John Calef memorials and petitions  1766-1782
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Memorials and Petitions [series]
1. Resolves of the House of Commons and an extract of a circular letter from Secretary H.S. Conway to His Majesty's Governors in America,  1766
2. Proclamation: By the Commanding Officer of the State Troops in the three Eastern Counties in the State of Massachusetts Bay, Brigadier General Hoadsworth,  1780
3. Copy of letters to Lord George Germain, London,  1780
4. Memorial and Petition of John Calef to the Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury,  1782
5. Memorandum to Lord George Germain, Principle Secretary of State,  1782
6. Memorial and Petition to Thomas Townshend, Principle Secretary of State, Memorial, Revival of an earlier request,  1782
7. Letter to Thomas Townshend,  1782
8. Copies of letters from Governor Hutchinson (1772); Thomas Gage (1782); Thomas Fluker, Secretary of Massachusetts Bay (1781); Thomas Goldthwait, Secretary of War for Massachusetts Bay (1781); and Captain Henry Mowat, Commander of the Sloop Albany (1780).
9. Estimate of Calef's personal losses sustained by rebels,  1768-1780
10. Note on the property of John Perkins on supposition of defection, no date
11. Calef's Remarks on the Eastern Country of Massachusetts Bay,  1780
12. Memorial and Petition on behalf of John Calef, John Perkins, Joseph Perkins, and Mark Hatch to Shelburne, one of His Majesty's principle Secretaries of State, no date