Norton Strange Townshend family papers  1807-1995
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Topical Files, c.  1840-1900 [subseries]

Scope note: The topical files are comprised of materials collected on a variety of subjects by Norton Strange Townshend. Topics are arranged alphabetically. Especially voluminous are his files on the Civil War, which include inspection forms of prisons filled out by Townshend, circular letters to medical inspectors and surgeons, instructions and orders, and official correspondence. Also of interest are the "Fliers for Lectures," which document some of the venues and topics of Townshend’s many public speeches, and his files on "Abolition," "Liberty Party," and "Republican Party," which contain printed matter relating to these topics, revealing to some extent the day-to-day functioning of local antislavery organizations. Townshend’s file on the "Ohio State Asylum for the Education of Idiotic and Imbecile Youth" contains information on the institution’s founding, an application for admission, ephemera, and a set of meeting minutes for a policy meeting in which Townshend participated. Files on Ohio Agricultural & Mechanical College/Ohio State University and Ohio State Agricultural Experiment Station document the early history, policies, and actions of these institutions.

Abolition,  1840s-1850s
Advertisements, includes advertisement for Thomas Easterly’s studio,  1850s-1890s (2 folders)
Agriculture, c.  1860s-1880s (4 folders)
Centennial Board of Finance,  1876
Chase, Salmon P. (includes Chase’s 1847 lecture, "Emancipation in the British West Indies")
Civil War,  1863-1866
Circular letters (13 folders)
Box   22  
Official correspondence (7 folders)
Orders and instructions (6 folders)
Reports (3 folders)
Miscellaneous (includes partially printed card, permitting Norton Townshend to remain in St. Louis, Missouri, February 1864) (2 folders)
Columbus Horticultural Society
General, c.  1820-1868
Course Admission Tickets,  1839-1840 (2 folders)
Freedmen’s Aid Commissions, c.  1865-1870
Kirtland, Jared and Kirtland Society,  1845,  1877 (2 folders)
Lecture Fliers
 1886-1888, [n.d.]
Medicine,  1863-1865
Oberlin College,  1850
Ohio Agricultural College,  1854-1855 (2 folders)
Box   23  
Ohio Agricultural College, cont’d (1 folder)
Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station,  1880-1882
Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College/Ohio State University,  1877-1883 (3 folders)
Ohio State Asylum for the Education of Idiotic and Imbecile Youth,  1857-c. 1860s (2 folders)
Poetry, [n.d.]
General, c.  1840-1851 (2 folders)
Bills,  1862
State Archaeological Association of Ohio,  1875-1885 (3 folders)
Student Writings, c.  1880s (4 folders)
Temperance, [n.d.]
Townshend Hall,  1890s (5 folders)
Miscellany, c.  1850s-1880s