Valley Forge Headquarters orderly book  1778
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Volume   1  
Valley Forge Headquarters orderly book,  1778 [series]
Pages   1-5  
 January 20, 1778: Courts-martial for a "breach of duties."
Page   5  
 January 24, 1778: Provisions and rations for the troops.
Page   6  
 January 25, 1778: Orders that "No officer is subject to be tried by a Brigade of Division Court Martial unless he consents thereto..." The entry also contains details on a court-martial for Captain Zane of the 15th Virginia Regiment "for acting in a cowardly manner when sent on a scouting party by ordering his men to retreat, when he had a considerable advantage over the enemy..."
Pages   7-10  
 January 26, 1778: On the price and distribution of liquors (peach brandy, whiskey, apple brandy, cider, strong beer, common beer, and vinegar).
Pages   10-11  
 January 27, 1778: Ammunition to be deposited into the hands of the troops.
Pages   11-14  
 January 28, 1778: Details on "extraordinary and unaccountable waste of ammunition." Also details on a courts-martial for: William MacIntosh, from the 7th Pennsylvania Battalion for robbing a load of wheat from Colonel Spencer's waggoners; for William Dearlove of the 4th Pennsylvania Regiment for stealing money, and for a man from the 8th Virginia Regiment who was a drummer in Colonel Lamb's Battalion.
Page   15  
 January 29, 1778: Cleanliness inspection.
Pages   16-17  
 January 30, 1778: Courts-martial of the 12th Pennsylvania Regiment for theft and desertion. Also a plea for clemency for corporal punishment fo a prisoner because he "sustained good character." The entry also contains a brigade order concerning liquor purchasing.
Page   18  
 January 31, 1778: Calls for parade duty.
Pages   18-19  
 February 1, 1778: Calls for a quartermaster's meeting. The entry also contains a Congress resolution from June 10, 1777 concerning military arrests.
Page   20  
 February 2, 1778: A systematic collection of broken and worn-out axes.
Page   21  
 February 3, 1778: A report circulating that a Mr. Jones had granted a pass to a woman who carried 3 pounds of butter into Philadelphia.
Pages   21-23  
 February 4, 1778: Court-martial for a soldier in the 1st New Jersey Regiment for desertion and enlisting again as a substitute. Also: "The most Pernicious consequences having arisen from persons, women in particular being allowed to pass & repass from Philadelphia to camp, under pretense of coming out to visit their friends in the army, & returning with necessities for their families, but, really, with an intent to intice the soldiers to desert...[officers must forbid] the soldiers, under the severest penalties, from having any communication with such persons."
Pages   23-25  
 February 5, 1778: A resolution from Congress ( June 10, 1777) concerning accounts for rations.
Pages   25-27  
 February 6, 1778: Court-martial for officer William Williams of the 13th Virginia Regiment, for buying a soldier's shoes ("and thereby rendering the soldier unfit for service'), for messing and sleeping with the soldiers, and for taking bread from soldiers without paying them for it. Brigade order: concerning the resale of liquor.
Page   27  
 February 7, 1778: Accounting for the morning guard duty.
Pages   28-36  
 February 8, 1778: A call for an officer meeting concerning rations, also detailing marching orders, and a number of courts-martial for theft, carrying food to Philadelphia, supplying intelligence to the enemy, attempting to drive cattle to the enemy, steeling sheep and selling them to a butcher in Philadelphia.
Page   36  
 February 9, 1778: Punishments were postponed because of weather.
Pages   36-38  
 February 10, 1778: Joseph Ogden was appointed clerk to the market.
Pages   38-39  
 February 11, 1778: Court-martial for Israel Davis of Colonel Wigglesworth's regiment for defrauding the army of extra pay.
Pages   39-41  
 February 12, 1778: Court-martial for Captain Lane, for ordering a retreat in a cowardly manner while scouting; and calls for a parade.
Pages   41-42  
 February 13, 1778: Request for a meeting between Colonel Byard and Mr. Jones, in front of General Wayne's division.
Page   42  
 February 14, 1778: Ebenezer Smith appointed as paymaster.
Pages   42-45  
 February 15, 1778: A call for officers to meet at General Sullivan's quarters and other management information.
Pages   45-46  
 February 16, 1778: Organization of a grand Parade in Lancaster, acquittal by a court-martial for General Glover in General Patterson's Brigade.
Pages   46-49  
 February 18, 1778: Court-martial of John Rust of the 10th Virginia Regiment for acting drunk and aggravating Lieutenant Brandwater by striking him and for beating a fellow officer on the Sabbath. Brigade order for mustering in the morning.
Pages   49-50  
 February 19, 1778: Liquor regulations.
Pages   50-51  
 February 20, 1778: Consideration of the promotion of Michael Ryan in the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment to the rank of major.
Page   51  
 February 21, 1778: No orders.
Pages   52-55  
 February 22, 1778: Supply of rice and "Indian meal" for the camp; instructions for keeping supply and ration returns for every month, and details of courts-martial for desertions to the enemy, and for striking a corporal while drunk.
Page   55  
 February 23, 1778: No orders.