Norton Strange Townshend family papers  1807-1995
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Biographical Information and Articles,  1850s-1994 [subseries]

Scope note: This subseries consists of clippings and articles, both contemporary and posthumous, containing biographical information on Norton Strange Townshend. Materials are arranged chronologically and shed light on the basic facts of Townshend’s life, as well as on his involvement in education, the suffrage movement in Ohio, and other reform pursuits. Of particular interest to researchers are the sketches written by family members (including Margaret Bailey Townshend, Harriet N. Townshend, and H. Percy Boynton), which reveal Townshend more intimately through recollections and impressions. Also of note are five folders of newspaper obituaries located at the end of the subseries.

"The Convention and Its Men" ( 1850)
Box   20  
Clippings, c.  1850s-1870s
Clippings, c.  1870s-1880s (2 folders)
Clippings, c.  1880s (2 folders)
Clippings, c.  1890s (2 folders)
"Sketch of Professor N.S. Townshend" (3 folders of duplicates)
"Life of Dr. N.S. Townshend" ( 1894)
"Norton S. Townshend" by Margaret Bailey Townshend, Townshend’s wife ( 1898)
"A Brief History" ( 1899)
"Judge Stevens’ Address" ( 1906)
"Norton Strange Townshend" by Harriet Norton Townshend, Townshend’s daughter ( 1907)
"Commencement at Ohio State University" ( 1909)
"Little Stories of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Ohio" ( 1918)
"The First Faculty" by Thomas Mendenhall ( 1920)
"A Famous Immigrant" by Sylvia Boynton ( 1931)
"In Recording the English Boyhood…" by H. Percy Boynton, Townshend’s grandson ( 1940)
"To Fulfill a Wish Often Expressed" by H. Percy Boynton ( 1940)
"A Doctor of the Old School" by George C. Jameson ( 1942)
"History of Oberlin College (excerpt)" by Robert Samuel Fletcher( 1943)
"An Early American Crusader" by John F. Cunningham ( 1944)
"Norton Strange Townshend--Physician, Legislator, ‘Father of American Agricultural Education’" by Linden F. Edwards ( 1948)
"Notes on the Medical Background and Experiences of Dr. Norton Strange Townshend" by H. Percy Boynton ( 1948)
"Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame" ( 1968)
"OSU’s ‘Little House’" ( 1969)
Box   21  
"Centennial Edition" ( 1970)
"Townshend Haunts Campus" ( 1975)
"U-Hall Rededication" ( 1975)
"A Union Army Medical Inspector: Norton Townshend" by Robert McCormick ( 1994)
"Norton S. Townshend: A Reformer for All Seasons" by Frederick J. Blue and Robert McCormick ( 1994)
"Ohio A&M: Norton Townshend’s Last Crusade" ( 1994)
"Garments from Dr. Norton Strange Townshend’s Early Life" ( 2005)
Obituaries (5 folders)