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Winston Churchill Collection [series]
Box   1  
  1889 July 11 . Randolph S[pencer] Churchill ALS to [John] Henniker Heaton; [London, England]. ( 4 pages)
Responding to Heaton's request for Churchill to speak; refuses because of short notice and he had been previously offended by Akers Douglas & Co.
  1900 September 11 . Winston S. Churchill TLS to James B. Pond; [London, England]. ( 3 pages)
To lecture manager, James Pond, in anticipation of his first visit to the United States and Canada. Offers preferences and suggestions. With handwritten revisions.
  1929 February 25 . [Edward George Villiers Stanley, Earl of] Derby TLS to Colonel W. H. Stott; Lancashire, [England]. ( 1 page)
Received Winston Churchill's letter regarding the liability of Stott for demands against him by the Inland Revenue. Enclosed: February 7, 1929 letter by Churchill.
  1942 November 17 . E. M. Watson TLS to Lucie James; Whitehall, [London]. ( 1 page)
Acknowledging the receipt of historic plates sent to Winston Churchill and Eleanor Roosevelt.
  1943 January 9 . Clementine S. Churchill TLS to Lucie James; Whitehall, [London]. ( 1 page)
Thanking Miss James for the historic plate sent to Winston Churchill "in memory of the events of November 1942."
Delivered   February 26, 1946 . [Winston S. Churchill] Typed speech with manuscript alterations; [Miami, Florida]. ( 15 pages)
Speech written and delivered by Winston Churchill at the University of Miami. Acceptance of a degree as Doctor of Law. This is the copy he used at the podium, with corrections and interlineations in his own hand.
  1946 February 26 , and   1946 May . Supplemental material pertaining to Winston L.S. Churchill's speech at the University of Miami; [Miami, Florida]. ( 3 items)
Two glossy 8"x10" photographs of Winston Churchill at the University of Miami ceremony. Reprint of Association of American Colleges Bulletin, Volume XXXII, no. 2, May 1946.
  1956 July 6 . L[eo] Sylvester Sullivan ALS to "Eva"; London, [England]. ( 4 pages)
From architect L. Sylvester Sullivan. Mentions crayons he sent her, a holiday in France, and a letter from Barbara in Montréal. A postscript notes that around 1902 Sullivan lived in the chambers occupied by Kipling when he wrote "The Light that Failed," and that from the window he could hear Winston Churchill practicing his speeches to Parliament to overcome his stutter.
  Undated . Winston S. Churchill Autograph. ( 1 page)
Holograph signature of Winston S. Churchill on a 1 15/16"x4.25" card.
Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
  1965 January 25 . The New York Times with Special Supplement