyour Family (K. R. H. & Danise),  circa 1940 (2 items)
Tailyour Family (K. R. H., Danise, Hazel and Ian Stewart),  circa 1965 (2 items)
Miscellaneous Photographs (5 items)
Miscellaneous (3 items)
Ephemera [subseries]

Scope note: The ephemera include postage stamps, menus, recipes, and especially postcards. Some postcards depict royal events and daily life. Most of the postcards, however, relate to the family foxhunts in the mid-nineteenth century. Each postcard is an announcement of a foxhunt.

Box   12  
Food, Menus, Recipes (6 items)
Postage Stamps (4 items)
Postcards-Assorted (30 items)
Postcards-Foxhunts,  8 November 1852-16 March 1869 (98 items)
Realia [subseries]

Scope note: The realia in the Tailyour Papers include Robert Taylor's quill pen, a mini dictionary, and a mathematical and counting table.

Box   13  
Two plastic sticks
Port wine tag
Carrying sack
Rivet,  circa 1939
"Do Not Disturb" sign
Counting Aid
Mathematics table
Mini Dictionary,  circa 1850
Rock with attached paper
Race Club Medallion,  1932
Two 25 cmes from France,  1924,  1926
Collar with bell
Mini wooden shoe
"Madeira" stamp
"W" and "P" stamp
Small powder horn
Large powder horn
Lead ball
Box   14  
Taylor, Robert, Quill pen (from Account Ledger, 1826)
Audiovisual Materials [subseries]

Scope note: The audio-visual material includes two items. One is a compact disc recording of an interview of Clements Library Director, John Dann, by Todd Mundt for "The Todd Mundt Show" on National Public Radio. In the interview, Dann describes the acquisition of the Tailyour Papers. The other is a collection of photographs showing the Tailyour Papers as they were when they arrived at the Clements Library, and some photographs of the papers in the process of being sorted. Included within this set are a number of photographs of the reception held for the acquisition of the collection, which features John Dann, William Tailyour, the donor of the collection, Clements library curators and staff, as well as University of Michigan faculty.

Box   12  
Audio CD of John Dann on the Todd Mundt Show
Photos of collection when it arrived, and reception for William Tailyour
Miscellaneous [subseries]

Scope note: Miscellanea include a catalogue of books from the early nineteenth century; Robert Taylor's commonplace book; an address book (probably early twentieth century); and James Tailyour's Style and Form Book (1771), including stories, poems, and writing samples; and Ada Tailyour's communion book, which contains written notations.

Catalogue of Robert Taylor's Books,  1817 (1 item)
Robert Taylor's Commonplace Book,  1842-1843 (1 item)
Miscellaneous Address Book (1 item)
Miscellaneous Communion Book, Ada Hutchenson Tailyour,  20 May 1896 (1 item)
Miscellaneous (14 items)
Box   13  
James Tailyour's Style & Form Book,  1771
Penny Black Stamps    [Note: Located in Accounts, Expense Accounts, 1841-1842 and Accounts, Expense Accounts, 1842-1843.]