Norton Strange Townshend family papers  1807-1995
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Published Writings,  1847-1888 [subseries]

Scope note: Townshend’s published writings are arranged alphabetically by title or first line and include several printed speeches he gave as a Congressman; a number of articles on agriculture and veterinary science, written for newspapers in the 1880s and several articles for the journal Farm and Fireside. Also of note is his 1847 article, "Committee on Swine," which criticizes racism through an extended livestock metaphor, and "Ohio Constitutional Convention, Remarks of Mr. Townshend," which also addresses and criticizes racial inequality.

"A Talk about Fungi" ( 1877)
"Address of the Lorain County Liberty Convention" ( 1841)
"Agricultural Meeting" [n.d.]
"Agricultural Meeting at Lansing" ( 1881)
"Agriculture, as an Art and as a Science" ( 1872)
Box   18  
"Agriculture of Lorain County" ( 1867)
"An Experiment in Pig Feeding" ( 1887)
"Beef and Pork Production" ( 1883)
"Canadian Reciprocity" ( 1853)
"Columbus Horticultural Society Address" ( 1886)
"Committee on Swine" ( 1847)
"Dairying" ( 1883)
"Diseases of Sheep" ( 1873)
"Drainage for Health and for Profit" ( 1883)
"First Lessons in Veterinary Surgery" ( 1883)
"Grain Growing" ( 1883)
"Hog Cholera" ( 1883)
"Influence of Through Draining on Climate" ( 1886)
"Mr. President and Gentlemen of the State Board…" [n.d.]
"Ohio Constitutional Convention. Remarks of Mr. Townshend" ( 1851)
"Ohio State University" ( 1887)
"Reading for the People--Book Clubs" [n.d.] (4 folders of duplicates)
"Reply to Communication of Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick, Publishers of the Farm and Fireside" (7 folders of duplicates)
Box   19  
"Salmon P. Chase"  1887 (4 folders of duplicates)
"Science and Agriculture" ( 1872)
"The ABC of Veterinary Science" ( 1883)
"The Coming Fence" ( 1883)
"The Farm as an Educator" [n.d.]
"The Farmer’s Food and Drink" ( 1883)
"The Farmer’s Home" ( 1883)
"The Farmer’s Library" ( 1883)
"The Farmer’s Mission" ( 1854)
"The Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College versus the Ohio State Grange" ( 1877)
"The Present Position of the Democratic Party" ( 1852)
The Secrets of Progressive Agriculture,  1888, a Farm and Fireside compilation which includes the following essays by Townshend: "Progress of Agriculture in Ohio," "Ohio Soils and Climate," "Farm Products of Ohio," "Farming as an Occupation," "Farm Labor," "Experiments--What They Have Proved," "The Farmer’s Helps and Hindrances," "Education on the Farm," "Stock Feeding," "Veterinary Science--Its History and Value," "Disease," "Principles of Treatment," "Horses and Their Diseases," "Cattle and Their Diseases," "Some Diseases of Sheep," "Some Diseases of Swine," "Stock Breeding," "Poultry and Their Diseases", "Legislation in Regard to Contagious Diseases"
"The Social Life of Farmers" ( 1883)
"The Time for Cutting Wheat" [n.d.]
"The Union of the Democracy--The Resolutions of ‘98" ( 1852)
"To Prevent Misunderstanding or Misrepresentation…" ( 1848)
"Wheat" ( 1879)
"When to Cut Wheat" ( 1878)
"Who Are Successful Farmers?" ( 1875)
"Wool and Mutton" ( 1883)