Norton Strange Townshend family papers  1807-1995
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Genealogical Research [series]
Genealogical correspondence [subseries]

Scope note: Much of the family history of the Townshend and Dodge families was pieced together through letters written among family members. Some of the correspondence pertains to a possible link between the Townshends and the Townshends of Raynham Hall.

 25 April 1899-7 July 1929
 17 January 1932-4 October 1934
 5 October 1934-27 January 1937
 16 August 1940-1 November 1945
 5 November 1945-28 May 1947
 3 July 1947-11 February 1948
4-31 March 1948
31 March-16 April 1948
4 August-7 September 1948
7-8 September 1948
 10 September 1948-3 January 1949
 7 January 1949-8 March 1950
 9 November 1951-4 May 1956
 4 May 1956-30 January 1960
 24 March 1960-2 February 1966
 8 March 1967-2 March 1969
 2 March-25 December 1969
 2 February-3 October 1970
 25 January 1971-3 December 1973
 27 December 1973-23 October 1976
 12 June-25 September 1980
 12 October 1980-14 October 1983
 28 November 1983-27 May 1985
 29 June 1985-24 September 1990
 8 May 1991-13 September 1995
Genealogical Information [subseries]

Scope note: The genealogical information subseries is arranged primarily by family. It contains family trees, essays, and materials collected about each family’s history, including commercially produced family histories for some of the lines. The Bailey line files contain the family history of Norton Townshend’s second wife, Margaret Bailey. Information on the Wing line relates to ancestors of Charles Wing, husband of Townshend’s daughter, Alice. The Wood line is comprised of information on the family of Townshend’s first wife, Harriet. The general genealogy information file is comprised of tips on genealogical research and tools useful to the genealogist, collected by the avid genealogists of the Townshend and Dodge families. Research by Alice Dodge Wallace, great-granddaughter of Norton Townshend, includes a number of note-cards with information on her ancestors and family members. Research by Wallace’s research consultant, Dr. M. Susan Barger is contained in a 450-page document which illuminates in great detail the many lines of the Townshend, Dodge, Wing, Hyde, and related families.

Townshend line (2 folders)
Box   36  
Townshend line (4 folders)
Bailey line (2 folders)
Easterly line
Wing line (4 folders)
Wood line (3 folders)
Dodge line (8 folders)
Box   37  
Dodge line, (8 folders)   

Dodge genealogy book is located in Oversize

Hyde line (5 folders)
Donaghue line
General genealogy information (3 folders)
Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) materials   

DAR and SAR certificates are located in Oversize

Research by Alice Dodge Wallace (5 folders)
Box   38  
Research by Dr. M. Susan Barger (4 folders)