Antigua collection  1719-1749
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Antigua collection,  1719-1739 [series]
Certified copy of Charles Hedges' Public accounts  1719 (4 pp.)
"A List of Fees belonging to the Secretary's Office at Antigua accustomed for a great number of years, delivered by Mr. [Wavell] Smith to the Governor and Council  1732 and by them given to [Ashton] Warner and the Committee of the Assembly, who returned it to the Council with the remarkes in the margin," (14 pp.)
"The case of Wavell Smith and Savile Cust, Secretary and Clerk of the Crown of the Leeward Isles"  1735 (4 pp.)
"Minute of Council and Schedule of Papers"   May 30, 1735 (3 pp.)
"Report of the Committee of Assembly appointed to examine the accounts of W. Smith"   August 23, 1735 (3 pp.)
Depositions of Thomas Kerby, about the secretary's office  1735 (9 pp.)
Deposition of Edward Jessup, Dep. Provost Marshall  1737 (2 pp.)
De la Court Walsh for pay while in secretary's office  1739 (3 pp.)
George Lucas regarding fees accruing to the secretary (6 pp.)