Valley Forge Headquarters orderly book  1778
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Collection Scope and Content Note

The William Larimer collection contains 46 letters, postcards, and newspaper clippings related to William Henry Harrison Larimer; his parents, William Larimer and Rachel McMasters Larimer; his sister, Rachel Larimer Mellon; his daughter, Ann Larimer; and his son-in-law, George H. Gallagher. The letters concern courtship, travel in Kansas and Missouri, and other topics.

James R. Mellon of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, wrote 8 letters to William H. H. Larimer, his brother-in-law, between June 10, 1889, and July 23, 1890. He commented on family news, finances, real estate, and potential construction projects in Kansas City, Missouri.

George H. Gallagher wrote 5 letters to Ann E. Larimer (March 27, 1899-February 10, 1901); he also wrote 4 letters to her parents, William H. H. and Mattie Larimer (May 7, 1899-July 14, 1899) and received 1 letter from Mattie Larimer, which included a message from Ann (postmarked May 2, 1899). Most letters pertain to the Larimers' reaction to, and concerns about, their daughter's engagement; Gallagher expressed his desire to gain their approval. After the marriage, he wrote his wife about his travels in Oklahoma and Missouri (February 9, 1901). Ann Larimer Gallagher wrote 4 letters to her parents, including 3 concerning her travels in Europe during the spring of 1905.

William H. H. Larimer wrote 15 letters to his daughter and son-in-law (August 24, 1903-July 17, 1908), sometimes enclosing newspaper clippings. His letters concern finances, advice for his daughter, and news from Kansas City, Missouri; Mattie Larimer contributed to his letter of April 2, 1907. Larimer also wrote 4 letters to Mattie in June 1905 (3 items) and July 1907 (1 item) and 2 letters to his sister Rachel and his brother-in-law, James Mellon (November 30, 1907; July 5, 1908). Larimer's letters to his wife pertain to his travels in Kansas and the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma).

Additional items include a printed letter from the Larimer-Stagner-Peironnet Live Stock Commission Company to their customers (January 1, 1905) and an undated postcard with a drawing of the "first house in Denver," which General William Larimer, William H. H. Larimer's father, constructed in 1858. The collection includes 2 newspaper clippings: an article about pioneers' reminiscences in old age, with information about William H. H. Larimer ("Talk with and Old Timer," June 17, 1895), and Larimer's obituary from the Kansas City Journal-Post (May 25, 1910).


  • Mellon Brothers Real Estate
  • "The Barker," Omaha, Nebraska (illustrated)
  • "The Montana," Anaconda, Montana (illustrated)
  • The Larimer-Stagner-Peironnet Live Stock Commission Company, Kansas City, Missouri (illustrated)
  • USMS Philadelphia (illustrated)
  • Carl-Leon Hotel, Independence, Kansas (illustrated)
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